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Hello Newcomer,

Introduce yourself in this thread so that older members can welcome you. For example, share…

• Your name
• Photos if you’re comfortable
• Kinds of magick you like
• Current goals
• Current struggles

I’ll start. I’m the co-creator of Become A Living God, my name is Timothy.

I’ve devoted my life to black magick, and my passion is to perfect the art of scrying. I’m currently writing a philosophical treatise on the ideology of the left hand path, which I’ll either include in Book 2 of Anthology of Sorcery, or release as a limited edition physical booklet.

I’m presently struggling to make deep contact with the Goetic demon, Vine, although I’ve received superficial indications he is acting on my behalf. I remain patient and persistent nonetheless.

Your turn, answer the same honest questions so we can receive your friendship.

Godlike Power,

Can i communicate with spirits without speaking to them outloud?
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Fighting loneliness
Ahriman, Goetics, and Angels
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Orobas seems to be summoning me, i have not tried to contact him
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New person, new problem
Hi, I’m a newbie looking for guidance
New, in need of some guidance
Hi can anyone help?
Hope is the absence of success
Experience with LRP, LRH, Middle Pillar
Love Spell - Get My Love Back Advice
First Evocation Fail
Spell to cut obsession
How do i call a demon to work for me
How do i call a demon to work for me
How do i call a demon to work for me
Sitri, Sallos or another spirit for a delicate situation?
Using the black mirror
9 Gatekeepers? Who are they?
Why do some people suddenly turn to Christianity?
New here, some questions on divination
Help! Ritual or Spell for health?
Marbas Sigil Magick- How to evoke?
Darcavious Alexander
King Paimon and the legion that arrives with him
Lilith I charged her sigil burned it to get my friend in relationship, need advice
I need a Little Help
Nadi Purification
Hail Bune! - My employment success working with Bune
Interested but concerned
Im New. First Night. I want to Regain custody of my kids. And Have sex with anywoman I want and make her desire me and abundace of wealth
BALG RULES - Please read them!
Rey, Baal, Pan? Will someone connect the Rey name.. I already know Pan and Baal are the same Entity
Spiritual Relationships
Contacted Buer last night, experiences with him?
Color Sorcery (turning everything into a form of Magick)
Can you go around or bend free will
How Do You Summon Azazel?
Legitimate Sources for learning how to work with Djinn and Elementals
Blood Over Intent Ritual
I sold my soul. Break pact with satan? Am I going to hell?. Is satan just a thought form?
Help with pact
The Forehead Eye
"Come and find me"
The difference between the demons
E.a is live on YouTube right now
Trying To Understand Magick?
So I summoned Lucifer and this things are starting to happen
New musician with a burning desire to learn about magic
Somnus Dreadwood
Ladiloc's Sigil
Input on identity
Can You Destroy A Soul?
Two bloodpacts on one day
Two bloodpacts on one day
Demon Enns
Hey All I'm new here
Non romantic love
I am new here and would like some advice
Non romantic love
I want to summon King Paimon but i need some caution
Divination request please
Can a love spell work "Too Well?"
Need help
King Paimon question
Beginner looking for advice
Physical shapeshifting?
Beginner looking for advice
Newbie feeling sick during initial separation
Round 5: Free readings //The development continues
Coronavirus: Share your thoughts
Seal of Satan
Be Honest
9 Gatekeepers? Who are they?
Experiences evoking Aamon?
Astral self defense
Marriage for luciferians?
Calling for guidance to begin my path
New kid need Help in invoking spirits
I need some advice on an affective curse
Freezer spells
Who to work with to help In love?
Info for a newbieand info on astral realm and belial and other notables
How to have more work for my law office, consulting business?
Was this Lucifer?
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ
What is the sigil of Moloch?
The Resurrection of Micah: NewAccount
Why so many intros?
Soundcloud rappers actual occultists or just a fake persona
How can I contact with King Paimon? I tried a lot
Success with Duke Sallos
Asmoday good to begin?
Demonic Defense & Demonic Identification
Dead red rose?
What does lucifer help with?
New magick
What if recorded conjuration in music conjures spirits
Using sigils to get what you want
Giving thanks to Santa Muerte (Love spell)
Is it possible to capture Zozo the Ouija board demon
Performing J.S Garret's Virus Hijack Ritual: Observations
Interpreting Dreams - Amon Sending A Message?
Possible Entity (spirit/familiar/being/guide) Contact
How do I be come a demon and raise some hell with Azazel
New Here and Help Needed
So I made a voodoo doll
Fast love/ lust spell
The path of Belial, Vril parasites, and evolution of mankind
Question about Duke Syrach
Commentary On Islamic Expansion, Migration & Politics
Pact with satan
Anti aging spell
Help required, probably crossed/cursed *Long Post*
What powerful Mantra to instantly stop black magic
A dream of Bune?
Important and stupid question
Im new need help? (duke sallos)
Is it possible to become a nephilim? (half angel half human)
~HORNY GODS~ share your sex story, with a entity :heart:
Habit-Changing Spirits
Binding spell when a person is already bound
Lucifer's Tarot
Are hindu ''gods'' really just demons?
The Building Of The Demon-Self
In need of direction (crazy experiences lead to magical blockage?) also pact-ception
Zepar, Sallos or Sitri
How do I become a living meme?
Thanking Dantalion
Powerful Love Ritual
Free Healings
Tong Ren / Dark Tantra
Chosen? Belial
Is it a block?
Hello! I discovered "BECOME A LIVING GOD" 2 weeks ago and i would like to try magic!
Unsure about what to do with spirit spouse
Summoning Duke Buné
Financial Freedom
Tong Ren / Dark Tantra
Where to start?
Working with Vapula
Getting a job
Possessing others
Looking for a mentor
Hi iam new
Hi iam new
The archangel has returned
Invoking multiple demons at the same time
Does Anyone Use Wolf&Goat Oils?
Power Sensing - Scans & Swaps
Belial Sigil
Wren is here Wren is queer Wren wants to become a deer. wait
First summoning
Sweet succubus/Incubus stories
How King Paimon Can Help You- An Evocation Guide
The Christianity god
How King Paimon Can Help You- An Evocation Guide
How to find out the correct demon to make a pact with?
Break up spell question
Help! Demon of illusions
"Experimental Sensors" from the 70's
Thank you @C.Kendall
Power Sensing - Scans & Swaps
Starting entity
Has anyone used magnets for ridding entities?
Manifestation Signs
Getting help from a entity without getting played
Power Sensing - Scans & Swaps
Pros And Cons Of Working With King Asmoday?
I need to get in contact with Lady_Eva
Powerful Love Ritual
Power Sensing - Scans & Swaps
Looking for some helpful advice
I just started the use of black magick and I need help
Help in finding the right demon to summon
Success with Duke Sallos
Why Is The Sigil For Lucifer The Same As Satan?
Potential interviews about contacting Paimon
I want to summon camio to learn the language of animals.... is that possible?
Seal Of Azrael
The magician's paradigm: the evocation of bune(or call me bim)
Depression and spirits
Possible possession?
Need help Identifying being
Mirror Scrying & Experiences Leading Up To It
Natural Abilities?
Revelation from Thaumiel / Lucifer
Natural Abilities?
Demonic marriage
Hiya, a new user! 👋
Can we see demons? And talk to them like face to face
Member's Successes & Thanking Spirits - Do It Here!
Power Sensing - Scans & Swaps
A curse for a group of people
Financial Problems? Get Money With Magick - Layered money/wealth spell
Letter Of Intent - How To Evoke A Succubus/Incubus *update*
New here
Vampires and werewolfs?
Letter Of Intent - How To Evoke A Succubus/Incubus *update*
I have contacted lucifer before there I listened a violin playing at around 3 midnight and he tried to hold my hand one hand is on my neck... And when he touched me his hand turn in insects and he vanished
Ritual not successful with bune
Vampyric demons
Trouble contacting Dantalion
New member
How Do I Write A Petition?
Easy curses to kill someone?
Pomba Gira Maria Padilha is the greatest queen I’ve known
Help with dream interpretation
Altar Maintenance & Cleansing
Share Your "Get My Ex Back" Spells That Actually Worked
Love sex magic disscussiom
Spirits after Evocation
Love spells
Free tarot reading
Unintended astral projection.🤣
First evocation....Asmodeus
Gaining knowledge
I feel like I might never get a boyfriend?
I'm new: introduction
Help my ex fiancé and I get engaged again?
Does j.d temple succubus matchmaking work
Scanning the godform
How to know the intentions of a succubus?
Power Sensing - Scans & Swaps
Honing our chaos magick skills
How did you even find this place?
Maria Padilha
The Book of Smokeless Fire ? & Need Help
What happened?
Visited by Lucifer after working with Lilith
Lucid dream attack for helping the cursed
Has any one worked with Baalduru?
Our first father is Adam who is spirits first father?
Making blood pact with lucifer
- Can ' t Do Evocation & Any Help ? Under 18
My findings and knowledge of Satan please read
Healing sexuality
I'm New (Hope this is the right place to introduce) + Medicine Buddha Experiment
I'm New (Hope this is the right place to introduce) + Medicine Buddha Experiment
Has anyone been initiated into Palo Mayombe?
I hate living
Orias aka Osiris
Personal Conditions to reach entities
Starting to work with Sekhmet
Protection against evil people/ability to read people better
Scanning the godform
New member
I type this to ask a little thing... Perhaps one last time
I need spiritual guidence
Translating Hecate's Enn & Book Recommendations
Anyone had a demon give them a sigil different from the usual one?
Is it bad if u are hexing relatives or parents ? Is it making bad karma?
(Demoness?) Seen in a Dream
Christian Forums vs open mindedness
Satanic Prayer for money, success and love
Beginner and Lucifer
Is there some trick to not passing out while in trance?
Furfilling promise to Archangel Michael
New here... Need advice with a spirit
Evocation of Sitri
Offerings to Lucifer - How to present them?
I dreamed of Belial and he did everything I dreamed to happen the same day
My evocation of Azazel
Sweet succubus/Incubus stories
Summoning Sallos
Break out of your shell and become an extroverted playboy - Ultimate Social Layered Spell
Mugwort- again
Little help for beginner
How to get tinder matches and lays?
New magician
Help I need to find someone to work with
Please help me decipher this sigil
"broken" or damaged chakra
Lord lucifer
Summoning Info
Damon Brand and Practical Kabala
Physical Transformation via Magick? (Male to Female)
The Best Demon for Hypnotizing?
Taking someone’s energy for your benefit and their decline
Any spirit that can help me to cure my eye sight and hearing loss
New to this, trying to summon Rosier
How can I obtain money and fame
Dreaming of Baphomet, twice now
Giving thanks to Santa Muerte (Love spell)
Asking for help
Upcoming Love Spell, but Sort of Unsure. A few Tips please❤
Assistance with Death Spell for Individual who refuses to pay $8500 owed
Full moon ritual beginn
New Magician Help - Post A New Topic To Introduce Yourself
On Satanism
I am a sad case who desperetly needs direction
What is damnation?
5 hooded figures
Glasya Labolas evocation today
I need help please
Is Liber Lilith worth it?
Can someone help me see if I've been cursed or hexed?
Grand Duke Dantalion first invocation (quote long, sorry!)
Sigil on top of a picture
How to awaken my lust and the beast inside of me?
Need a mod please
Falling in a dream(still missing her)
Has anyone been initiated into Palo Mayombe?
Secret life
Lady Sybilia // Queen Of The Fae
72 arc goetia
The Black Pullet
I want to sell my soul
Wards to keep entities IN not OUT?
What's your jam?
Hello everyone
Free servitors
Lonely magician looking for someone talking about his experiences and things with
Finding locals
Hello, Another newbie here
Random djinn sighting?
Little help for beginner
Implications of chanting enns outside ritual setting
Powerful Love Ritual
According to the greater key of solomon paragraph ''To know the theft"
Love spell backfired?
Cursing a computer hacker
Looking to summon a 400$
Comunication With Demon!
Free Readings ~ The Empire Builder's Oracle
Sex Magick Deification
How do I prove this is real?
Huge serious question about King Paimon
Huge serious question about King Paimon
Huge serious question about King Paimon
I keep seeing a name in my head
New here
Memory Erasure Spell
My name is Darkhizer
Astarte Sex Slave Ritual
Crown Chakra has always been painfully tender
My Sour Jar spell
Help with heart problems
New member
Power Sensing - Scans & Swaps 3.0 (No Tarot Please)
Getting rid of negative spirits but keep the good ones
What can you tell me about Vassago
Why do [or did] you want a succubus or incubus
Anyone worked with Ipos?
New remote orgasm thread
Ring in ears when spirits or demon are around
Goetia demon best for sexual skills
How to send a succbus or incubus to prove someone spirits are real?
New Magician Help - Post A New Topic To Introduce Yourself
Hello Magicians
Could bodybuilding or workout stimulants cause any kind of blockage?
Accidentally hurting my Succubus with mind?
Attached entity, please help!
I did the lettering method twice
First summons last night
Best way to curse someone who has bad intentions?
Succubus/Incubus help
change human form ??
Do entities/daemons work with LGBT people?
As a Witch I want to know more about "Magicians"
Face in the screen
Help with Dantalion (and other things?)
Hail Buer
I summoned a succubus, um now what?
Just Got My Copy of "Black Magick of Ahriman"
How to form a extreme deep connection with Lucifer
Intranquil Spirit help
EA Need help?
Please .. i’m new and i need your help!
Money Spells
Thanks for Prince Seere
Need help regarding Demon
New Age Belief Questions
Sex offerings to deity/demons
Asenath Mason - Ask Her Anything
Letter Of Intent - How To Evoke A Succubus/Incubus *update*
Gabriel come home
Protecting yourself from backfiring a hex or curse?
Chaos Star?
Black mirrors and Technology
Prayer to Lucifer
Sigil charging method
Received a gift
Help Me Alter My DNA
Communication problems with spirit
Victim of love spell?
New member Shade saying hello, also…
Umbra energy
Anyone have Andromalius help them?
New beginner
Help with King Paimon
New Witch on the Block
Franz Bardon Step 8 and The Practice of Magical Evocation
Fear of magick
Demonolatry & Terminology + Intro
How to contact Lucifer
Thanking barashakushu
Clauneck starts ROCKIN FAST!
Hello, everyone
Need help to remove demoness from friends head
Are the demons aspects of the human mind?
Accidentally opened my third eye with drugs?
Hey, new member here with a few questions
I am spiritually attacking and vampryrizing people against my will
GoM Wealth Magick rituals blew up
Games of chance, betting, sports trading etc. Hail Bune, Lord Clauneck, Lebezerin Gremory
Odinn - experiences of the process
Biggest EX LOVE RETURN rules thread with rules you need to keep!
Strange question anyone had bugs seem to be drawn to them?
First time working with zepar
Sallos summoning
Sallos summoning
Succubus help!
Strange entity in my room
Addressing entities
Demons Helping Raise Kundalini
Stealing demons
Letter Of Intent - How To Evoke A Succubus/Incubus *update*
Instant Turn-On/Horny Spell
Demons Helping Raise Kundalini
Jesus Spoke Of The Divinity
HAIL Great Duke BUNE!
My first invoking ritual
Hello.My name is Darko
Talking to a succubus
Pacts made and sealed by sex with demons in dreams
I need help
Spiritual Development
Spiritual attack?
EAs evocation course is useless without getting into the theta gamma synce
Is Hades real?
New to this site
Ethics in Magick
Thanking Lucifer
Shape shifting....the soul..and kitsune
My Work with Belial
Opening my third eye
It is time to bring magic and reverence for the old ways back to this world
New member seeking answers
Talk with Ronove
Met Kalfu - Met Kalfou - Papa Kalfu
Need a little help
New GOM book release on Enochian magick by damon brand
2 questions about Lilith
Does Masturbation create bad Karma or draws Negative Energy?
Questions re Lucifer
Astral sex
Psychic empowerment, psychic development
Weird feeling
Is evoking satan off the table?
Dead Birds
Spirits that enjoy "evil" and mischief
Did i just open Archangel Raphael's sigil in less than a minute?
Demons On Islam
Non-human soul in human form
Natural Psychopomp
Whats your experience with Venus?
New to the forum
Pls help not a hoax/joke im serious
I 1114 Hi
Succubus Relationship help
Heightening Belief into Manifestation
I want my ex back
J.S. Garrett
My continued experiences with Belial
Can anyone help me with this?
The Solomon Talisman
Just Did My First Evocation
What is a magick square and how do you use it?
Can someone help with interpreting a tarot spread?
Spirit invocation
Hey who has a Instagram?
Vashikaran Mantras
Who here get signs from spirits(coicidences)
William wraithe
Marrying a human spirit that passed away?
Maria Padilha
Summoning Duke Sallos
Free godform drawing readings
What entities would be good for help with mental illness and spiritual/mental blocks?
Intro & questions
Giving Remote orgasms
Are there love spells out there that actually work?
Do ritual s manifest
The Cabal
Best jobs to do for a living while being an occult practitionner?
Astrology Invocation/Evocation
What is the benefit of demon evocation
Can someone please explain this
Share Your "Get My Ex Back" Spells That Actually Worked
Connecting with Belial
How do I bind a spirit to jewelry
Words of Praise for Bune and Paimon
One card readings (closed)
Powerful Love Ritual
Bewitching objects
Possessing Someone else
Why Do So Many People See Demons as Evil?
Is it possible to create a sex servitor that would have sex with me while I'm sleeping?
Is this a Pazuzu statue?
Remote sex magick
I invoked for my first time, best techniques?
Djinn Magick Tutorial
Why they don't let me die?
Best daemon(demon) for music career
Being a parent and working with Demons?
San la muerte and santa muerte
I might be possessed
Just a newbie
What types of sigil can I use to curse or cause chaos to my enemies?
Love Rituals
Got a court case? Better call Belial!
Tribute to Bethor and Salas’ ash + Introduction
Lucifer in ancient egypt?
Hello everyone
New to the Supernatural - I have some questions
Need help easing anxiety while attempting to invoke or evoke!
Sweet succubus/Incubus stories
Books on working with spirits
Amy or Auns from the Goetia is very reliable
Salt Protection Circle when summoning an entity
Spirit that looks like a Octopus or Squid
Ha lo my name is satan
Negative attachments
Do Demons Have Compassion For the Black Magicians and Why Are they Helping Us?
Out of my house
Pact with clauneck
Looking for an invocation of lilith
Summoned Lucifer and he appeared as dragons eye
Hello i make Personalized magic mirrors
New asf
Biggest EX LOVE RETURN rules thread with rules you need to keep!
Contact a demon that tell if you lying?
Angel's demons and other entities. Who do you work with and do you mix them
Free very specific tarot reading
New person here!
Help wanted: Can you translate this Arabic script? Mostly solved at bottom
What does invoking specific planetary bodies do?
Help wanted: Can you translate this Arabic script? Mostly solved at bottom
Good Fucking Day! - Binding/Banishment/Trapping
Hi my name is Sunny
Sleeping with an enn playing on a loop
Sallos summoning help
Move to a new location spell
Newly enrolled with the forum
Free very specific tarot reading
HI, New here
New here
Spells to hit the lotto
Letter Of Intent - How To Evoke A Succubus/Incubus *update*
Need help
What you will need to know about the power of true names
Need help identifying a demon + Intro
Black Magick?
Submit your Spell/Ritual Requests [CLOSED]
Hi guys i am looking for demons for cursing and hexing
Please help
Letter Of Intent - How To Evoke A Succubus/Incubus *update*
Is Astral sex the same as Physical sex
BALG Forum FAQ By Members, For New & Old Members
Second psychic challenge (for fun)
Dreaming after evoking amon
How to summon a specific dead person
Seeking advice
How do you personally know or feel when a demon has completed a job for you?
Familiars mentioned in the goetia
New Member Succubus Help Please?
Lucifer summoning
Hello masters I need your help
I need major help Coronavirus
What are the best demons to evoke for changing physical aspects of yourself?
New member, spirit sex but looking for more
New Magician Help - Post A New Topic To Introduce Yourself
King Paimon wanted pizza
Do You have any spirit or demon that You are sincerely in love with?
Contacting Dagon
New Magician Help - Post A New Topic To Introduce Yourself
Full moon. Technical error on viewing purchased course videos - "invalid format"
Set (seth)
Demons of Magick: Three Practical Rituals for work with The 72 Demons by Gordon Winterfield
How to give offerings properly?
Hello all
What exactly is the black sun?
Celebrity Love Spells, thoughts?
How to INVOKE instead of evoke BELIAL
How to summon demons for love spells
Love magick tips?
Is there a way to give someone nightmares
Doubts about Goetia
Would Lucifer Be Offended If You Also Worked With Angelic Rituals?
Yahweh and his son/sun is the Roman God Janus Sol Invictus
Amphetamine effects on spirituality
Making her have sex with me
Dark elf goddess and channeled sigils
New Member - Apotheosis Q
Ben Woodcroft mistake in Angelic Sigils, Keys, & Calls?
Lucifer+Michael is possible?
No bubbles in wine glass of water..Divination help?
Letter Of Intent - How To Evoke A Succubus/Incubus *update*
What does it mean when you see a demon sigil in your dream regularly?
Intro + Lucifer the "cool dude"
Tutorial, Napoleon's "Book Of Fate" aka The Empire Builder's Oracle
Im having effects as well from the Novena
People that works/worked with Azazel, look here
Demon with yellow eyes?
Azazel so far(experience sharing, talk about him)
Sabnock - CLOSED
Change the past or go back in time?
Is anything real
New here, looking for answers
What would happen if I begged asmodeus to be his sex slave?
How to contact Lucifer
Does anyone work with deimos?
The most powerful love spell
I have so many questions, seeking the help of more experienced evokers
Don't give up!
Can Buer Heal cancer
BALG RULES - Please read them!
Weird dream about eating witches
Free Tarot CLOSED
Cursing a roommate
Can angels and spirit guides perform a excorcism on me if the demon takes over completely
Unknown symbols - Lucifer invocation
How to summon yokai?
Pact with demons
Summoning, asking for help
Any powerful obsession/love spells?
Grateful to SITRI
Can anyone ask amon a question for me?
Submit your Spell/Ritual Requests [CLOSED]
How to break a Santeria Hex?
Darkest Angel
Lucifer, my higher self, and an existential crisis
Crystals associated with belial
Has Lucifer appeared to anyone else in this way?
=Facts and Information on Incubus demons
Help me! about Dantalion summoning
Question about incubus
Had a really weird experience right now...Somebody's voice transformed into a spirit voice
Black Book Of Azathoth?
BALG RULES - Please read them!
Self iniation in Palo Mayombe website
Lucifer and the Hidden Demons Grimoire
I keep seeing signs from Lucifer?
BALG RULES - Please read them!
Being possessed, My experience
Can beginners do these curse
Scheduling a consultation
Calling the Crone
Separation candle wax reading + Introduction
King Clauneck
Hail Duke Sallos
Can you be catholic, Christian, etc and still work with demons, dark spirits etc?
How to use period blood
Anyone have prayer beads? I have!
Introduction as well as Sigil requests
Relationship with King Paimon
Satanic Prayer for money, success and love
Hate ex's new girlfriend
The Infernal Saga. ( The True Lore and Myths of Hell )
Peoples prayers
Free psychic and aura readings
I Need Help
Experience with Pazuzu the storm God
Can you help me interpret this candle?
Question on a ritual
I want to summon an succobus but i need help!
Assistance in a pact with Hekate
Sallos Pact
Evoking Abaddon
I am going to stop sucking at meditation I swear
Newbie with tons of questions
Weight loss Demons
(Controversial) What Are Your Thoughts On God
Obsession jar spell aftermath
New member, looking for answers
Hello everyone!
Spell for choosing the right way + Introduction
Want to call on Enki. But last night
What has led you to the lhp
2 magic pictures
E.A. Koetting— Did The Darkness Chose You? Or, did, You, Chose The Darkness?
Magic And sports betting
How important is it to evoke feelings of rage/hate/anger during ritual?
Angels or Demons for great creative works?
Ritual for azanigin
Lilith = Hecate?
King Paimon
Advice from King Paimon
Books For Sale!
Blackcraft - sinister, or edgelords?
Manifestation of fire?
Will the Circle of Solomon be back in stock?
Who here gets it? Just curious
Member's Successes & Thanking Spirits - Do It Here!
Amon ALWAYS deliver fast! Ex-return /reconciliation
Obsession spell - what does this mean?
People that left Christianity or another religion, was guilt a factor?
Scrying Troubles
Does anybody have information on Amon?
Is it possible to evoke Jesus and make him obey my orders?
Blood binding spell timing
Desperate & Hoping Someone here can help me!
Lucifer is the best!
Introducing Myself
Pact with satan
Lucifer invocation
Missing cat: please help
Help identifying entity?
I want to do magick to kill a family member to get his money
I pirated a GOM book... oh fuck! HELP!
BALG RULES - Please read them!
55th Goetia Demon - Orobas can form your body and not that only!
Invocation of Apep
Smoking/vaping spirits
Angels shaking my body
BALG RULES - Please read them!
Cursed to hell solution?
Tips for Monkey Mind
Journal 6: Conversation With Asmodeus
Thank you Santa Muerte
Hail from a new member
Love/Obsession spell to regain an ex?
Nastiest break up. Can I still reconcile with my ex?
Demonic marriage
Lucifer all you need to know if you want to start working with him
Is summoning an angel in order to go through the experiment is a good thing and has no harm?
Astral realm money spell
General Discussion
Advice on how to make the chicken feet spell non-lethal
Letter Of Intent - How To Evoke A Succubus/Incubus *update*
My Sour Jar spell
Asmodeus + Introduction
Astral projection into the vatican
Is king Paimon Persian?
How effective Jupiter for money?
How to summon the Archangel of Death, Azrael
La Santa Muerte.. The best spirit to bring back exes
Pact with Lucifer
How to find whether my summoning is succeed or fail?
My ex keeps messing with my head
How to contact Lucifer
I randomly draw sigils
Possessesed during pregnancy
Reverse ex's anger towards me, break up couple, get back together with ex?
The Cool Music Thread
(GoM) Wealth Magick second working question
Energy scan
In a state of gnosis I spoke with a tall, shadowy figure: advice needed?
Why are angels so slow
If magick failed...should I still give the offering promised?
To introduce myself
Best ex love spell
History of the Goetia and modern accounts of Goetic experience
Tutorial: Petition Spells
I'm new... please help
Which Demons like Poker Chips or Vodka as an Offering?
Dream about lucifer
Power Sensing - Scans & Swaps 3.0 (No Tarot Please)
Sigils as jewelry?
Nobody Rides for Free
Can anyone help me with free spellcasting to regain the love of my life and have him never abuse me again?
Wards Shields Rituals
Dream calling ra
Intranquility Spirit spell - everything you need to know
Ahl'far'dahn -- Getting a Job Immediately?
What to do for sudden money
The cool memes thread ( plz stop posting videos and keep it to memes)
I collected graveyard dirt from a murders grave tonight and need guidance please!
Jason Ringo
ANDRAS:The most dangerous demon in the Goetia?
Urgent Guidelines To Summoned King Clauneck
Similarities between lilith and ereshkigal and marriage pacts and polygamy with goddess?
LUCIFER & new incantations for the experienced
Has anyone ever been spoken to by Demons without rituals
What's the most retarded thing you've done in the occult
Free tarot reading required
BALG RULES - Please read them!
How do you incant on someone and how do you open a channel and know who you are channelling
Nitika's sigil problem
Whats the difference in how different “love” demons work?
Hi I’m new to all this I need some advice, maybe some starter tip’s?
Information on Archangel Michael
Has anyone ever had an obsession spell cast on them, and how did you remove it?
Easy curses to kill someone?
Negative entities extremely hard to banish: Help?
Changing sexual orientation by magic?
Could you suggest something to reverse magick
The Book of the Sun of Gnosis
Dragon Magick anyone?
How can I get what was once gone to return to me?
First Summoning of Belial - Advice
Chenor - The wish granter
Qlipoth magic
Contacting a demon
Need help which demon to summon
Newcomer and in need of serious help
Cambion, or something?
In search of knowledge
Need experienced help (what is this spirit)
Book by Ben Woodcroft
Daily readings
Member's Successes & Thanking Spirits - Do It Here!
Working with Belial
Why invoke the elements?
Offering healing and "scanning"
Anyone worked with Ipos?
Suggestions for response to a complicated situation
Evocation of Nyarlathotep and received sigilized gateway
Which spirit will kill a person for me?
What can lucifer help me with ?!
Newcomer here
New guy
Powerful Love Ritual
Followed steps completely in Mathers Goetia Demon did not show
Help evoking
Figure in my candle? Dantalion? Help!
Help for evocation Egyptian god
Magickal seduction Question
First Timer (Amon)
Can you tell the name of this mudras
Can we work with both Lilith and Archangel Raphael
First Contact with Lucifer (LHD Grimoire)
Manifestation and its limits (Creating the perfect life)
Letter Of Intent - How To Evoke A Succubus/Incubus *update*
Sleep Deprivation.. how does it affect magic?
Betting tips
A Question About Spiritual Marriage
How to have a bigger penis
The Unholy Saint Jezebel, Patroness of Painted Women and so much more!
Pomba gira
Interesting Visions/dreams with Asmodeus
Frustrated having trouble evoking demons
Best choice for a trader
Lilith's Enn and her Sigil
Free Reading
Kof evocation (kingdom of flames)
Chenor - The wish granter
I'm Going To Summon Bune
Contacting Sobek
So the new aged immortal /godly people mediate on the idea that we have come together
Why are we talking to becoming a living God and nobody can manifest million $?
Lucifer all you need to know if you want to start working with him
Petition with the Duke Sallos help
Can someone scan me
Magical Mutation
How to have the first contact with the occult
Letter Of Intent - How To Evoke A Succubus/Incubus *update*
You muthaf*cken sinners! Repent to Christ now! You’ll burn in hell!
A weird phenomenon and I cannot find any info about it
Why not
Infertility Curse
Ritual/Spell for Selling an Item
I need help dealing with a co-worker badly
Crossroads Deal
Anyone want a card read 3 cards ? just ask away first five
Belial and sex. Is that the expected?
Demons Territorial Boundaries
Opening of third eye
Animal sacrifice
(Intro) Hello everyone
Mystery of Succubus and Lion Symbol
Energy amulet and blood sacrifice
Is YHVH really the god of this world?
Need help identifying daemon
Methods for knowing if a trickster spirit came
Are there sigils sideeffects?
The Definitive Masterclass Of How To Be A #1 LOSER :skull:
Testicle Channeling
Ghob and Spirits summoning for money
Introduction + Love spell
Gremory pendant activation
Fucked up big time.. Calling lucifer, belial, kali, and shiva into my life. My twin flame and i met and she cursed me
Thanks to Santa Muerte
Satan vs Michael Artwork Reserve
SERIOUS HELP! I think i might be cursed
Sell your soul
Let me solve your problems
I want to perform Angelic Evocation but want to perform it in my bedroom dedicated for it. Is it possible they are going to appear to me or it not good to perform it where I sleep +intro
Good evening ^_^
Free love readings
Anubis invocation
Some Member Resources & Tips
Hi I am new here
Pact with Satan
Quick Way to Kill Someone Magically
Son of Satan?
All about master Furfur and invocation n evocation & my experience
New here...just asked Lucifer for help...any advice?
The Devil Gene [Next Level Black Alchemy]
Can someone help with divination
Semi Christian / angelic / right hand path spirit board
Gallery of Magick pdf
All You Need To Know To Work With Azazel
What is "the void" actually?
Astrologer; Don't know where to start. do's and dont's.. need guidelines
All You Need To Know To Work With Azazel
Welcome To My BALG Forum
Free Tarot Reading (CLOSED)
How people join Freemason?
My intuition is telling me to kill my servitor and rebuild it what should I do
On your methods of Gnosis- and turning off the "left-brain"
Satanism communities?
Best daemon(demon) for music career
Bad experience with Belial?
Hi, I am new here
Shemyaza and The Master Key
Chances of azazel fucking me up if I summon him acording to the solomonic way?
Incubus has a high sex drive?
10 Free tarot readins (Closed)
Who is taking nineveh shadrach classes?
Succubus relationships
Unlock clairvoyance skills scriying black mirror
Goddess naamah and drinking her offering
What is the best deamon to help me with writing a research project?
Books about Ahriman others would recommend?
Journal question
The cool memes thread ( plz stop posting videos and keep it to memes)
La Santisima Muerte (Tutorial)
What spirit/god/demon/entity in general would I contact about ridding myself of a sexual fetish?
Love Help
Want to see your living soul inside of you? - Be scanned and Scan back!
Zazas Zazas Nasatanada Zazas Help
I’m quite drawn the demons, help?
Lucifer's message for me ( thought I'd share)
Should I make a Deal With Belial
Please i need more demonic incantation for good living and wealth
Anyone been feeling a shift in magick/everything recently
How to remember
The Fap Challenge (Release Your Urges)
I am a new member
About Lucifer... i think
Best ex love spell
Djinn or Jinn as you call them
What my angelic decks has for you! (Practice readings)
New Member Here
Which demon can cause death?
Magickal Attack On An Enemy
Is it possoble to acces someone's memories?
Is the Asmodeus video up?
How to form a extreme deep connection with Lucifer
Occult skull
How did you guys become a Pagan?
I Cant Feel Lucifer
Spiritual dark magick help
I Cant Feel Lucifer
Twitches and forgotten Demon/God
King Paimon Dream
Help me banish this whore
~CLOSED~ Breaking In My New Vice Versa Tarot Deck (1 card pulls)
Entity to get login details and SMS verification
Need help: Questions about Gods and Spirits, regarding a story in progress
Thank You Pomba Gira
Whats the difference in how different “love” demons work?
Where can I find a Goblet of Fire, for Fire Scrying, like E.A.Koetting has?
blood on sigils
What is this symbol?
Practicing magick so far, nothing is happening
Who Would You Love E.A. To Interview?
Only certain people will get this
Can someone explain what is going on with me?
Hi everybody!
Help me become a God of Sadness
Marquis Sabnock For Protection
Repair damaged brain nerves?
How Sargatanas made women be obsessed with me
Opinions about your path
How to summon the Archangel of Death, Azrael
Who should I work with to turn lust to love?
Hi im new :)
Newbie questions regarding sexual relationship with the Archangel Michael
Asenath Mason's qliphothic grimoires. Where to start?
Demons that can control time and luck
Serious, though I'd understand skepticism
Demons for cursing and hexing spells
Clauneck offering and communication
Santa Muerte - Special Thanks for my Success with love spell
First things first. Where the Hel is Bjorn Torvel?
Archangel Raphael
Succubus talking?
Coronavirus, COVID-19, SARS-CoV-2, Magickal Working Thread
Intro + Transparent flying entities (dragons, snakes, eggs, etc)
Sigil of Lust
How do I forget a cursed target I encounter daily?
Information on Beelzebub?
Magick and marijuana
Dog acting strange after ritual
Free psychic and aura readings
Can i smoke weed and still communicate with spirits
Evocation question
Sinister Shamanism and Heathen Grimoire
Evocation fucks with me physically
Papá legba dream
Soul Travel or Lucid Dream? Encounter with Mantis Beings
Which demon/spirit should I call on first?
Fighting loneliness
Dangers of kundalini
It took me 2 years to find the people that really have power
Grimoire of dr. Fausto, how to evoke entities, books that talk about?
I'm a Beginner
Evocation of Spirits
Where would be a good place to start?
Ladiloc's Sigil
I am a total noob don't know what to do pls help me
Sallos came to me in a dream
Anyone here ever contacted/evoked Cernunnos
Looking for some guidance?
Tried to summon a demon to help me
Has anyone tried THAT curse yet?
Best Demon/Spirit for helping me find a girlfriend and attract Girls
My Introduction!
Fourth pentacle of venus? Found this under my bed, does anyone have any info on it?
Help starting magick
Need Magick to bring back ex gf
A urgent call for help from brothers and sisters of dark
Need help
Gemstones and Demons
Summoning OROBAS. Pls Help me
Can I be Possessed Under Terms?
Need to block a witch from reaching me
Hello i got this succubus in my life
Hello i got this succubus in my life
Which entity for business
Bune Sigil
How to summon bune
Racist gods
Did I Make Contact?
Whats the story with the candle popping
My First Evocation of King Paimon
Hail King Paimon!
Looking for associates
My Evocations So Far
Love and healing - could Lucifer or a demon do?
Can i get some information about this site?
Orders 2 physical books 3 weeks ago haven’t received them
Gay love spell on straight guy
First evocation
Anything I can do to be more successful with trading forex?
Noob questions
Need Advice!
Urgent help needed
Can i communicate with spirits without speaking to them outloud?
Can i communicate with spirits without speaking to them outloud?
How do I be come a demon and raise some hell with Azazel
Help plz (summoning King Paimon)
Using meat as an offering amazing results, I feel positive high vibrational bean, Just won a debate against a spoiled child in a calm and calculated way
Information on Vepar?
Reading with playing cards
Belial-Paimon got me in top college
Baylesh tu ach matu
Huh? Which one of the goetic demons would this be?
The Hydra, summoned and conquered
Please help me get rid of these tormentors!
Any spirit/entity that can help me become more beautiful?
Very first physical manifestation
EasyRAD v2.51
Where Is Everybody From?
Support needed
Spirit of vengeance. Dark neutral spirit of justice
I'm New Here Introduction
I'm New Here Introduction
My King Paimon Evocation
Looking for help or advice!
Nyarlathotep, Trickster, Both?
Free Healings
Free Healings
Masturbation to cause lust in someone
I am a beginner luciferian,What is the best way to honour Lucifer and protect myself from negative spirits?
Creating a group of practicing Magicians
Am I cursed?
Weird dreams of Greek Gods & Goddess
Has anyone been initiated into Palo Mayombe?
Azazel and crows
Experience with Duchess Bune
Weird dreams of Greek Gods & Goddess
Help With Belial (Russian Language Help?)
My Personal Experience and Encounter with OROBAS
I have a very big problem
Thank You Sallos ❤️
Magic for learning languages and music
Rings with bound entities, general questions
FUCKED up sorry
Necronomicon Spellbook Results
Demons for love
New member so hello! Names Mikayla
Demons for love
Interesting Similarities between our perception and lucifers sigil
Black arts to help with the legislation of marijuana world wide
Best demons/spirits for alchemical self-transformation/personality changes
What Am I Doing Wrong ? (Evocation)
Koetting involuntarily possessed by Belial
Powerful Love Ritual
Thank You Sallos ❤️
Protection from Vodoun based attacks
Never tried magic,need a love spell
Spirit language or tongues
Control spells?
Mystical words
Can i put a sigil under my pillow
Ravana: The Demon Lord
Painful astral projections
New job contract
Need Help Crafting Petition
Have anyone ever had a CICADA 3301 like experience with the demons?
Psudo monarchy of Hell i dont understand?/
Confused. Help
The Universal Circle's words?
Trying to evoke Lord Lucifer
Whose is this Sigil?
Partial Physical Shapeshifting
6 demons of destruction
[Newbies] Where to get started? Start here!
What does being gay mean to you, spiritually?
Thanks Prince Sitri
How to summon a servitor or tulpa?
Tarot esoterica
Greetings to my brothers and sisters
Help with My Subscription service
Is there magick to help animals?
Tips on Fear, Demons entities and more
Difference between SATAN and LUCIFER
Can spirits get us high?
He asked me if he owned me?
The Power of Eight
How to contact Lucifer
I need to destroy someone really badly
Clauneck, i feel his power!
Lucifer's Tarot
Astrology Question
"Initiation" into a darker part of myself?
Reaction about mocking Demons?
A demon to help with Creativity and success
How to play poker with demons?
Letter Of Intent - How To Evoke A Succubus/Incubus *update*
Why Belial would refuse to help me
Introduction (I'm new) + Medicine Buddha Experiment
Bune Sigil
Help please: Did I make contact?
What demon do I summon?
Does Azazel still posses E.A?
Lucifer Appreciation
Scanning the godform
Mastering Structuring - A WHOLE NEW LEVEL
Protection against evil eye, bad luck, black magic
Sex/Lust demon
Need help on understanding Odin
Lucifer sigil meditation
I got declined by Sallos
Best ex love spell
ZoZo Pathworking
Demon to manipulate a situation?
These two cards keep showing up
How to convince yourself spirits exist?
Contacting Thoth
Maria Padilha
A call for 3 Skilled Black Magick practitioners
Is not my bed a powerful altar for seeking my path?
Auto-Immune and/or Chronic Disease help?
I want a spirit wife to make me rich
What's your opinion on what people post here?
Introduction of myself
Archangel Raziel evocation
Deeper Internet
2nd chance, maybe? Interacting with Gusion
Help with Duke Dantalion
Goetia and transformation magic
Valknut Meaning
Hail King Paimon!
Duke Sallos or Prince Sitri to bring back an ex?
Best demon/archetype to embody for abundance manifestation?
Help Advice maybe some channeling assistance -
If someone’s will is strong, will a lust/ love spell not work on them?
Who Would You Love E.A. To Interview?
What next?
Can u possess someone without their knowledge?
Easy way to contact spirits?
My First Evocation
Offering to Asmodeus
Question about Glasya-Labolas
Best ex love spell
Spells and rituals that made my ex come back
Help with a pact
Physical healing
Have you evoked all 72 kings/queen, 72 daemon evoke challenge
Succubus questions
The Vampire
Entity attacks while sleeping
My experience with this path so far
Book of Necromancy
New Deck! 3 card readings only! (Closed)
Who Would You Love E.A. To Interview?
Can I Get Some Advice?
Altering the human voice box? Possession?
New guy!
About pact with the devil
Huge serious question about King Paimon
LHP and death , what happens to the magician in the afterlife?
Belial is the man!
Astarte Sex Slave Ritual
Total newbie confused about evocations
Green Demon?
Twin soul/sister of Lucifer
Need help in sex magick
Free Past-Present-future readings :p (CLOSED)
Love sigil to make some lust for you and love
Newbie Needing a Mentor
Help first time
Karma, spells to help it along
New to this forum had a question
Confused experience with Lucifer
Changing sexual orientation by magic?
Experiences Evoking Marbas
Help! asap!
Sonnelion - Fallen Angel of Hatred
I need coaching and training
Uvall aka vual bka voval cka THE spirit to know!
How to evoke a demon?
How may I help
Can angels modify character traits?
Talk with Anubis
Bune sigil
Putting Spirts Into Objects?
Glasya-Labolas for Baneful Magick
Did they accept my pact?
Have you ever make a pact with a demon?
Preparation to Goetia
Newbie Faux Pas
Help Me Alter My DNA
Help Me Alter My DNA
Malignant Spirit Contact?
How to summon King Paimon
What do you do to ground?
I want to have a loving succubus
Can Angels "Bend" Time & "Shape Reality"?
What's your relationship with Lilith like?
Is time travel possible with magick?
Price question
Do certain demons find you unworthy a?
Please help a newbie with a love spell 🙏
Succubus ritual aftermath
Evocation marbas
Spells, magical, and evocations for fame and fortune
Who was this Death Goddess? Solved: Hel
Disappointed with Duke Bune
Drugged up Spirituality
Hi everyone!
Hello new member here with a first succubus experience
Can spirits or spells work on narcissists?
What does islam has to do with Satan? (Video)
Love spell update!
Need help with getting ex back
Evocation of Taliahad
Any orders in Florida?
Sallos summoning
Does E.A. Koetting's material actually work?
Need help getting that happily ever after
What can lucifer help me with ?!
An interaction with King Paimon, part funny, part good advice
Love curse
Love curse
Demons can change physical reality
Information on Belphegor
Free tarot readings PLEASE READ [CLOSED]
What does it mean if Angel Michael looks to me a child but to others a king like being?
The Black Pullet
New to this site looking for advice with working with lucifer
How to work with a demon in my apartment I don't know the name of?
Experience with Duchess Bune
Which demon was it?
Goetic Demons wanting sex?
Anybody worked with these Demons?
Weird dreams
My friend wants to start summoning demons, but he is raised a christian, what demon should he begin to summon with?
Ola Aloha Hakuna Matata.., here's the New Goddess in Town <3
Lucifer experience...thoughts?
I want to become the chosen one ☝️
Lucifer all you need to know if you want to start working with him
Something follows me
Am I having a sexual relationship with a spirit and/or demon?
"Rituals for Hire" REVIEWS?
Help with summoning
Need help in my current situation
The Planets Inside Of you
Help evoking a demon
Ouija Board as a direct path to contact
I’ve been trying to contact King Paimon respectfully
Introducing Myself to BALG, first intro onto any forum!?!?
Is the word Amen actually an invocation of Amaymon?
Casting for a specific person
Forms of shapeshifting techniques
Power Sensing - Scans & Swaps 3.0 (No Tarot Please)
"Become a Vampire” spell/poem to Selene
I noticed Taliesin McKnight is gone
I want my ex back
Found a Stone with symbols and hieroglyphs?
Did you seek a spirit out or did a spirit approach you?
Need help!
Free godform drawing readings
Asenath Mason - Ask Her Anything
E.a is live on YouTube right now
Powerful Love Ritual
Live your dream life spell?
Will this set up work for summoning King Paimon?
Summoning Baphomet
Dream looping?
Parasitic Entities
Hi, im lost about an obsession spell i did
Evocation of Bune
CULT CLASSICS SERIES: Order Now In Paperback - Receive A FREE Kindle eBook
Find friends your own age spell
How to summon King Paimon
My JOURNAL - Dantalion
Need dire help
New comer
How would one summon Invoke/Evoke abraxas
Out of my house
I'm taking on serious students for free
Home .. where is it?
Partial possession by nasties
Psychic Vampire, How do you know if you are one?
Death spell with Belial, want suggestions and any tips
Meet up with a forum member for black Magick training
Contact me spell that works fast!
Spiritual Marriage
Introduction + Looking for Maergzjiran Practitioners
Summoning Demons
The Inner Mechanics Of Evocation - Spiritual Interface (Video)
How to summon the Archangel of Death, Azrael
The Vampire
A newbee here
Tips for relationships with Succubus
Can You Help Identify This Sigil?
Instant Turn-On/Horny Spell
Thanks for the discounted course prices
Free Tarot Readings (Please read thread first)
Help me
Comments from long-standing “seasoned” members?
Spirit for oratorical ability, public speaking skills
Super Eclipse/ Sword of Azazel - What was your experience?
Hail to the king.
New member
Shamanism magick and tengri about
I need help on how to summon Belial for first time
My dream before entering LHP
How could I work with King Belial
Telekinesis group
What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever achieved with magic?
Serial Killer Black Magician
Intranquility Spirit spell - everything you need to know
Introduction + How do you summon a demon correctly?
Introduction - new member
Need help identifying a demon + Intro
TUTORIAL: Extremely strong love spell
Dream about Belial
Apartment spell
Possessed by eheieh asher eheieh
Alternative ways of destroying ritual remains
(Lovecraftian) Discussion group
Please share your experiences
Thank you Bune
Telekinesis Group
Visit from Lucifer ? What it means?
So you want to bang an angel?
Goetic words of power
How Sitri has been helping me
La Santa Muerte: UPDATE!
Major help
How to get hold of EA?
How to do an Evocation of Belial. PLEASE help
First evocation King Paimon, Activated Heart Chakra?
I wonder
Protection spells on narcissist
Make a deal
How to summon the Archangel of Death, Azrael
Demon Presence
Im in deep trouble and need help
All You Need To Know To Work With Azazel
Hi i am new here..first time
Love spell vs Lust spell
Neighbour sending spirits to do harm
To get help when in need
New member hello etc
Intro + I'm new to left hand path,can anyone advise me how to invoke Lucifer and Lilith
Goetia demons: Psychic power
WTF? Mammon- is he a destroyer of all in one's life for rage and causing physical harm to another?
Shapeshifting energy while trying to connect to King Paimon, help :)
An experience with Pazuzo
How can I become a succubus (female)
Public praise to Duke Bune
Coffin Nails
What does King Paimon look like?
I pirated a GOM book... oh fuck! HELP!
How to form a extreme deep connection with Lucifer
Drinking from Bael's cup
Have you worked with Mephistophiles
Who's flower is the Daisy
Enlightenment by Kant
Is there a real experienced psychic/Channeler/Magician that offer his services here?
Runes in death curses
I can not sing but wish to sing like Mariah Carey
Any Christians on this site
I still struggle with Christian fears and I hate it, what can i do?
What entity should I work with? (BILLIONS)
Pomba Gira and men
New to succubus, help!
Tapping in
How to increase/work sexual energy/testosterone
I'm new but not NEW
Questions about succubi
Santa Muerte, who is she?
Succubus qweschuns... ...and blues
Experiences with Pomba Gira
Incubus bf disappeared
Pact with demons
I need help with this dream. or entity
Beginner Magic
50% Off All Services
Hiiii i am a newby
BALG RULES - Please read them!
Legal issues & Price on my head
This gray witch just got darker
La Santa Muerte.. The best spirit to bring back exes
Converting Sigils to Sound - AUDIOMANCY
Heres me?
I am new
How does Lucifer look like to you guys?
How King Paimon Can Help You- An Evocation Guide
Keep seeing the same numbers
Chaos Magic and Hip HoP
Amon ALWAYS deliver fast! Ex-return /reconciliation
Powerful Love Ritual
The loa has blessed me
My "Belial Files" : 2017 Update
72 angels of Magick
Love, Sex Magick & Relationships
What Are Ouija Users Using to Stay Safe?
Goetic spirits fucked me up time ago
Good sigils of Anubis?
Message to Koetting
The Quran - Let's look at it from a neutral perspective
So like i am new and curious about something
Divination with poker cards?
All About Lilith-Prayers, Devotions, Chants
My whole Story (Rise of an Empire)
Unwanted telepathy
Hecate vs Kali
Member's Successes & Thanking Spirits - Do It Here!
Does anybody have information on Amon?
How do I go about learning to control my chakras?
Introduction + Demons Duke Dantalion 💗
Evoking Zagan as a magic beginner
4 Masters of Glamour Illusion Who "are as water"
Qliphothic Work according to the Current 218
Advice for working with Asmodeus?
Tutorial: Sour/Vinegar Jar
A mini discussion with Duke Zepar
Amdusias' crystals
Intro - Summoning a Hellhound - How do I do it?
Working with demons puts you in debt?
Need help summoning King Paimon
Powerful Love Ritual
~HORNY GODS~ share your sex story, with a entity :heart:
My journey with Prince Seere
Magic And sports betting
Offerings for first Evocation of Marbas?
Simple English Demonic Evocation Guide
What are the origins of your usernames?
Help with Tarot reading
Having (sexual) relationships with spirits
Looking for help to bring my ex back please!l?
[Free eBook] HERBARIUM DIABOLICUM - Illicit Shamanism For The Dark Adept
Successful Evocation / Invocation Of Apoxias
I need some advice on lord leviathan
Okay, I'm ready for your experiences
Is Thoth Azazel?
BALG RULES - Please read them!
BALG RULES - Please read them!
Build Your Platform & Audience (i.e., your modern day empire) - New Introduction & Spirits Of Material Wealth & Success -
Q&A with Lucifer
Had a person I did a sex spell on almost attack me!
BALG RULES - Please read them!
Bune success
Is this all real?
Is this all real?
Are you able to have sex with angels
Mephisto's Grey Room (BALG Sex Stories and Horny 18+ Thread)
Baneful magic/entities poking and pulling on someone
Universal Circle
Seeking rightful owner for bruejria artifact
Is possible have sex with Goddesses?
King Paimon
Coronavirus kill my relationship
Informal enn chanting
A Brief view of afterlife By Buddhism - The Tibetan Book of the Dead
Summoning a Greek God
The serpents path: a pathworking reading for those who truly dare to know themse
Astral senses development exercise
Lamashtu-The Heavenly Vampire Goddess
Sigil or symbolic unknown
New Here
Need of desperate help with entity + Introduction
New (Introduction) + In Need of Answers
Spirit for Attracting Werewolves
Crossroads Deal
Blood Offerings
Telekinesis Group
Does anyone have any experience with the Black Pullet?
What's the point of the Spinal Fire?
Money spells, magick
How to summon sallos
How do we build relationship with demons?
Member's Successes & Thanking Spirits - Do It Here!
An offer from lucifuge rofocale
Beginners Guide
Ismaelta from Kingdom of Flames
Thoughts on this book?
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