Hmmm…looks like you guys decided to create a new Spirit trying to merge Azazel and Belial. To tell you the truth never heard of this.

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He’s not a new spirit I believe. @Meowlix

@Ravens_Keeper how’d you evoke him? do you have a sigil you can share?

You’re right, he’s definitely not a new spirit. As for evoking him, sorry, I can’t give any tips on that. I simply think of him to come to me, and if he can, he does. That’s how it is with me and most spirits. Besides, the knowledge on evoking him is basically non-existent due to the fact that, like I mentioned, him and human bonding, not really his cup of tea

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right ill try that, ty

What are the Sources of the Texts?

yea, Nial is the name above the skull, while many of the letters are quite similar, I am sure that is the letter nun. But otherwise, I have no idea about any of this lol

The only text he was mentioned in that i found are

fallen angels: watchers and witches of the sabbat and there was one other book but i cant remember

Hmmm… The book published is only approximately 1 1/2 years old. The mention of the spirit is very recent.

I ask a guy ,he say hes from the watchers from book of Enoch. And its a occult Society call bezaliel. Not many knw of them bcse its not supost to be knw. The seal is not trusty. At all acording to him., but hes used in multiple magiks works. Like any other demon spiryt

I believe he is briefly mentioned in some translations of the Book of Enoch as one of the Watchers (chapter 69). He is controversial as the text where he was mentioned was damaged. Some editions of the translations of the text ommit his name entirely for that reason. If I recall correctly, his name means " Shadow of God" but that is the extend of my knowledge.

Although this has caught my curiousity

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According to the guy, hes good, for good luck. Uncrossing etc. I knw hard to believe but cnt remember the guy who wrote the watchers. I tnk baal kadmon. I tnk he has a ebook. On them. Not sure if hes there. But tje guy i knw, his friend learn tis from a coven of same name of generations. And use tis spirt to advance on life. Not seal. Maybe v. K. Jehanum knw more,?

How do u look like in those dreams, are u perhaps a boy or something else?

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There is a thread in the Lounge where you can copy it from called “This might be fun.”

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I’m sorry?

How u know him, did u saw him in a dream or how?

I’m friends with someone who works with him. He mostly comes to me in dreams

Do u want to work with him?

Hmm, no, not really