Black Book Of Azathoth?

So I’m kicking myself for no ordering this book like a year or so …I kept meaning to and kept putting it off…and now it seems as though it has disappeared and not available?

Did E.A. and S. Ben have a falling out?

I apologize if this topic has been brought up previously, but I didn’t see any other discussion regarding this book (or the video series that corresponded to it) and why it’s no longer available…

I really would like a copy of this book (in any format) but I really don’t want to shell out a minimum of $500 for a copy on eBay - which seems to be my only route thus far.

I don’t mind paying a lot for something valuable, but I haven’t even read it so I don’t know what’s in it so …yeah…

So - what gives?

Why is this book no longer on the site?

I even tried to email S Ben directly and got nothing…

Did Cthulhu come and swallow him up? (no, I’m not trying to be cute…)

Anyway… if anyone happens to have a copy that they wish to sell (for a reasonable price)

Carpe Noctem


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Yes, S. Ben Qayin and BALG have parted ways, and that is why the book is no longer available.

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