Starting to work with Sekhmet

Hi everyone.
I found out a few months ago that Sekhmet is definetely “following” me for a very long time, even in former lives. I have a thing with her, and I would like to make it good and build something strong. But actually I don’t really know what she likes, what type of offerings etc.
I’m also dreaming a lot about a lion locked up in a room, someone is telling me not to let it go but this lion finally escapes and I feel relieved and upset at the same time, I don’t know what to think about it.
If someone knows Sekhmet’s tastes and expectations in general, it would help me a lot :slight_smile:
Thank you!


I would say look for Bill Duvendack workings. Are the best on energy work with the Egyptian Gods.


What can you recommend?

There are several excellent books on Her. “Sehkmet. Transformation in the Belly of the Goddess” in particular has a lot of excellent first hand accounts of working with Her.
Enoch B. Petrucelly regards her as his idea of the sun and recommends a daily communion of sorts with the sun to acknowledge Her and shield yourself. You can find the ritual in his “Book of Soul retrieval”.
Mama Lion is known to be quite fond of beer. Do not be afraid to offer her some.


thank you for those tips ! As you work with her,i’d also like to ask you. When I leave my body during sleep, and during meditation, I have a huge shiny burning ball/kind of little sun above my belly. Is it familiar to you ?

It could be related to Her. Sehkmet is the Eye of Ra. It could be a symbol of that.


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The Lion escaping represents you are a very driven and determined to succeed and want to overcome all obstacles that are holding you back both mental, intellectual and physical, your success depends on your ability that you possess to cope with your rivals or opponents.

The bright orb or small sun hovering over you is a sign that you should seek knowledge, and your patron is offering the gift of knowledge, representative of intellect and awareness of what is going on around you.

The sun’s fire and earth movements it spiritually indicates a journey from within for enlightenment.

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The shiny bright ball above your belly is your Solar Plexus chakra. Very appropriate. The brighter, the better.

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It’s done :slight_smile:

Thank you it’s very helpful!

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When i went to sekhmet in this existence, i actually got, “tips” from universe, first i opened one book in library, and my eye got instantly word sekhmet on the page i flipped open, then next day, there was registerplate SKH-(three digits) so i connected this to sekhmet, i contacted her, started talking, and i we wished to “dream together” and she came to my dream with human form, so i could contact her as human in this existence :stuck_out_tongue:

dont go to her trought books, its ofcourse okay to read the books, for knowledge, but do your own personal approach, since believe me, she has seen alot of tries.

also, she is saying to me that lion is not, best way to get to her, but if it has meaning to you, it could work

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Do you have tips for offerings please?
I didn’t mean to reach her through the lion, its the lion that came to me in my dreams again and again. But I also saw her in her hybrid form, and she talked to me and took me in her arms. At that moment I could be absolutely sure I was talking to the goddess. It’s a crazy, incredible feeling.

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My take to every being nowadays is when i invite to them to my house, its like im inviting them to my human conciousness, as a human friend, my house my rules, their realm, their rules.

Even tho i do understand human need to have something to look up to.

Sekhmet wants to have space, in your place, just place where you can train talk and eye contact, portal, if you understand :stuck_out_tongue:

what is hybrid form, and you must mean lioness ? right ?

My take on this lion thing is that story of “sekhmet” is too tied to demigod “ra”, you know the one where poor ra is mistreated by humans, and sekhmet goes on bloodlust, killing shitload of people, and ra tricks her to drinking wine which calm her down and stop killing people … — my point is that sekhmet should be treated singular in 2019, without lioness or this story, or ra…

a prayer for sekhmet is ; sa sekhem sahu;, or ; sa sehem sahu; repeat it in trance

Greetings everybody

I’m from New Zealand & hope everyone is keeping well during the lockdown.
We are on a 4 week lockdown started 3 days ago.

Sehkmet is awesome.Extremely protective.
Shes also renowned for her healing so she’d be great at this time
I give her red candles, fire being her element Frankinsence & Myrrh resin & red wine if its around.

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