Mastering Structuring - A WHOLE NEW LEVEL

this is something id love to master at some point…but im a LONG ways away from that. From what EA says though, mastering it requires total isolation from society and civilization…basically living out in a cave somewhere for god knows how long. Not sure if its worth it…but mastering it leads to many possibilities. Could you create a new human being? Or a starship? Who knows


Yeah however the reason behind leaving society is to separate the operator from the connected concsiouness of those around him.

So when your isolated your not connected to others and their views on what reality and fantasy is. So basically nothing blocks your psyche from having total belief in the operation your conducting.

However I do believe there are many other ways to isolate your consciousness from the mind of the masses without completely leaving civilisation.


Im In.

So…what experiments are we gonna do to kick this shit off?
What are we starting with?


I’m going to give you a technique of structuring then I want to see how you did with that technique and how solid the form became.

Then we can get the idea of where the person is with the art of structuring then we can get shit going.


Ok cool

I’m interested tbh

I am into chakra system but for the first time heard about zeal chakra! Can u give some more info about it?


I think could help with this idea.

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It’s the chakra which is located at the base of the skull where the spinal column and skull meet.

It’s a powerful chakra

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I think that if we rely on the powers of the magician alone, then it would be like trying to dig a coal mine with a plastic spoon.

To take this to the next level would require opening gateways of power to fundamental nexions of reality that control physical manifestation.

I’d imagine it would be like the circuitboard/operating system that already exists within the self which structures reality around us like the hologram from a projector.

It would also seem to be inefficient to focus on funneling energy yourself because the amount of energy you would have to build would be enormous, more than you could build up realistically.

To do this, you should travel to the higher planes and search for beings that can initiate you into these higher levels of power.

For example, @Micah talked about how we all have an astral supercomputer that manifests physical reality around us.

You would attempt to take control of this supercomputer yourself and direct it consciously.

With that, you would be able to integrate that knowledge into your conceptual personality.
You would be able to use it to manipulate reality on an entirely different level.

There are far, FAR more secrets like this yet to be exposed.


Well soul travelling to a higher plane wouldn’t be beneficial when you think about it, we are trying to bring something into the physical world.

So the beings of the higher planes will teach you things that vibrate at a high frequency, this is the opposite of the goal. We are trying to lower vibrations and condense them.

However spirits can give advice on a manifestation base that’s about it.

Starting from this assumption seems counter productive to the whole idea of manifestion. With this idea in the mind you impose the limitation that You yourself are a poor channel for energy when the opposite is the case. The physical and subtle bodies are insanely power channels for energy. The trick is to learn how to increase the amount of power you can handle. This is where energy work comes into the picture.

Now starting from the assumption that you, yourself are a living nexus that dimensional energy flows through puts you in the position of having to learn about your own power and what kinds of power you have a natural affinity for rather than having to “find” power you thought was outside of yourself. :alien:


I’m in. Pm me the details and I’ll get started.

Dude if you want to learn EXACTLY what youre talking about read and do the sequence of techniques in intiation to hermetics… he explains that in order to 100% manifest something to such a degree you must train your third eye to project outward the image using your physical eyes. Its a long training. i havent done it because I cannot personally dedicate myself to 1 thing… but read that book. Its literally everything that youre seeking in this post.


Im all in!

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Am I to late to dig up this project?

I’m currently involved into many projects at the moment, I’ll be coming back to this shortly.


I’m going to do this this morning at twilight after my qi gong yoga. An astral daemon was conceived within me yesterday named Nix, whom I must give form to today.
Maybe I will give update if anyone’s interested.