Love/Obsession spell to regain an ex?

If anyone managed to get their ex back or make them obsessed with you. Could you please tell me how? I been going through some really hard times and I just want the man I love back with me


Your eyes are gorgeous.

Thank you. Its always great to hear a compliment.

Not much to say other than that I’m feeling low and lonely. A sign would go a long way, even a tiny one.

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I guess I’m in a similar boat although I’m not desperately wanting them back to me as such just back in contact with me but I’ve been there and kind of done the sigil and nap stuff with a previous target - it worked but it didn’t fix anything and we still ended up going totally seperate ways fairly soon after it worked. I’m back kinda trying again I guess with magick - it gives me hope

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Mannnnn…HOW does one not think about results when you’ve got no place to really go and be absent-minded about it. My brain has been on a 2 month journey of self (well-needed) that basically led me here but while working on my manifestations I’m finding myself fkn blocked so I did a detachment hypnosis that is good when using LOA. Then, I end up finding myself drawn to Dantalion randomly. Its pissing me the fk off and I know detachment from outcome is the reason. I cant detach from my outcome bc my fkn outcome is staring me in the face every time I get up and go to bed. FFS… I did an uncrossing bath ritual like a month ago.

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I did some petition spells some time ago. Maybe I should see if there are any other entities that would be willing to lend a hand at bringing my crush back to me

I don’t care as much as I did when I first made this thread. Yeah I guess it gets better with time.

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I wish I didn’t have to draw on a number of prior successes in this area to be able to answer, but for better or for worse: I have gained quite a bit of experience at this point. I realize the use of magick to manipulate isn’t the highest or most noble purpose served. But I’d taken some really amazing opportunities with people for granted. I think we all find ourselves considering this kind of working at some point for our individual reasons. Regarding your own ideal approach to reconciliation, it may vary however much on a case by case basis, but typically one will want to think up that old metaphor of a frog being dropped into a pot of boiling water and leaping right out; that one where your objective would be to boil said frog alive for sake of dinner or whatever. I don’t really know the reasoning behind why one would want that, but the logic is clear, anyway. When one starts with tepid water, and slowly turns the heat up, in theory the same frog won’t know it’s being cooked until too late.

Thus, to extend this above example back to our context: a warm line of communication with an ex can be a slippery slope to lead them down because even the tiniest of embers once overlooked can easily, when focused upon again, reignite into a roaring fire even though a sufficient amount of time may have passed since its general extinguishment. Toward making use of this situations fertile aspects, often try to be communicating with a purpose in mind, and not just to fill the time because you miss her: keep diving back into open ended questions about indulgences, escapes, adventures, fascinations, core values, beliefs, fears, dreams… stuff like this will have her reaching deep like few can provoke on a regular basis: linking the strong emotions evoked to you and forming a powerful bond and connection over time. It’s not the “end all, be all”, but good for a general guideline. Basically, never stop being curious, and turning that curiosity with the help of the spirits toward specific topics. Don’t think of what to say, then, but rather what she would need to feel to make X behavior seem natural.

You mentioned she’s stubborn. Perhaps that’s your projection on what’s happening as she likely isn’t sharing her true feelings for numerous reasons. What if she is resisting due to holding onto undiscussed resentments, negative beliefs about you, or other things? You’d be working against related emotions in order to seduce her. It’s possible, but you’re truly making it much harder to succeed, if so. That’s not necessarily stubborn behavior from her so much as you attacking the situation without respect to her feelings about things due to being unaware. Literally, I had hit the exact same situation and then turned to Bael to change her viewpoint about me. And had Botis to reconcile us, among others. And about two weeks later she told me why she had “really left me”, and we had a heart to heart that lasted a long time on the phone. That was considerably healing, and accelerated the lowering of her guard.

That being said, your comment about not being able to regulate your desire effectively up until now was very worrying for sake of the desired end result. Literally, for me it’s come down to leaning on great self-control and also the finding of opportunities for needling her toward affection or sexual undertones which seemed to open the door over time, every time, and bit by bit. And I would not beat on those subjects, but would then switch from my sexual comment or flirty bit to something mundane to let it marinate in the back of her mind. You must have self control, but remain congruent with your motivations and intent to not appear creepy or manipulative-- even if it’s incredibly emotionally manipulative, to be fair (remembering our frog metaphor, above). Intense lust for a specific person when guided by self control and kept untainted by need for social acceptance or approval or anything else is an incredible aphrodisiac. Mix this up with a certain amount of unpredictability: things like occasionally taking a good while to respond because a lack of stability helps to create uncertainty, which in turn helps to create a need to reach for more. A study showed the same technique created anxious attachment in dogs. And as she reaches for more, you’ll automatically gain subconscious value in how you’re perceived. So in each case, on I kept with it up until we were discussing sex, and then fantasies, having sex, and so forth. This process of associating you with all of that and slowly reaching for more and more just kind of makes it much more natural to consider fucking you at some point – especially because she assumedly already had looked at you that way and not even too long ago --, and so getting back with you becomes that much more natural, and so forth; “a slippery slope”, as I’d said.

But if you want to increase the chances of success in reconciliation magick, it is almost a rule of thumb for me that you begin to base your strategy and further action off of calibration to her reactions and in calculated risk management. Know when she’s not replying because she doesn’t want to lead you on or elicit further action versus when you’ve gone too far. Know when you’ve planted a seed or damaged your garden. The approach above of sensitive probing and bold steps forward must trump your raw desire to have what you want and now, or the opportunities before one will turn to figurative sand in the mouth instead of being savored. With that said, do keep in mind you may be overlooking that her not responding negatively is often a way of showing that what you’re saying is “hitting”. Do not confuse modesty or hesitation to reciprocate for rejection. In that case, if you keep it up, it’ll likely form a momentum when you’re not talking in the form of thoughts which begin eventually to manifest as actual behavior.

I would personally recommend case by case specific aide and inspiration from Amon along with Sitri, and Astaroth. But good luck in any case.

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time allow reflection and ongoing life experience change perspective when mind is clear and not so traumatize by the situation.

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Hey, thanks a lot for your insight and reading my topic. It was an interesting read for sure but I’m sort of confused, a bit.

While all of what you said sounds safe and sound it seems like I gave you the impression that I am in contact with her? In order to apply any of what you said, it seems to me there needs to be a minimal contact which I do not have. I am blocked through and through. I am all for a warm line of communication but there is no room for it actually as all doors are closed to me, hence the methods I have said I’ve tried. So that is problem number one.

You’ve also pointed out to me saying she’s stubborn. Yes, actually she is but you have a point as well. She’s a stubborn person in general, but in this situation we may just as well face frontally (which I think I’ve been transparent about in my original text) and say that she simply resents me and dislikes me as it stands now.

I’ve read now rather well about various spirits and the ones you’ve mentioned as well, but as I’ve suggested in my previous posts, while I’ve obtained some “knowledge” about the spirits and tried to evoke them, I don’t think I’ve succeeded because I’ve felt nor sense anything and no results have been shown.

As for the nobility if magical acts or lack thereof, it really does not matter to me anymore. I understand some people’s hassle with the ethics of manipulating free will and all of that, but it’s something I made my own peace with. I’ll do whatever it takes to have her back. And in saying this it does not mean facing and fixing prior issues and troubles.

I’m in the same situation as well… But my ex is now Downloading dating apps to fill the void of missing me… Is there any spell to make him avoid fliriting with girls or talking to girls other than me. To make him comeback to me.

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If she is so stubborn, vampirise her to drain her of her energy. It will give you at least an even playground.

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Thank you for your advice. Btw He’s a dude. Also what is vampirise. May I know the steps on how do I do that please. Thanks!

First off-- my apologies for apparently having misread you earlier. I hadn’t noticed any direct mention of a block from all future contact, and having read that she’s stubborn made it at least seem otherwise from my perspective at the time. That said: no worries. I understood the feeling which likely motivated you to have written. I’ve never been one to pass a blanket code of morality over any situation if it can be helped. And in saying so, I can appreciate how through his works EA had long ago provided much of the same kinds of tools for solving my own problems without need to rely upon the approval of another. Even my greatest mistakes therewith have since become vital lessons for growth just like with however many. So I don’t hesitate to pass it on either way, personally.

For what it’s worth then, that aside, one time it literally was to be, “never again”. I had accepted it as fact and made my peace the best I could early on- which was tough. After a month of no contact I’d believed it true. So I petitioned a general request to Bael for someone compatible for sake of becoming my girlfriend, in so many words: for her to be brought into my life within the next two weeks. Just two days before that time period had come to pass, my ex had gotten drunk only to have then emailed and texted me about missing me and wanting to talk. And so the sparks began anew. I can almost imagine Bael laughing at my surprise over this particular result when thinking back to the loose wording used. heh That said, maybe it’s arguably best to follow a similar course in not needing it to work out when you have so little direct input unlike I had erroneously assumed? Perhaps as a strategy this would offer the effect of helping to not obsess meanwhile as I had not. If so, then I would say do a meditation on the nonphysical traits you desire in a girlfriend first then vague physical traits before doing a general working to attract a person to satisfy your needs (and vice versa); building it up into a thoughtform for use in ritual. That ritual likely wouldn’t exclude her just as in my case, but moreover, you could do a separate working with Amon for the ex specifically, and also call on Dagdagiel to help with empathetic obsession. Let yourself wait then, or at some point be guided to at least try to message her something pressure-free and pleasant which may at that point stick in her mind unlike before if there’s even one avenue you are not certainly blocked with yet such as email; which can be difficult, if not impossible to do, depending on the provider she uses. Maybe you’ve only been ignored via email until now after all.

As for not feeling or sensing anything during evocations: know that summoning spirits and speaking to them is the easiest part, but quieting your mind, sensing what’s there, and then not censoring whatever may arise is truly the most difficult part for anyone. Once they’re sensed, given the intrinsic need to download and unpack most spirit visions et al into something understandable to the conscious mind, even EA said in a more recent video that he can project his own stuff onto gnosis that’s received if not careful. In the discipline of Technical Remote Viewing such as taught by Maj. Ed Dames, the same kind of error is accepted and dealt with, too. So I would suggest you begin simultaneous work on quieting your mind and becoming receptive. But just roll with it for now and assume success. This is because you could be doing everything correctly apart from silencing your mind to notice the spirit to be able to turn a connection into successful two way communication. So it’s best to assume you are making contact until you can find out you have been. A perfect example would be reflected in experiments I’d made with the awesome mercury zone angels (see: p. 220-) a few years back. Evocations I had prematurely considered failures could turn around to produce results for you at least as rapidly as I’d seen firsthand. In fact, perhaps the worst thing a person could do is to abandon any evocation somewhere after having started without a dismissal of the spirit they only assumed hadn’t arrived as this could begin to dump a disruptive amount of energy into your life without a goal.

Toward actively building base skill in evocation, feel free to look up tratakam meditation if curious. And if so, you will strongly want to consider making a samadhi lamp for the purpose (which can easily be googled, too). I made my samadhi lamp out of a piece of cardboard cut out into a flat, disc-shaped shade from the broad side of a cereal box, a table lamp fixture taken off its base used to hold the lightbulb, and a plastic translucent shaving cream cap poked through the center of the cardboard shade to dull the light enough that I could stare at it unphased once hung above me. Poke Runyon suggested this practice in some book or another, and it really had made a huge difference for me compared to other meditation methods. If any one practice pushed me forward far enough and fast enough to recommend, it’d be this.

On a more personal note, I could strongly suggest considering a tour of the Enochian tablets: moving through one tablet per month from the top of the hierarchy down regarding each. And work with the Mercury Zone angels of Bardon to help build up a base of vital initial experiences. Lastly, given the seeming challenge of successful conscious communication with the deeper mind for just about everyone, I suggested something on here about using the crutch of a mental placeholder type visualization for sake of kicking off your evocations a few weeks back; aiding in forming a conscious, symbolic link:- something I’d soon after seen appear helpfully in another post for beginners to evocation here.


Can you give us some spells on how to break down someone protection. That’s the first time I heard of that

angel of wrath book by gordon winterfield has a spell on it. Or you can see which of the 72 goetia demons can do it. Demons of magick book . same author …

Just get them books. If you want to learn you do your due diligence to learn. Don’t go after spell by spell. That’s not the best way to learn. Learn the system of magick. And them books are good start.

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I wouldn’t go after their protections just yet. Is there a reason why or a blockage from them talking to you.

I did some thinking and realized someone was preventing him from wanting to speak to me. So im working on that “layer” right now. Sometimes you have to peel away to get to the “goods” and might be easier than someones protections which might not be so necessary or easy. Unless they really hurt you (evil, abusive etc…). For my target im not willing to go that far myself.

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