Contacting Sobek

So I drew my own version of Sobek, I was wondering if I could use that as a link to communicate with him?

Or does someone have Sobeks sigil ?


Yes, you absolutely can use that to make contact with him. :+1:

As far as a sigil, S.Connolly has some that you can find if you look around online a bit, or you can use his hieroglyph as one.


to contact with deity God goddess

just use his image!
egyptian gods are easier than any other god cause have many symbol and very explicit

horus with human body with falcon head
sobek human body but with crocodile head

meditate to his image
control your breath chanting and then
invoke his power
and you can start scrying or whatever
the gods will come soon

thats my experience


Thank you !!:+1:t4: :crocodile:

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Using imagery is one of the most affective ways to contact deities…

Just got my Sobek figurine today but in the past I’ve used these to contact him as well if your interested

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I feel his power through my screen

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