What a small altar must be like..?

Thank You too :slight_smile:

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Do you have any suggestions regarding the Kakodaemon? Have you ever done a Rite with? I noticed that no one said a syllable regarding the passage in the book I read that it is not of nature like the Eudaemon and that it can be turned against you, otherwise I would choose another rite from another book.PLEASE HELP

The set up will depend on what I’m doing but yeah.


Oh sorry forgot to say. Mine is a table but I don’t have it set up all the time as I don’t have the space so I keep all my ritual tools in a drawer.

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Damn! That looks so organized and pretty! I loves it :heart_eyes::heartpulse::two_hearts:

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I am going as assume you meant Cacodemon (also known as Cacodaemon), as I have never heard of a Kakodaemon. Cacodaemon is just a greek term for “evil spirit or demon”, where the Eudaemon refers to a “good spirit or an angel”. So any ritual here about working with demons would be working with a cacodaemon technically, although what exactly defines one as being good or evil is up for debate.

It’s true, everything is tidy,and clean,the altar from LeananSidhe :):sweat_smile:

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Depends, if you believe the demons we work with are evil spirits who want to harm you, yes. For me they are just “daemons” aka neutral, and from there on it depends what kind of work you’re doing with them and from who’s perspective you see it. For example, I do a baneful work because X person is making me suffer. Daemon is a Eudaemon for me since he’s working in my favour to protect me and remove the person that hurts me, but for my target, the X person, is a Cacodaemon.

Cacodaemon is the latin form of the Greek word Kakodaimon btw.


In the book I mean, they are called Kakodaemon and Eudaemon, yes Greece. As for your assertion… “although what exactly defines one as being good or evil is up for debate” I fully agree with you. The fact remains that I’m not going to do a ritual where instead of being helped, the demon is screwing me!
It`s shameful that the author of the book via MG gives me the Mail address,but after explained to him via MG that have a question about a passage of his book,he never replied to the Mail,this clearly because in my opinion as soon as he understood that I did not write to order,buy$$$,he lost all interest,and this comments on his own,so if I realize that I have to deal with “street vendors” instead of helping patiently,I become a BEAST and there are not only the rituals … if you understand what I mean…

Congratulations I like this altar, and this is the starting point for the project idea of what my altar will look like.

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I’ve seen some of the photos in the altar thread, and by the way I like those more or less “compact”. An option is to arrange it like a temple; for example if one chooses a 4 elements criterion, at northwest, northeast, s-w and s-e there would be symbols of the elements: pebbles of appropriate colors or a feather, a seashell… An X between them may be drawn, perhaps with a line red or a white and the other one black. Maybe also a circle large almost as the altar and indeed candles, incense etc.

Ah, thank you for the correction. I always thought Cacodaemon was the Greek form, my bad.

And yes, I would agree that whether or not the spirit was a cacodaemon or an eudaemon would depend on how one’s perspective, such as where they stand in the situation as you described. The whole label system (good or evil) is really a messy affair in the end.

^O^/ WOOT! theb you’ll like the updated version too. Hopefully you can tell a difference lol


Congratulations you are really good, I do not know what you do, but I think you have a talent in the field of “ornamental art”.

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As soon as I finish my altar I will show you a photo, at the moment I delegate to others what to buy me for a temporary altar, since I was run over, and I have a complex fracture of the tibia :frowning:

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Thank you!. Id like to learn how the japanese do their ornamental decorations too. I do floral and pine wreaths when the mood strikes. Gets my artsy side a spin every once in a while. I hope you feel better soon. That is crazy that you got rub over🙀 I am so sorry to hear that. Wishing you speedy recovery.

My altar right now is a windowsill, lol. All it has is the little dish that I put offerings in and my deck of playing cards that I use for divination. I can use a curtain to keep things discreet while I’m still a noob. However, I do intend to move the altar to a small table once I finish crafting some things that I want to use in my occult practices.

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I think it’s a good solution for you :slight_smile:
I take advantage of this answer to thank all those who answered my question about altar, as far as the “ritual” that on the other hand I did not do or think I will do, I prefer to keep silent, the fact that almost no one responds comments alone, I wonder if I would ask about buying BOOKS on BOOKS how many answers I would receive …! I`m not sure I want to stay on this Forum for several reasons, including what is on the web on your Site/Forum, such as Reddit… that is clear everyone in my opinion is free to do, think, say etc., freely, YOU included, but me too, and if I have to write like an idiot without anyone helping me, I prefer to find other Forums, on the other hand if you look in your forum is unbelievable the “heavy” things that you read, so my request is ridiculous comparison to the rest … anyway thanks to everyone for your answers for the altar

Honestly, a little portable TV tray can serve as an altar, especially if you can’t place a permanent down for whatever reason, like if you have family or friends that wouldn’t be accepting. You can also use any cup or glass as a Chalice, any knife (even a steak knife) as an Athame. You can be surprisingly discrete if your circumstances and / or simplistic, if your circumstances require it. Just putting it out there. :slightly_smiling_face:

Also, please do stop by the introduction thread and tell us a bit about yourself. It’s required as a rule: Introduce Yourself To Members Of The Forum

Glad to have you!

Thanks for the Feedback :slight_smile:
But,sorry, are you talking to me:morbius?
Because I’ve already taken that step,to introduce myself… and you want that I tell you more about myself,for my taste I’ve said enough about me!So please what…!?

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