Hello, I’m here to ask a simple question. So does anyone have a step by step process of how to call apon Prince Sitri. I’m kind of new to this and i need help getting all the things I need a what I need to do thank you. P.s. How will he speak to me or will he appear in physical form?

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Please use search for Sitri, meditation and third eye.

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Oh and look for new ones on this forum who posted the same thing :-). And welcome

and use the research button, there are a whole lot of discussions about Prince Sitri :slight_smile:


A lot of information on Sitri is available here:
Just tap that search button, type in “Sitri,” and press enter. Then you’re good to go.


Oh yea, Prince Sitri

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All i did was do a couple google searches and he showed up.

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As long as they say no homo, it’s fine.


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i basically used my computer screen for a “obsidian” mirror and invoked him with a sigil and some chant i found, it was weird and he/she is super cool and funny…their just super sexual