Magickal seduction Question

Hi everyone

I recently got into magic and my first ritual was magical seduction (aura) ritual. I noticed the effects with about 4 days and it lasted for a good 2 weeks and then started to slowly faded away.

Are these rituals to be repeated or are they permanent?

Thank you

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To answer your question, if you are talking about the book by Damon Brand, the rituals can be repeated. No effect is permanent, although the more you imprint your aura with the energy of seduction, the more it will naturally begin to emit that energy on its own so eventually you will no longer have to repeat the ritual.

You mean the book?
I only tried one ritual of that book. Without much success… But… i suppose all knowledge is useful. To some extension i adapted a bit of what i learned there in my seduction magick.
I wish it had worked better tho. I usually have pretty good results with the books of GOM.

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