Succubus qweschuns... ...and blues

Many years ago, I had an experience while sleeping.
I had a dream, of an erotic nature, so nice, that I woke up.
I could feel someone lying on me with pressure in all the right places.
Until I realised I lived alone, and there shouldn’t actually be anyone there.
(This is before I understood what was going on or what I was dealing with)
Anyways I panicked, and the ‘thing’, I suspect a wandering spirit, paralysed me and started to strangle me.

Thankfully it eventually left. But the experience left me shaken, understandably, but also somewhat intrigued.

(that was nigh on 20 yrs ago)

So I KNOW they’re real (spirits) - it’s not a matter of believing or lack thereof.

Since then read plenty of accounts of people who have loving relationships with their spirits. (Be it succubus or otherwise)
And from what I’ve read, it sounds just like what I’d like for myself.
A friend, companionship, a lover, confidante etc etc
So I read up on how to go about this - and did the letter method. Several times. No success.
I then found out there are websites, offering spirit bindings for money.
So I picked one (C.H.) and purchased a binding for a succubus.
However, that was over a year ago now - and still no sign of communication.
No telepathy, no dreams, no touches, no whispers, no gentle breeze, no shadows, no orbs or streaks of light etc - all the ways I’m aware of anyway. Just radio silence. I’m not even getting a response from my pendulum. (Another thing I’ve tried)
Now I know, reading other accounts - that this is usually a no brainer - most will achieve contact sooner or later, as thinking about them, talking about them is really enough for them (in the spirit realm) to be aware you’re looking for them (or one), and to draw them to you.
And I’m thinking, if a spirit can make contact with me unbidden, (as in the incident many years ago), how much more so for one I actively want, sought out, talk to, meditate on - actively inviting her into my life, my home, my dreams etc…
I also figured, if I’m too dense to hear them with telepathy, then surely they’d be able to communicate when I’m asleep and my mind is bypassed as in the past.
But it’s just dead. I don’t sense any presence, when meditating or otherwise. Certainly nothing in my dreams that I could interpret as such.
What is my problem? Am I doing something wrong? Am I missing something? Was I sold a scam? SHOULD I be doing something I’m not?
I’m tired of having one sided conversations - never certain if the spirit promised is actually there or not. Just radio silence. And I really desire and yearn for this contact and relationship.
I’d love to be able to ask them what the problem is, if any, but of course - if I could do that, I wouldn’t need to be asking this… lol.
C.H. just says to be patient, and that she (my succubus) will choose when and where or how she will reveal herself to me, and just to keep on talking to her like she’s there.
A lot of the accounts I’ve read, tell it as if it’s a no-brainer. They did nothing special, like clearing out chakras, opening third eyes, learning to astral travel etc. They’d just sit there watching TV for example, and their spirit would make contact - any time, day or night - most would start with light touches, rapidly proceeding to telepathy or something else, and eventually of course manifesting physically. I feel like I’m jumping through hoops and still seeing no results. I’ve always felt drawn to the spirit realm - all the more frustrating when there’s no response. I’m dying to meet her, talk to her, pick her brains, ask her opinions, learn more about her, get to know (and hopefully love) her.
Anyone else had this sort of problem?

Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated - and thanks in advance.

I’m pretty sure I’m the key - but I’m not sure how. Could it maybe be some sort of protection spell I’m not aware of?

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No one?

Be patient. It has not even been a day since you posted this. We’re all in different time zones, so just wait for those who are experienced with succubi to eventually come online.


Thanks - I was wondering if I’d made a mistake… I’ll wait.