Easy curses to kill someone?

I feel like it should be tbh

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Right. @Lady_Eva, may I ask to have this closed please.


In all honesty, letting this prick suffer through life with there own bullshit may be a better action. Maybe do a banishment and if thats not enough and you really want to get back at them there are useful curses out there for spiritually crippling a person that could help. A death curse should be your last resort because a working of this nature can take an extreme amount of hate and the working may work but something could be takin from you of equal value as this persons life.

Death in my humble opinion is giving someone an easy way out, after death they suffer no more. There’s an old saying, he who angers you controls you. So don’t sweat the small stuff. Living well is sometimes the best revenge.

Mate as others have said, you shouldn’t do it. Stand up for yourself, don’t let him walk all over you. I’m not sure what you define by hurting you, but if he tries pushing you around don’t hesitate to punch the asshat right in the nose. You can’t simply just do a ritual for death towards everybody that gives you a hard time. Take matters into your own hands, exercise, build muscle, pushups are a great start, just 50 a day and move up to 100, 150 etc. Have confidence in yourself. Bullies don’t like fucking around with people with confidence.

If you’re in fear of your life or something, tell a parent. If worst comes to worse, carry a small pocket knife for self defense. Do NOT use it unless it’s necessary. I understand bullies are assholes, I used to get bullied quite a lot until I dropped some weight, hit the gym and developed confidence. You aren’t alone bro.

Edit: oh crap I’m hella late lmao. Hope you’re all good now.

So very true! I hope they listen to you. With your suggestions enemies can become living deads so much better and more realistic to achieve.

Hey can u help me I want to use a death course in the guy that’s been touching me and his girlfriend that hates me and hits me plz help

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I never get these threads. People it’s either you have a death curse, ritual or spell to share or you DON’T. No one cares about your opinions otherwise.


I think it’s shitty for any magician to be condescending and judgmental toward another, just because they’re young, or bc they don’t approve of their motives. The very same ppl who cheer “kill him!” for an offense THEY deem worthy. It’s not our place to judge him, he asked a question and deserves an answer that isn’t so condescending. He didn’t ask if his motives were ok with the group. So stfu and quit being douches. Not to you, sailing, you just made me think of this. That rule of 3 and karma crap is usually put down, but let a kid want to do a death curse…and suddenly it’s “don’t do it! BaAaCkLAasH!”. Young magicians are the future of magic, and where the f do ppl get off trying to dissuade or shame a curious new practitioner. I guarantee he will think twice before asking for help next time. Everybody on here that got all “mom and dad” on him, IMO is a douche, and projecting their own feelings of weakness and insecurity onto this kid. If you knew how ridiculous you sound, how hypocritical you look, you might actually try some humble pie next time. Leave the kid alone. I bet he’s 10 times cooler to hang out with, than all you naysayers. Ugh. Come at me, idc. I know it’s an old thread, but this is the type of stuff I see way too much on here, and it makes me shy away from asking anything, and definitely makes me doubt the validity of what some people proclaim.


Thank you. But it’s alright.

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Agree 100%

do you just chant it? or is there something else you have to do?

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I am honored to do fucking powerful death curse, if you need, I will do it by different scenarios
1- use my companion to make a life full of nightmare until your target dies by fear or suicide
2- to direct army of jinns(persian sorcery=fucking strong) to go and fuck your target’s life
3-to ask beelzebub and my other friends (demons) to kill him
and black magick doesnt give any mercy to fucking targets.
4-you can also ask azazel and king paimon to jump into your target skin(mind) and control him to do something dangerous and die.
5-you can use the clay doll and your dagger as well
6-you can use your black mirror or crystal to put some astral trap on your target’s life path.
I have begun late, but within two years or less i have become a pure Luciferian.

Hail Infernal Army

I never forget my former version as a newbie 20 months ago!!(Nov 2018)
Hail Lucifer, King Paimon, Azazel, and specially my partner in crime: Belial


This was posted a while ago, I can do a death curse myself.


This thread, holy shit. How did the story end?

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Didn’t kill him. But I did remove him from my life which had him move to another country.

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how we have to use it??

Easiest way is to be removed from such hostile environment. Easiest way for magic to bring wanted outcome.
If we were trigger happy 24/7 then human race wouldn’t last a thousand years.
Focus your rage on working out and standing for yourself.
Never back up and if it ends up in fight just knock out the leader and you are good to go.
There will be plenty of time to go curse happy in your life.

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Hi. Can you tell me something more?