I pirated a GOM book... oh fuck! HELP!

I pirated a GoM book last night and read a bit of it. Then I came across this forum for the first time yesterday (which I fucking love by the way!) and found out that those who pirate the book or steal it are to be cursed. IMMEDIATELY deleted it. I am gonna buy it later on this month when I get my pay check. But my question is… what the fuck do I do now?! Am I eternally damned?!


Set the intent to buy it it, mean it, state that aloud 3 times and you’re good to go, once you’ve bought the book the energy exchange is complete.

Many people will no doubt say “oh don’t even worry” but I believe if something bugs you, do what’s necessary then you can move forward with a clean slate. :+1:

By the way, welcome to the BALG forum and can you please follow the imp, and do an intro? :smiley:



It’s a mindfuck. They want newer people to react like you did and be scared. The only danger regarding ebooks is that they might be edited.


no bro lol you will be fine, i doubt you got cursed, even if you did, there are ways to stop the curses, ive never heard of a curse eternally damning someone, the only thing that can do this is if you sell your soul to a malevolent spirit


There’s no such thing as damnation unless you choose to do that to yourself under the xtian religion’s rules. And the most common reason people to that is the brainwashing that it’s real - so don’t do that and you’re good.

There’ no such thing as “selling your soul” either. Your incarnate ego mind doesn’t have that authority over your higher self.


oh there is, ive had a demon in the past come to me with that sorta deal, had to fight for 6 hours the whole night


From a psychological standpoint you just cursed yourself by telling your subconscious that you cannot afford the book (pirated it) meaning that it will leave you in a state of monetary scarcity. If you can’t even afford 20$ for a book how are you going to afford a living?


Why would anyone pay for a shitty book that just regurgitates what has been done before?


Probably not.

Why would anyone pay for anything?

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Ok, my brain is mush this morning. GoM? What book?

Book of G.O.M. The course of the encyclopedia of occultism (GOM) Grigory Otonovich Moebes??? Maybe?

Grimoire of Magic?

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I assume GOM stands for Gallery of Magick


Erm folks, can we please not get into a discussion that suggests piracy is okay?

This forum is paid for by a publishing house, and piracy is forbidden here - if new folks see the forum’s members talking about it, it muddies the waters.

If you don’t like GOM books don’t buy them, don’t use them, but if you do then they obviously care about protecting their intellectual property, so please respect that, or at least don’t openly disrespect it all over another publisher’s site.

Cheers. :+1:


sorry for that @Lady_Eva

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No harm done, just stepping in before it got wayyyy out of hand. :+1:

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oh okay, I just wrote it so that he would not worry about him being cursed :smile:

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Book curses are fairly easy to deal with. Since they usually rely on theft, returning the property is usually the means to break them. So, by deleting the downloaded content, you have in a way done so although i would also destroy any notes you have taken as well for good measure.


BALG books (esp leather) look better on the bookshelf imho than some books. Binding has held and pages turn well. BALG tomes are damn nice. I also love my BALG bookbags. GOM books are something I’d have to purchase to review. I think amazon might show some pics besides the cover or ebay does. Something i though of looking into was that gold spray layering on the outer pages. My encyclopedias have this and when light hits a small stack not in the shelf; it looks nice. I haven’t taken “Good” book photos in a while.


I suspect the vast majority of pirated grimiores, even if they are read, are never even worked with. I highly suspect most people reading them either find the spirits and practices not to their liking, ingredients too hard to obtain, material to advanced to comprehend or basically a rehash of other books they already own. So, most likely, we are not talking about one $20 book, but most likely hundreds to thousands of potential grimoires read, and most likely never really used, and the ones that are used are most likely adapted somewhat to the practitioners situation. Nothing wrong with buying a book you are going to use, that sure can be convenient, but you have to wonder about if your lover will throw it out on some kind of insane household purge, or the ebook company DRM scheme will cease to work, not that this is a post condoning piracy by any means.

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As everyone else here said, don’t worry about it, I did what you did and I am not cursed for it. But something I learned is, if you think you have been cursed and are gonna have bad luck. Then your brain will make that happen.

The subconcious is a dangerous thing sometimes.

For example, some people think if they do some horrible thing, that they will be damned to be tortured for eternity. When in reality, their guilt is torturing them, not Yahweh, not Lucifer, not Satan, but themselves.

That specific reason is why I always make sure someone deserves to be cursed before I curse. Although I never kill with magick, as no matter how evil they were, I would feel guilty, that’s why I would rather they get found out and arressted, or punished so then no one would have to die.