Is anything real


Pretty stupid title right?
I thought it was poorly imagined, but I have no better way to sum up why I am here then that.

There are times when I look around at all the people. The organized mess that makes up the space between buildings and highways, and the distance of a horizon line that seems blurred by the structures we have given so much interest and sacrifice to erect for the world, and further blur the natural horizon…
I wonder of who in the mess actually vibrates and feels, and who is just as real as that blurred line in the sky…it looks different based on the perspective we look at it in, and our vision will focus differently based on our peripharals and what all lies in the center of our sights.

If that can happen naturally just by me altering what I do with my eyes, maybe that sinking feeling in me that says so many are just hollow shells might just not be a feeling.

What if that is real?
How many of us are actually alive?
What if those that we see, that we never interact with, are just silhouettes created to occupy the space between all of those man made objects…

The ones made by human hands feel different then the ones growing out of the ground, or constructed for shelter by animals.
There are just so many of us now.
To create our buildings and drive our vehicles.

It just doesn’t feel real. It never has.

So I have always questioned it.

People always thought this dilemma to be trivial, why waste your time thinking about something like this when it is completely apparent to your senses that something exists?

That was my issue though, my senses said it was real, my senses told me the people are there and they have lives and souls and purposes.
We know though, that our senses can lie.

We also know, we can experience phenomena through means other than our senses. I learned about this at a very young age. I think most of us do, it’s just we do not remember.
I, for some reason, can form memories vividly from when I was extremely young.

I remember being a very small child still not able to stand on my own feet. I remember feeling, knowing, there was some form of pressure pushing against me while laying on my stomach. I can remember it…it felt as if it were much taller than I.
Memories like this are what always kept me chaotic.
They make me wonder what is real.
They make me question far too much and I can never stop no matter what I try.

So I stopped trying.

Things began to feel natural for once in my life.

The chaos of always doubting my mind and what my brain constructed before me, was gone. I began to focus on figuring out how to learn more about the things I percieve.

Down the rabbit hole I went. And here I am now.
All world cultures interest me.
All religions and philosophies infatuate me.
All schools of thought I desire to learn.

If there is any bit of information any one would ever wish to share with me that they feel would benefit me, scholarly or personal , please, I thank you kindly for caring for my desires and my plight.

There is just far too much I wish to say and share with this world.

If you took the time to read this, reach out. I am of sane mind and sound body and I wish to understand why I see the world the way I do.

What I firmly believe is that all realities are real.

What is possible for all of us to bring into existance??


Try some of this:

Add a coat of this: The Kybalion PDF, archived link (we don’t trade PDFs on here as a general rule but this one is okay, the text is out of copyright and the edition was given for download from the site that created it).




To quote Azazel:

Reality is far from objective. Can you name a single thing
that exists independent of your observation? Such a thing
does not exist. When you and I meet, you and I come into
existence. Until that point, there is no you, there is no I. You
exist only in your relation to that which surrounds you. Your
very physical form is held together, as mine is in this smoke,
by the pressure inside of your skin meeting the pressure outside
of your skin, and both forces holding you in one piece. This
is a type and a shadow of the whole of existence. Only
through the application of various forces of pressure does any-
thing exist. You have learned to master some of these pressure
systems, and can apply them to summoning something forth
from nothingness to speak to you.
You ask if I am real? I am as real as the world around you,
which is not real at all.


There’s a type of software called “What you see is what you get” or “WYSIWYG” it’s very popular because it’s easy to use, as the name suggests… there is no coding involved. Pure visual. You simply deal with “what you see” and build your software visually, few clicks and it’s done. That doesn’t mean, there are no codes involved. The software does all coding behind the scenes, you can’t see it… you can only see a visual mask of this code.

Reality is very much similar. And that’s how our mind deals with reality. Consciously, our mind understands what we can see or perceive with our physical senses. Subconsciously, the mind deals with the hidden code of reality. which is real ? that’s the wrong question to ask because it suggests misunderstanding of the nature of reality.

Being real, doesn’t mean it’s not an illusion. Being an illusion, doesn’t mean it’s not real. It’s both. But we’re not advanced enough, naturally, to handle both natures at the same time. Our conscious mind need only one “truth” to deal with at a time, then eliminate the rest and label them as false. If it’s A, then can’t be B. If it’s B, then it can’t be A. While the truth is, it’s A and B.

Existence is a very realistic illusion. That what makes magick possible and spirituality more than just something in people’s heads. The multi-dimensional existence is something science is only starting to realize, understand, and examine in the past few years. Couple of years ago, it was science fiction.

And we’re only talking about real vs illusion. We didn’t dive into the different layers or dimensions of existence.

So… is reality an illusion? yes it is. But… is it “real”? Yes it is. the contradiction only exists in our limited understanding because our brain is designed to function that way or people will lose their sanity. It’s a protection mechanism. When we practice magick, we turn that protection-mode, off. And we deal with dual nature of reality to cause change to occur in conformity with the will.

Everything is connected, existence is multidimensional, and the all is one.


Thank you very kindly. You reminded of the time when my first occult mentor was teaching me about evocation and the importance of sensory things like smoke. Through that memory triggered by the quote you just gave, and the substance of what was said in the quote I came to understand something better. Thank you

You know, I have a close personal friend who is doing work with Augmented Reality software. The statement you just gave me made sense of things I can to wonder when he was explaining some things to me. I just couldnt stop thinking about that when I was reading your response. Excellent thinking, thank you kindly!

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turning that protection mode off…eliminating limitations created by our physical vessels. huh

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I never thought of it that way. I absolutely love that perspective on it!

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Thank you, much obliged! I went and introduced myself as well. Thank you for the tastefull reminder

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Thank you so much, glad you find it helpful and happy we share similar point of view :smiley:
Wish you all the best in your journey :+1:

A journey it is…

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Interesting. Idk. I remember as a child, I had a period I would try to pull my bedroom door open fast enough to catch it not being there. I thought as soon as I closed it, what was behind it stopped existing. I was a weird child. :woman_shrugging:


When I was a kid, I used to experiment as well. Once I wanted to know how much water is needed exactly, to cause paper to burn. So I got piles of old newspapers, put them in a closet, added little gasoline - bad idea - and different amount of water to different piles of newspapers, and burned them.

The result… I knew the answer I was looking for. And also started a small fire in the closet and got my ass kicked by my dad, because everyone woke up before I put the fire off, as I originally planned.


That just brought back memories. That was the first Video of EA’s I watched when I decided to follow the pull to the LHP back in late January/February. I remember that perfectly and it came to mind when I read this title.

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At least I’m not the only one who was starting fires in their bedroom as a kid

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:grin: Yeah looks like you’re not the only one :+1:

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That’s a pretty curious thing with the door there. That’s something really unique I don’t believe any one has shared something like that with me before. What other experiments did you have when you were young?


If you are equating reality to truth:

One man looks at the colour blue and says it is blue. The other man looks at it and says it is yellow. The first man says: “that’s stupid. It’s clearly blue.” The other says: “you’re stupid. It’s yellow.” The first man gets annoyed and begins shouting: “how can you be this fucking retarded? It’s bloody blue!” The other man shouts back: “piss off! I say it is yellow!” This continues for the better part of an hour until one of the men takes a knife and stabs the other; killing him, proving he was right.

The first man is correct but so is the other man because it is also true that he sees it as yellow. At this stage the only thing either of the men could do to win the argument is to kill the other (which is completely fine) because there is no logical falsehood to be found. But someone had to win.

That is another thing I have often wondered. Do you see the same red I see? Maybe to me my red is your blue. I remember seeing a video about this concept a few weeks ago. Thank you for the time!

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Uhmmm, only thing that comes to mind is that around the same time I used to think I was being watched, like that I lived in a Big Brother tv show. Life felt really unreal to me. Me and my twin shared these ideas. This was before Big Brother was on tv or shows like that, that could’ve given me that idea. I was even feeling my head sometimes to see if there was a thing like a chip or transmitter on my head. I would feel with my wrist pressing it on my head. Idk why and certainly not knowing what I was looking for, I was around 6/7. I never even heard of those things. I may make myself look totally crazy now. I don’t have those ideas anymore. :sweat_smile::joy: I had a very troubled childhood before that age, so it’s not that weird I had psychological issues and disassociating all the time.