Weight gain curse?

Wow that’s [email protected] her response of she’s too good for you. Why weight gain specifically though? Why not something like acne, skin rashes etc. These are often more easier to achieve. Sometimes these exes are just not worth it too. I have been hurt seriously by exes and incredibly I have never done any magickal harm.

Evil co-workers now that’s another story.

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I really don’t understand how do you jump to this conclusion. This person won’t relate gaining weight with you or anything related to you. They’re going to think about health or food.

@Aprentiz gave you a far better alternative.

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I thought of weight gain because she is/was obsessed with her looks and her weight. But I think your suggestions are a better option but ye I think I need to let it go. Thnx for replying

I responded to his/her comment and he/she gave me far better options and what he/she said to is to let it go so I think I will do that.

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Better to curse her to be single for the rest of her life and suffer or something

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No, man, if you suffered, make her suffer too

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Hey, could you please share this spell. Sounds like something I could use.

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Proper invocation of Hekate, 3 black candles. Black arts oil, or bats blood oil.
Mighty Hekate, Dark Isis of Spells, goddess of magick hear my plea, do what it is I ask of thee.
( Name) Your figure is shapely, toned and thin,
Your looks appealing, now come to an end.
My figure toned, strong, and appealing, my looks attract while yours offend,
Mighty Hekate, (name) waxes and only gains,
And as her body waxes, mine shall wane.
So.mote it be.


I absolutely hate hearing about cheating! Especially cold responses such as that. Try doing a body swap. Find someone “obese, and swap. You could do a bit more though. Throw guilty thoughts her way, and make it haunt her nightmares/thoughts 24/7.

Does it have to be full moon or waxing moon ?

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In between the full moon and waning

Do it on Thursday at Mars hour

This interests me greatly. There is someone I am looking to bloat up.

I’m interested to know more about this. Sounds interesting… Why and what was the result?

then could we understand the spell as an “exchange”? the weight that one person gains is lost by another?
It sounds interesting in the sense that we can try it with one person who is overweight and another who finds it difficult to gain weight and both could benefit.

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Hey there! I did describe more on another thread. I had success.

Have the person to be impacted clearly in your mind - visualize them becoming fat while chanting and gazing at the moon. I may have done it more than once. This was in 2012 so do not recall how many times exactly, but definitely not more than one lunar cycle, probably not more than a week - i didnt have patience for that then.

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What if we’d like to cause a weight gain, but we don’t have weight to lose? Is there a way to “use” a person who needs to lose weight and transfert it to the enemy?

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I don’t think so

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I would also like to know without sacrificing one‘a weight.