Nobody Rides for Free

Besides bodily fluids, things that you give to your house guests. Biscuits, wine, water, honey :smile:


Chocolate, scotch, wine, stuff that shows hospitality to someone you invited to your house/yourself.


I’m a ride or die boi, just give me friendships :angel: but honestly, I dont really ask entities for anything but when I call on them to form bonds I offer blood every now and then.


Um…yeah, they do lol

I do not generally give offerings in my practice and yet what I ask gets done.


not free. you still gotta do the grunt work in real physical life. Like grooming self and looking ok if you seducing someone. taking care of your health. working on inner self confidence, etc… They can put the lady in front of you , however , you still gotta do the deed and risk diseases. If you perform poor then the lady might not stick around. So there are some actual work in the physical world. IF it’s for money, you still have to sell, work, or whatever it is one do to make money. Money isnt’ going to fall from the sky. Just the fact that you have to learn the process of magick and cast it may be the price. There’s always some kind of effort. It do take time to learn magick. So i don’t think it’s free.

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I typically go for longer term pacts. This mainly involves some blood at differing intervals or sending energy for one reason or another.

The incense, teas, and alcohol are free and if I trust them enough, I’ll let them inside to taste it.

So heres a weird thing. My first summon i did with no prior knowledge or experience. I just did it on a whim with the aid of google. I didnt expect it to work. Back then i didnt beleive in magic really. At the time i didn’t realize i needed to make terms or anything. Afterwards tho, i definitely beleived. The demon i summoned scolded my recklessness. I was explained to the dangers of what i had done and that since i left a gap in the terms, he could claim anything of mine as a price. But funny thing is that he hasnt asked for anything. He has given me everything i have asked for and is such a sweetheart, sassy sometimes but sweet. He not only helps protect me but constantly makes me feel powerful strong and attractive. Do to my blunders we are bound permenantly, but i couldnt be happier about it. I absolutely adore him.

I don’t really buy that reasoning because I would be doing the physical work towards a goal with or without the demon’s help, so I don’t see how it is a “price to pay” if I’m doing it anyway.

EA has stated in his work that demons work with us because it gives them a chance to exert their power in the physical plane in a way they otherwise cannot, and so far my experience has borne this out.

I don’t look at demons from a religious perspective. They are not gods, and I am not a demonolator. I don’t pay to play.

Out of the dozens of demons and angels I have evoked, only five were given gifts as a gesture of good will and respect (and out of the five, only two directly asked for something, but it was a casual request, not a “payment” for doing what was asked ). :man_shrugging:

If anything, the “payment” is the task assigned, and hopefully, one day I will be able to give them something that will really stretch their power to its limit.


Spiritual entities want to be recognised and known - spread the word of their existence!




Half jokes aside:
If its a casual working they don’t charge me in a sense of “I demand this and that”. Some suggest an offering that has to do with the work or effect in general somehow.

The ones I do work closest with are a different kind of thing, tho. They CAN be demanding. Not in a sense of “Give me your first born and all your wordly wealth”. No.
But they want me to LEARN. And they want me to learn FAST. Not “Learn to love yourself” or something. They actively nudge me towards certain kinds of knowledge about things that left me wondering more than once what this has to do with just anything. But they would let me know, somehow. And its not a kind suggestion, either. Every piece came with a sense of urgency, so far.


I’ve offered praise, spreading the word, clearing a space for them, different types of food and drink, sexual deeds, the list goes on. Most of what I offered was by choice though, in manner of “If you can help me with this I’ll do this in exchange”. I’ve yet to be commanded to do anything. That said, I have been placed in timeout by a few beings for being what they would consider manipulative (not towards them but in certain other workings).

So be careful which beings you work with, as one who is a fan of justice might not be too happy with you also making offerings to the Romanian goddess of deceit. X’D

What can I say?
Chaotic Neutral at it’s finest over here ~ :stuck_out_tongue:

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The physical work is in addition to the magick cast. Magick alone don’t get results. Things in the phyiscal world have to be in play to move things along to get what you want. You might have to do something to get those things moving. That’s the payment. NOt payment to the demon, however, payment to self to get your desire. Like many said, if you want a lady, you have to do the grunt work or task to be more attractive or to get uncomfortable to interact with the target. If you want to be rich, you have to make payment by putting in the time to develop skills and sell the service/product. THere are many forms of payment that isn’t monetary. Many casting the spell is the payment as it acknowledge the demon’s existence. Either way. It’s not free because you have to do something. It’s not given to you. Hopefully, my explanation is clear to you and get the message intended.

maybe payment isn’t the right word. sacrifice might be it. It’s like a workaholic working 12hrs a day to make it rich sacrificing family time and social time. even if your doing it anyways, its’ still some sort of payment/sacrifice.

Incense. As I use it as a manifestation base, not that I always need to it just helps with immersion, and once a task has been ordered I leave the incense at the altar and let it permeate the room, until it burns out. And in the meantime I’ve said my thanks and leave the room close the door behind me.

Time (one of the most potent offerings people neglect or overlook)

Blood (in very specific cases) and in extremely rare instances;

Sexual fluid unless it’s I am working with a being who’s speciality is for example sex magick then the last part might occur way more regularly.

Artwork or sigils that are framed (if a more lasting relationship is to be formed).

A show of gratitude once a task is complete.

The above other than gratitude, happens when I am dealing with a high ranking entity. Or want to start a relationship with any entity.
Otherwise a simple thanks and show of gratitude is enough.

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Currently, learning, pleasure, and creativity. I hardly see how any of its a payment but then again, maybe its due to a pact I have that has a greater payment I have to give which is time. OH, they enjoy the other offerings but its dependent on how I offer them. If I’m offering as a friend, lover, student the offerings are accepted quite readily, but if its more of a merc I WANT THIS YOU DO THAT – DEAL! then things don’t go so well a lot of the time unless I’m following a ritual EXACTLY to the letter and the critique is god awful.

In my experience this hasn’t really been the case. I’ve had many times where I used magick to influence others and it didn’t take any part on my side. Even had times where I asked for money and I got it without any effort on my part.

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I’m pretty freely giving with my blood, it’s a very easily renewable resource, and they are always very appreciative.

But, like you said, it isn’t necessary to give lavish offerings.

A bit of whiskey, a few drops of blood, or even just gratitude, it works.

That said, a client asked me to assist with a particular issue he was having, and I gave King Bael a whole chicken, candies, whiskey, and I used my best oils.

The man is a king. I wanted to be nice.

While I give offerings regardless as a sign of respect based on personal values (in my life outside of ritual, I refuse to allow a guest leave without being fed and partaking in what luxuries I give myself), the only one who demanded an offering was Belial. He demanded an over priced cut of meat and a very expensive whiskey. Completely outside of my means at the time. However, it was a test and I apparently passed by refusing. It was to see if I would treat him as an equal or bow down to his demands, according to him.

Perhaps my usual offerings involve anyways are why spirits normally do not make too many demands from me. I don’t know.

Maybe cuz you have all the physical stuff in place already. =o)

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And that has what, exactly, to do with my post that you quoted?

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The greatest offering to a spirit is being given task to do within existence and your own personal ascent.

They could care less about your material food and occasional conversations you have about them.