How do I go about learning to control my chakras?

I’m very interested in getting into Reiki. I’ve also been blown away by how many people on YouTube can start a fire without anything but paper/dry grass.

How do I go about channeling my chakras to such a specific spot?

Do they pull from specific chakras or is it just a kind of an intensely focused ball of all your conscious energy?

I heard someone claim they pull energy from the ground or air. Is said energy then being channeled through my chakras or just guided to create the desired outcome?

Any advice is greatly appreciated :pray:


It’s not channeling your chakras, reiki is using an external energy and channeling it through you to heal.


Thanks @anon48079295!! Do you know of a good site to read up on Reiki is?? Do you know anything about how people can start a fire out of nowhere??

The people who start fires out of nowhere are people who practiced for years on energy discipline. Pyrokinesis is using your own energy and an external source to start a fire, by that I mean using your energy to set paper on fire. However to create fire is pyrogenesis which I’m unsure of as that’s something that hasn’t been outwardly proven.


The methods I generally teach those just starting out with energy control is as follows.
PS. Sorry it is not very formal, I made this copy paste a while ago

How to make a Psi Ball/Ball of energy- What you got to do is hold your hands out in-front of you 4-7 inches apart and picture energy flowing from your core(ab area) through your arms in to a ball between your hands.
Then once you feel that you picture a hard barrier around it making it solid.
Then you can move it to one hand and pass it back and forth between them.

First one is to move your energy slowly to your center. Then up and down your chakras. This will help with control.

The second is to extend your focus to all the energy around you and spin it slowly. Then speed it up. If possible concentrate and condense it till its small enough to hold and either absorb or throw.

The third is is to make a psi ball as strong as possible then either put it in an object or reabsorb it.

The fourth is making a ball of energy and changing the size and shape into slowly more complex things. Starting with cubes or pyramids then things like knives or swords.


I was actually up late practicing making a psi ball. Thanks for the help guys I’ll definitely keep practicing!!


Of course I love to happy!

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Whats next?
I have happened to practice making psi balls. Tell me more about programming them.

What have you programmed the psi balls for? What are the results you got?



I’ve been absorbing the psi ball, it helps me feel “charged up” if I’m attempting something else.

Note: I’m not sure if there are correct terms so I’ll do my best to explain what it is I’m experiencing.

I had a dream once I was completely engulfed in fire,:fire: it was everywhere. I could feel the energy of the fire though :man_shrugging:. I spent a bit of time practicing conjuring this fire, when I felt I can sense it I would push my energy there till I can picture the flames in my mind’s eye. Once I’ve made these “astral flames” I can control them fairly easily, but If I try to move the fire carelessly it loses its energy.

Perhaps I could have been in the astral in this dream?

I just used the psi ball to start the fire I practice holding. It worked well for me!


The idea is send them away to perform a task :kissing_heart: which is called programming them :grinning:
Have you tried something like that yet?

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Hi I’m new

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I haven’t even heard of that, :man_shrugging: what type of tasks could you send a programed psi ball on??

:man_facepalming: Thats what im also asking.

I sent one to get me a job when i was jobless. I landed a small freelancing task.
I didnt try anything after that.

What i wanna know is what else is possible, if anyone has tried it.