Love spell update!

So, as some members of the forum may have saw about a month and a bit or so ago i joined the forum to enquire about a certain ex that i was in desperate need to get back together with.
At the point of joining the forum, he and i had gotten into a large fight and as a result ceased contact after about 2/3 months of speaking prior.
Usually, he removes me for a week or so but i eventually find some way of getting back into contact with him but this time was different.
He didn’t speak to me for weeks which at the time was abnormal, and thus i decided to go in search for a way to assist not only my relationship but my own mental health as i seemed to be falling a downward spiral.

I evoked several demons to assist me. Lilith, Rosier, Dantalion, Sallos, Sitri, Belial, and Pomba Gira. Later on working with Dantalion and sallos separately and more often.
I never conclusively disclosed my findings with the rest of the forum, so i will speak on my expirance after evokation.
I believe i had a lucid dream, and i hadn’t had a dream that i could recall in years seeing as i am now on sleeping medication and i am more often than not unable to remember what i dream.
But i remember this, clearly.

I woke up (or so i thought) from a nap that i was having around mid day, and i felt three presences in my room.
Two female, and one male.
I felt from my understanding, Lilith and Pomba Gira.
The image i got of lilith was that of light, i saw her as a woman with blonde hair and blue eyes, next to her sat pomba gira and i saw her resemble the artist Frida Khalo De Revera. I cant give much detail but i saw pomba gira as someone with fruits and fine wines surrounding her, exotic vibes if you will. with lilith i got a motherly figure, someone who reminded me much of the empress is described in tarot. I was layed on my bed face in hands cowering from the recent dismay of loosing contact with my love, lilith was consoling me. Patting my back while pomba gira watched over me.
In the corner of my room, i felt Sallos i believe.
He had the resemblance of a cliche demon, but his image was very misty, or kind of surrounded by a black dust. It wasn’t fully clear, but it was dark and it was strong. I felt him feeling a sense of ‘damn he really hurt her huh’ kind of emotion coming from him.
And, eventually i sensed the other demons i summoned but as balls of golden energy, floating around my room. They didn’t take any sort of form, but i could differentiate their energies and could pinpoint whom they were.

After this, i felt a sense of pure depression and sorrow, melancholy and suicidal thoughts.
slowly but surely these decreased and eventually, i had given up. But i was okay with giving up, i wasn’t afraid of giving up. I was at peace with loosing my love.
and that’s when i started to notice changes, he contacted me finally after many weeks of ignorance.
I thanked them all proufously and i cried with joy when i saw that he had reinstated that he was willing to try and work on our relationship.

the reason i am writing this, is because at the time of doing research on love spells i was discouraged by the amount of waiting as i of course am impatient.
But, waiting is a part of healing.
Time can do nothing but heal. looking back now i am glad he didn’t speak to me because i was obsessing over him, addicted to his attention, and was filled with rage when i didn’t receive it. I was overbearing with my emotions, in no control of myself and the people around me and thus i brought myself to that point of sorrow, and once having gotten a fresh view on things i realized that i was pointing the finger at everyone else but myself.
i’m so glad for this growth, and i’m even more glad that i get to share it here.
Him and i are very very close to being together again i can sense it.
i feel that energy coming my way and i can be nothing less that entirely greatful for everything the demons have done, as well as the forum members in giving me the advice and lift that i needed to get through that rough time.
So, this is a thanks to the demons, lilith, rosier, dantalion, sallos, sitri, belial and pomba gira.
But also every one of the forum members have helped me in this journey.
love and light to you all :slight_smile:


Do you use protection when working with demons?

Yes, the reason for my depression i felt was a lesson that i was being taught. Only for the better of course

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What protection do you use?

When working with demons I always tell them “do what I command without harming me”.

Congrats on your growth! Honestly, I feel the next step is to get rid of this guy and focus on your continued growth, but I know you want him in your life right now. So, good luck! And keep growing as you have been. :+1:


Thank you! of course if things don’t go well i will cut him out but at this point he is a part of my goal :slight_smile:

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I cleanse my room with insence before and after evokation. I also cleanse myself in salt


I want to win back my girl after a bad breakups… but I don’t know how to do the rituals in good side without suffering or violating Gods will divine wisdom… Anyway I am happy and thankful for sharing this… Very interesting and learning from my side…

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