Sex Magick Deification

Sounds like something between lovers tbh at least in the way you envision it.

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Or just two magicians who find each other physically appealing.

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Well, if one was willing, they could masturbate in general to raise the sexual energy and direct it towards that goal. I can see Lilith taking a major role here in her aspects as the: Lover of Samael, Lust Goddess, Mother of Abominations (?)


What I had in mind was sex magick using images, mental or digital, and then the other person doing that, in turn each party gets power. Maybe doing so in a state of posession would magnify the power.


So here’s what I just came up with:
Objects: picture+name(sympathetic links), red candle(s), black candle(s), sigil of Lilith, dragons blood incense (?)
Enter a trance and begin to masturbate in front of the name and picture of the target. See the sexual energy circulate through you as a red force. Continue to use the circulation technique to refine the energy.

Recite an invocation to Lilith in her aspect as the Lover of Samael with the intention to empower another individual (or deify them However you wish to look at it.)

Recite an incantation to declare intention to deify, direct raised refined energy of ritual to target.



Yeah! And using the images (nude or otherwise) of the target. If the target is female the spirit presiding over the ritual could be a female sexual spirit (Namaah, Lilith,) or if the recipient is male the presiding spirit could be a male sexual spirit (Asmodeus, Samael, Sitri,). I’m sure it could be tweaked for other sexual preferences too.


Sounds great. The technique I have for refining energy comes from the psychic vampire codex, just ignore the caste stuff.

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Now only to find a female willing to help test this out. This shall be the truly hard part😂! If anyone out there wants to try it with your partner, let me know the results please.


As for me, I’m sure I could do this with myself (yes I’m that conceited)


Actually one could now that I think about it. You’re just changing the target to yourself.

Well, I just learned sexual empowerment. I think I will be working with lilith and asmodeus a lot more.

However, one would think if someone outside of yourself recognizes your divinity it adds a “kick” to it.

Use personal Sigils.

You exchange Sigils with one another and feed the energy into them or put your juices in a bowl in front of the sigil as an offering like you would do for an entity.

Of course you don’t want to give a personal Sigil to someone who you don’t trust absolutely and completely. But you don’t want just anyone’s energy either so a little more discretion isn’t a bad thing at all.

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Hi. Before you go around asking for astral sex with your relatives, please click the link bellow to Introduce Yourself To Members Of The Forum

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Lol @ that dude who wants astral sex with relatives :joy::joy::joy: Is it considered incest ? If you just exchange energies on the astral plane? Lmao

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All magick comes from within, nothing conceited about that.

On topic.

Solo could be done easily if the idea of embodying your own God/Demonhood appeals that strongly and you have a strong sex aspect.

If you are more of a God/Demon of Combat, I’d recommend fighting someone who is your equal in the circle, as sex isn’t gonna be your prime drive, once you dominate your opponent, throw them from the circle (preferably onto something that won’t hurt them further), and call your God/Demon form forth and embrace it.

Same with if your inner God/Demon is a God/Demon of arcane knowledge, perhaps an extended learning session while concentrating on your inner divinity/infernal aspect.

Yes, sex is an INCREDIBLY powerful force, and the orgasm is perhaps, arguably, the most effective way of sending your intentions skywards. But, if sex isn’t the MAIN drive in your life, or, at least, a constant in your life, then maybe sex may not be the best way for you to achieve your goals.

Think about your goals, and use that aspect to further yourself.


You know what they say:
Gotta keep it in the family…
What goes around comes around…
You know, you get the idea… :joy:

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Yeah you have to deal with the consequences eventually, but at what level ? Is astral sex more intimate than regular human sex?

Like I never astral projected / traveled so I clearly have no idea how astral sex is. My best understanding is that it’s some kind of energy exchange, like you are in ghostform or something, and your girlfriend / fuckbuddy or who-ever is also in ghostform, and you merge together or something? I’d say that won’t give problems right? Just traveling together and exchanging some energies for fun? Just to see and feel how it’s like. But that’s just my curious nature, feel free to correct me :smiley: Btw i’m not incest inclined LOL​:joy:

Just speaking hypothetically. Like you could also go chilling with friends or something, that means you could also have sex in the astral with a friend, does it affect you emotionally? Or is it just lust and fun?

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As far as I’ve heard there’re some O’s included, so if you’re fine with your family and buddies, sure! Who am I to judge!?

Wait for A Mason’s new book, you may be able to adapt something from that.

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Yeah that would be pretty weird and awkward, orgasming with family or friends or something :joy::joy:

I’ll stick with my succubus companions :smiley:

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She has a very interesting book, is it expensive ?