Spirit for Attracting Werewolves

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No worries, thanks guys.

Alright, so anyone who has ideas on spirits to evoke to attract existing werewolf to me, speak up! :smile:


Hey there OP, as far as I can tell, ‘titles’ for deities can be separate beings, but they usually seem to just be the Deity in a different set of energy behaviors. Maybe both?

Fenris is hard to control and not really associated with lycanthropes, so I’d only recommend approaching him for that if you’re looking to get eaten by one! :slight_smile:


I wouldn’t do that, he is a very destructive force unless you are prepared. In the book I mentioned, if you have runes, use Eiwaz, Laguz, and Sowilo and meditate through them, mostly with the first one. There are some chants to Fenrir in the book, and uses another name of Vanagandr.


He has the book mthos from the cursed pdf shit

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In interested in seeing this proof.

Btw have you a succeeded in p shifting? U said I were working on it in an earlier post and I’m wondering if you have made any progress

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That makes sense. Is there a specific sigil for Hecate Lycania, or would it be appropriate to use a standard Hecate sigil?

Thanks for the advice, I’m glad I asked.

Now that’s interesting. There was a time a few years ago that I awoke with a raised red symbol in my arm that looked like Eiwaz. I took a photo and posted it to Facebook, but for the life of me, I can’t seem to find it. Anyways, any chance that has even the slightest bit of relevance to all of this?

No, that’s not really fair. I’ve posted a few threads that pertain to this topic, but each has a specific question. In this case, I am asking about which spirits would be good for attracting werewolves to myself, rather than my previous posts which were about which ones to use for becoming one.

I will, eventually. I don’t have the privacy I need to dive into a complex ritual setup like that yet. But as I’m divorcing my husband, once that’s done, I’ll be able to.

Anyone who wants to see it should message me privately and acknowledge that they agree not to share without permission. Sound fair?

I’d of course be very interested to know as well, @blckmagick666.

Hey OP, I haven’t used a general sigil of Hecate to call on her Lycania form, but that’s not to say it isn’t possible!

I could post the sigil I use for Hecate Lycania, but some communities don’t let their members do that, and I don’t know what the rule is here for that.

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I use the one from a vk jehhanum site I think it’s called.

It’s allowed here, but if you’d feel more comfortable, you could PM it to me! :slight_smile:

Is that symbol a sigil? What name should I use to call the spirit?

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It’s lycania hecates sigil, I just called her, the first times I did I made the mistake of begging to become a lycan, now I’m just tryna build a good rapport so she reveals herself to me. Don’t beg for it

Sounds good, thanks for the advice!

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Hi, i don’t intend that in a bad way, i’m genuinely curious as to why does everyone think it’s totally possible to become a werewolf but in another thread about vampires everyone said you can only be an energy vampire or have symptoms of being one? Both should be physical and therefore possible or not. Wouldn’t a werewolf only have the symptoms too? And if become a werewolve is possible because it’s shapeshifting, just changing your body, how come we can’t like, change our face? Isn’t it the same? Because i read about glaomur and…like…you can’t physically change anything. Just asking. I haven’t seen anything real yet so i’m sorry if i sound like a dumbass, i would love to hear some more about these things.

I dont know who everyone is…but it’s physiologically impossible to shapeshift your physical body into a wolf. Or into a half wolf/human as displayed in cinema or any form of literature.


@Chosen_Path I won’t try to convince you otherwise (despite having proof to the contrary), because that would be a waste of both of our time. You’ve obviously settled into a rigid view of the issue, and it’s usually impossible to force someone to open their eyes while they’re defiantly squeezing them shut.

For anyone else reading this, though, I’d encourage you to think it through before dismissing the possibility. No one is claiming that you can suddenly transform into a full blown werewolf that’s twice the size of a person in 5 minutes as is portrayed in movies, obviously. The law of conservation of mass-energy can’t be broken, and there are also strict limits on the speed of cell division, protein synthesis, skeletal remodelling, etc. That being said, major changes can be observed after extensive shifts that happen over the course of days.

Nothing is impossible, including this. It just takes time and a lot of energy.



In the norse all werewolfs are said to be birthed from the incestuous union of the thursian goddess Gullveig and her son Fenris. Odin is also associated with shapeshifting and the ulfhednar


any progress in your investigations? I have things to comment, talk to me privately those interested.

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