Help with Dantalion (and other things?)

Hi, I am very new to this and am in need of help from you kind people.
I need to invoc Dantalion, i know the basic steps from the goetia, the lesser key of Solomon
But i need to know if there actually needs to be insence or can i go by with just the sigil and a scented green candle (heard it worked for someone?)
As i told you i am very new and this would be my first summoning, i studied alot but still haven’t practiced invocation yet
The reason being i’m kinda scared, anytips on how to overcome this unsettling fear i have because i really am interested and facinated by all this and would really like to do an invocation
I just need the simplest ways that work for a bigenner
And what steps i should be taking to make sure i am safe through all of this (not visited by a trickster, harmed… etc)
Thank you :pray:

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You don’t necessarily need incense. I’ve known of people having success both with and without it- find what works best for you. I, personally, prefer to use it because it helps me get into the right state of mind for what I’m doing. Plus, it smells nice.

Being a bit scared is normal! Just remember- many spirits are a lot like people. Talking to them for the first time is like talking to any new stranger, it may be nerve-wracking but the more you do it the easier it will become. First contact may feel a lot like leaving a voicemail for someone and hoping they’ll get back to you- if you’re still new, it might seem very one-sided.

There are two things that are great for reducing fear preceding a summoning (at least in my personal experience):

  1. Research. Learn as much as you can prior to trying to call on a spirit. Read all the texts you can, read other’s experiences, read up on banishing rituals if you’re worried someone might try to take advantage of you. Awareness is your friend.

  2. Respect. Remember that you’re talking to an individual just like yourself. Treat them with courtesy, think before you speak, be presentable, and acknowledge that they are their own person with their own sets of likes and dislikes. When in doubt, be a little more formal than you think you need to be. Basic respect will help you avoid a lot of unnecessary issues.

I’m sure there’s a lot that could be added to this, lol.
Best of luck to you!


Thank you so much i will do all the things you said, big help! :heart:

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