I Cant Feel Lucifer

In terms of cleaning your pendulums in my experience, intent is everything. I simply run a little cold water over it because I know my intent is to cleanse. With that said, any method can work if you have the correct intent.

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Thank you. So, you believe I approached this incorrectly, and this is why this happened?

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you said you did a lot of things, if you didn’t clean up it could have come from anything.

Do I need A pendulum board for this


I am confused. Then How Is It possible to know the answer, Do i draw like. YES:NO something like that

My initial feeling afterwards, was it was approached without respect (in their view). No offering or ritual, unclean as you say. I asked if I could offer anything, they said no. They asked, “why bother us?” I replied I don’t mean to bother, I respect. With that, I was released from their torment.

you can write it down on paper. but you have to ask the pendulum

  1. Show me which is my yes?
  2. show me which is my no?
  3. show me mine maybe?
  4. Show me my can’t give an answer?

and Y.T. you can look if it still confuses you.


aha, this is more clear now thank you :slight_smile:

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I called out letters one by one. Previously ascertained what direction was ‘yes’ and ‘no’ and proceeded to ask questions

I really do not know. I’ve never heard of them. how did they get there? on their own?
i think you have to ask someone with more knowledge and practice than me.

but I have had unpleasant experiences, but unrelated to the use of the pendulum.

If i ask Qs, i will have to swing the pendulam on sigil right?

do you mean when you communicate with L.?

yes, in that case you keep your hand above the sigil. hand stable, calm.

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Hello, I summoned him not long ago, I felt a strong energy, which almost made me tear up, I was also almost shaking. I could not hear him at all or comunicate with him. I asked him to try and comunicate with me in my dreams, As i saw on a video, Hopefully he comes. I need to make a pendulum so i can communicate with him next time.

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So abt that pendulum, when asking questions, in which direction should i move the pendulum, so it wont influence my answers? Straight?

I used a key and then on the other pendulum I used a safety pin. Is those ok?


you do not move the pendulum, it spins itself. see how to properly hold the pendulum you have on YT.
did you mean that?
practice is very important here.
when you master yourself, you have mastered the pendulum.


yes, you will see what lies best in your hand.
exercise regularly.

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thanks :slight_smile:

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