My First Evocation

I attempted my first evocation with King Paimon last night, but im not sure if I did it right or how I can do something differently to make it more successful. Im completely new to Magick, but I tried with a Sigil.

So I have this walkin closet with about 8 feet in length and 3 feet wide, and thats where I tried it. Its the best place in my apartment that drowns out the outside noise and my cat wont try to bother me in there. I had no candle, no offering, no incense, and barely any light. Only the Sigil and myself and my phone (plus the clutter in my closet) I started by putting the Sigil in my lap and getting as comfortable as possible. I “gazed” at the Sigil for probably about 3 minutes and poured as much emotion into my thoughts as I could. Then the Sigil didn’t literally glow and shine in my face but it did glow and it started to black out the left part of the Sigil (it kinda looks like a person) then I had this amazing amount of enrgy shoot through me. It was awesome. about 5 seconds later it kinda faded and I kept staring at the Sigil. I was super nervous that I would mess up or I would offend King Paimon, so I didnt speak immediately. But after a couple minutes after the energy I felt go away, I asked that He would show me more on how to do summoning and that I was very new to Magick. I said my goodbye and sat in the room because of how amazed I was from the feeling I got from the Sigil. Did I do anything incorrectly or messed up somewhere? Do I need candles or an offering everytime I want to summon Him? Do I have to have incense? And what are some different ways that I can summon him without a Sigil? Im most likely going to build an altar for Him since this was pretty amazing. Any help, tips and comments would be awesome. Thank you!

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To answer your questions, no, you do not need candles, or incense, or an offering. You don’t even need the sigil, though it is by far the easiest method to make contact. Some people can make contact through just the demonic enn alone but in my experience that takes time and practice.

For different methods of evocation, use the forum’s search function. It’s the little magnifying glass on the upper right of your screen. There are many different methods available all over the forum.

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Oh im sorry I didnt know it was the first thing I was supposed to post on. But thank you for letting me know :slight_smile:

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