Evoking Zagan as a magic beginner

Hello everyone. I’m a beginner to spell casting or evoking but I have been into spirituality and meditation for a while. I haven’t attempted a ritual to communicate with demons before.

Is attempting to evoke Zagan dangerous in any way as a beginner? Also, I was wondering what happens if your own blood is incorporated into the sigil of a demon you want to evoke.

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Not sure if you have but you first should do a introduction of your self in the introduction thread. Simply tell us about your self and your practices/how long you have been practicing or if you just started talk about what got you interested.

But besides that! Unfortunately I am not familiar with this entity. But I know most are patient. If you feel the call to this being it could be for a good reason. :thinking: I recommend looking through this site for info and experiences that others had with him and from there judge if you would still be interested in working with him. :3

To answer your next question, as some one new to this I wouldn’t recommend it yet. Yes blood is a common offering but a very potent one. Your blood contain basically a piece of your energy and by giving it to any being as an offering it can latter on make a energetic connection to that being. With a powerful offering comes responsibility as well. By also giving that offering you will also amp up the energy in the room and when applied to a sigil or other offerings it does send out more energy out so you will need to watch for unwanted lower “bugs” that might be drawn to the surge of energy. Normally they are not really a threat just annoying kinda like vultures picking at a lions kill. But as stated because you have yet to work with any demon, I would definitely wait especially until you get some of your senses up and going.

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I wouldn’t advise it , there are many other potent things to do such as making offerings , saying prayers , or sigil work , only evoke after various experiments and practice .

Thanks for your answers guys.

I was wondering what was the risk of attempting an evokation for someone with as little experience as me? Is it more that I will not be able to perform it probably, or that something I am not ready to handle can happen?

I feel incredibly protected by several spirits of my family from my entire life. I’ve seen two of their forms during a period when I was undergoing some of my most intense spiritual practices. I sincerely have in my heart that they would use every last drop of their energy to protect me.

This could just be naivety though, I can’t fathom the scale of power or energy that a demon has, I really don’t know. From my few weeks of looking into my situation though, attempting to evoke this demon king Zagan seems to be the most optimal.

Many years ago I sigilized a spirit’s name Chaos style and pointed my right index in front of me while mentally calling him. I felt a strong ‘cold current’ through my body and he thelepatically addressed me in an intimidating way. Recently I’m using E. A. Koetting’s method of gazing at entities sigils, which probably allows to establish some connection prior to calling them (and I don’t say “You should do this”), those sigils often feel powerful but the overall experience is rather calm.
So, you may draw Zagan’s sigil on a piece of paper and look at it, at the same time relax your eyes but be focused. The lines may disappear, and appear again like they’re floating, or you may sense a force in yourself etc. This is a possible core for an actual evocation as well as, simply, getting information or making a request.

Should I burn the sigil outside afterwards to dispose of it? If not, what do I do with it?

Personally I think the danger comes from what you may have happen and not be able to manage instead of not being able to do it successfully, since intuition can give the necessary component even if one doesn’t realize it to call one up Correctly.

A danger is having some entity follow one through any connection or call to they try and make, and then if the entity is malicious and puts you in a position to get hurt by attracting dangers toward you (like cars), or bringing out negative reactions in those around (aggressive animals or bad mooded or intending people). Or a portal/connection/door being opened one doesn’t understand how to close.

One example I Personally had is my dog was acting very aggressive almost dangerously suddenly after I summoned an entity in a lucid dream, and had one clearly still following me around in the waking world that I wasn’t sure how to get rid of (and lbrp and some other basic methods weren’t working). It Was another goetic, not Zagan though, the specific one I tried to call up there started with an M.

I also have seen videos of dogs randomly getting aggressive to certain people, so maybe dog-distancing would be ideal if you DO or Did summon or call something in case they do tend to go after and notice demons (especially puppies or high energy dogs like German Shepherds specifically as my dog was and some police dogs I’ve seen go wild).

Don’t take that as a big caution though, as I’ve had Wonderful experiences with other entities that showed me a lot, even that I didn’t realize until very recently though being at least 5 years old some of what I was shown.

Even if one has guardians I think “demons” or some djin whatever one wants to call them have more ability for travel or certain affects than a majority of other “types of” spirits or entities, so hence posing a danger still to those unaware or without Very strong and able help/guardians.

Zagan seems to be associated with inner alchemy from my findings so he Could certainly be intimidating or dangerous I think but if more or less than any others in specific I’m not sure. It likely has a play in “making fools wise” as he’s said to do, I may have even been told at one point I should contact him but I’m not positive if it was Him.

I’d say if you just want to learn more or become more able I don’t see it as posing a threat or negative even if you’re starting out, you might even get more favorable reaction if you are new I think if some of my theories are true they appreciate those interested more than those assuming they’re well studied.

Just keep an eye out and extra away from any dangers especially if any Presences get made known as actually coming or finding one. Do some readings or types of divination if you want to feel more confident of the likely safety, even one by simply feeling your inner peace when thinking about an idea or identity or entity and if it dwindles then maybe not do That at least Then.

They can show you really cool things and help show a way one may go in life even if one doesn’t realize it at the time. You could use a sigil drawn on a mirror as I have, draw it on a desk, or use paper, have it invisible or not, burn, bury it, or dissolve it/leave it in water. Or just wipe it off if its on a surface it can be erased/cleaned off (can’t guarantee that will close it of course).

If you put it in a caution requiring place IMO it likely will empower it to work more (like a bathroom mirror or under somewhere in plain sight that would freak people out if they noticed…). Also maybe try using a specific way to draw it or with drawing another sigil over it (like elemental invoking pentagram if you’re fine with them).

You could make your own sigil too with a light bit of research and Pure Intent to, if you worry about the sigils already available not connecting to the right place Necessarily guaranteeably, or if you wanted to make one that can be used or disposed of a special way (burned or whatever), to avoid offending anything if that’s possible. If summoning in specific hours/times/days you could always learn to lucid dream quickly and do it in whatever hour trying to summon or communicate with said entity, as I would these days.

If you’re not sure how long it’ll be till you can get awake contact and teaching from an entity/spirit like Z, you could always try doing a summoning before falling asleep or inviting them into your dream area before trying to close the way whenever you will to. Dreams are a great sandbox for both (person and an entity) I find for vast exploration and discovery.

I’d just like to thank everyone who replied again for being so informative as well as patient with me. I find a lot of online communities about spirituality, occult, metaphysics can be quite dogmatic and cultish, and sort of look at newcomers as fools. You guys just helped me by providing a lot of great knowledge, and I’m really appreciative :revolving_hearts:

I want to attempt a Zagan ritual I read on these forums in a couple days after I do more research. Today, I performed the sigil exercise. I attempted to get into gnosis by first meditating with intent to Zagan, and then I found a guided video of chants to Zagan. I drew the sigil in black ink, and made a cut to release blood. I then did my best to cover each line with blood, it’s about 95% covered. I hope that Zagan would take my minor pain and blood as a sense of allegiance and seriousness to my intent to encounter it. I was not too sure about the sigil flickering part. My sigil began appearing 3D almost, like it was a half sphere bulging out of the page maybe 1 cm. After more gazing it appeared to be fading. I didn’t see any lights or colours emitted, but parts of the circle seemed to be flickering in and out, however the 3D effect was definitely more noticeable than this flicker. I took this as a sign and very quietly I spoke my wish to Zagan. As my wish is something I can’t monitor my progress on, and it’s not a deadline more of an entire life thing, I left the sigil intact, sitting in my bedroom.

I plan on continuing to interact with this entity. I felt a positive energy and kept getting goosebumps and tingles through my body during this process. I think before attempting the more serious ritual I will try this dream method of communication.