Protection against evil people/ability to read people better

Will summoning a demon be a better option than just a simple spell? If yes, which demon is appropriate?
I read about King Paimon, but do you guys think someone is more fitting for me (as someone who is not very experienced)?

Basically I would like to get some protection from people who might potentially harm me and the ability to know someone’s intentions. Not that there are specific people I know who would do me harm, it just seems like I tend to be too open and accepting. Sometimes gut tells me that the person is manipulative or not a good person overall but I tend to not pay attention. Then after a while I would realize how they really are manipulative, dishonest, etc. That’s the only time when I would distance myself from them but I guess it would have been way better if I did earlier on. Any demon/spell that can help me with this?

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