William wraithe

Yo ea you might want to look up a vid on youtube by William wraithe named wraithe and read his comments, he’s coming for your ass :clap:

Don’t bother it says wha wha wha :cry::cry::cry:
I’m all but hurt because no one commented on my weird ass video.
And please post an intro here:


William wraithe is gonna come for EAs ass, and he is gonna return with his own ass handed to him lol

This kind of crap seems to happen to EA a lot. He very rarely responds. So many people have tried to take him down, for one reason or another. He just brushes them off. Occultists can be so jealous and resentful.

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EA is a clown, but he’s a clown with the ability to back it up. I suspect he is empowered by the attention and memes and people thinking ill of him.

Can someone link the video? It sounds very entertaining but I can’t seem to find it.

Transformation magick at its best :+1:
Moral of the story. There will be haters.
Love thy haters. Cause used right hate = fuel.
People wanna hate, let um more fuel lol.