BALG Forum FAQ By Members, For New & Old Members

So, I decided to make this post, to help new members a bit. I noticed that new members have the same questions and they post them again and again. That’s bad for these reasons:

  1. Old members who know to answer are too tired seeing the same questions and so, they just skip these posts.
  2. Newer members who may answer don’t have full knowledge and may give half-answers.

As you see, making new posts that have already been answered, instead of searching for old posts may cost you greatly.
Though, out of the many posts on the forum, it’s hard to answer some questions. So, I made this FAQ to help you out and answer most of your questions as you begin here!
In this post, you’ll find an answer about how the forum works, but also about anything you may need to know about magic.

PLEASE READ THIS FAQ FIRST then SEARCH THE FORUM WITH THE SEARCH FUNCTION (on the top right) - but, there is no rule against posting about something that has already been asked before. You may flag a post if you think it’s too close to another active thread, by using the flag icon under the 3 dots … at the bottom of that post, and if necessary it can be merged into the topic it resembles.

I suggest you bookmark this FAQ because you’ll find it useful as a new member. I’ll also keep it updated, so check it out from time to time.

So, let’s get to it:

----- General / Rules -----

Q: I’m a new member in this forum, what should I do first?
A: Please introduce yourself here: Introduce Yourself To Members Of The Forum OR make a new post (New Magician Help - Post A New Topic To Introduce Yourself) for your introduction. It’s one of our few rules! Also, please check out some useful resources before anything: Some Member Resources & Tips

Q: I have a problem with something on the forum (tech stuff or not), who should I speak to?
A: Drop a line to @moderators or post with your question.

Q: I’m a new member and it seems I can’t private message (PM) anyone, what’s going on?
A: After you have joined the forum, you need to wait for a while before you can PM someone. But, others can PM you.

Q: You guys have some weird words and terms around here, any help with that?
A: Sure! Please check this post out: Glossary and Terms for Beginners 1/3 (updated 2021-03-29)

Q: I found an old post that can help me, but is it okay to revive it after so long?
A: It’s a good idea to do so! Having old info and new info in one post, gain us a lot of time searching and reading multiple posts!

Q: I’d like to have some relaxing talk, any posts for that?
A: Yes, we have some posts for some relaxing and casual talk, here’s one: That Moment When 7: Just Tears in the Rain

Q: I have an idea for a group ritual, is that okay?
A: Actually, many people do group rituals from time to time. Share your idea with us and see if people are interested!

Q: I’d like someone to make a spell/ritual/reading/scan/healing for me, is that okay?
A: Please post your request as well as some info about it. Remember that no one has to help you, but since there are some amazing people here, they may be willing to do so. BUT offering to pay for stuff is against the rules, so have that in mind!
Now, to help you a bit, try this post (for scanning and healing): Power Sensing - Scans & Swaps 3.0 (No Tarot Please)
If you still want to hire someone for a ritual, E.A. Koetting does rituals on behalf of others, for a fee.

Q: I’d like someone to summon a spirit for me, is that okay?
A: It’s not against the rules or anything, but please don’t ask that for these reasons:

  1. We don’t like it when we are asked that, no matter what your need is.
  2. Spirits don’t like it when we summon them on behalf of others and sometimes show that.
  3. Spirits hate laziness, so you better work hard and do it yourself, for spirits always know what’s going on (if you ask that out of laziness that is).

Q: I have a question about something, should I make a new post about it?
A: First of all, make sure you:

  1. Search this post for an answer to your question
  2. Search the forum (by using the search function on the top right), for an answer to your question
  3. If you can’t find an answer on this post or the forum, or if you still have questions, jump on in and make a new post!

Q: I was thinking to create a journal about my journey through this path, is that okay?
A: Actually, that’s perfect! I’m glad to see people growing. Go on ahead!

Q: I had someone make a ritual for me, but it doesn’t seem to have worked, any insight?
A: Telling people to do rituals for you is a bad idea because the more energies are around what you want, the less likely it is you make it happen. I’d suggest you ask a spirit you trust about it and also feel free to ask us for advice. But remember that probably lust for results and the various energies are the reason it’s not working.

**Q: What is light or dark energy? Are there many types of energy? **
A: Well, it’s really debatable. We can’t know and it could also be a scientific question if you think about it. However, I do believe that there’s not light or dark energy, there’s just energy. But it depends on its frequency if it does good or bad. It’s a really complex question, but that’s a very simple and quick answer.

----- Rules -----

Q: I’d like to check the rules of the forum, where can I find them?
A: You can find the rules here: BALG RULES - Please read them!

Q: I’d want to know your opinion about politics, is that okay?
A: Actually, talking about politics is against the rules. We support people having their own opinions, but we, as magi, shouldn’t care about politics and stuff nor talking and arguing over it. We should use our united power to change reality instead!

Q: I’d like to sell my services here or advertise something, is that okay?
A: Actually, selling or having ads is against the rules. This is a forum for magic, not a store.

----- Spirits -----

Q: I can’t seem to be able to hear/feel/talk to spirits, what’s wrong?
A: That’s probably because your astral senses aren’t opened/developed yet. Your astral senses are the senses you have in the astral realm/spirit world and are used for things like these. In order to develop your astral senses, the best way is to meditate daily (10 minutes would do). Whether it’ll be fast or not, it depends on the person. Please be patient! Also, sunlight is good for your astral senses.
For astral senses, please check out this as well: Ultimate Psychic Senses Guide / Ultimate Astral Senses Guide / Ultimate Spiritual Senses Guide

Q: I want to summon a spirit, how can I do that?
A: There are many posts about that too! However, since I want to help you, I’ll direct you a bit: Easy Spirit Summoning Technique
I should mention that you can find any enn on the forum or Google and any sigil on the forum or Google Images.

Q: Due to some stuff going on, I can’t use any tools, circles, etc. Is that okay? Can I still cast spells/make rituals/summon spirits even without them?
A: Actually, that’s more than okay and you’ll also have some great results! I never use any tools or anything at all and I have made some crazy stuff! Tools and candles, etc. are used for the convenience of the magus. If they don’t work for you, then don’t use any.

Q: I want some info about a specific spirit, can I find that on the forum?
A: We have already shared info about most spirits and so, you can find almost everything in the forum. Please use keywords to find the info for the spirit you want.
Just because I want to make this easier for you, I’ll post some links about the most famous spirits:
Lucifer (beginner-friendly): Lucifer all you need to know if you want to start working with him
King Paimon (beginner-friendly): How King Paimon Can Help You- An Evocation Guide , What to expect from King Paimon
Belial: BELIAL - God of Anarchy
Lilith: Lilith's Enn and her Sigil
Azazel: All You Need To Know To Work With Azazel

Q: What are some good offerings about a specific spirit?
A: I don’t have to tell you that there are already more posts for this than I care to count. You can find an offering for any spirit more or less on the forum. But let me tell you some famous offerings for some spirits:
Lucifer: Roses, poems, letters, prayers, gratitude, loyalty, incense, etc.
King Paimon: Wine, Sweet things (ex. chocolate), mountain dew, tea, poems, prayers, gratitude, loyalty (not blood), etc.
Thoth: Poems, letters, energy, etc.

Q: I want to pray to a spirit, how should I do that?
A: A prayer should come through your heart, there are no right or wrong answers here. However, if you want an example of something to follow, there’s a simple prayer to Lucifer and King Paimon: Prayer to King Paimon or Lucifer

Q: What’s the difference between angels, demons and other spirits?
A: The answer is simply none. There are no angels, demons, or other categories. Spirits are just that, spirits, beings of energy. They don’t have gender, specific form, or race. Humans created these, just to make things easier, but they don’t stand for anything other than that.

Q: So, what is Lucifer good with?
A: Lucifer is good with everything, ask him what you need and he’ll tell you if he can help you or at least direct you to someone who can (but he probably will help with anything)

Q: I want to learn about experiences with a specific spirit, where should I look for that?
A: There are already many members who share their experiences with spirits, you don’t need to create a new post to ask for them, for these reasons:

  1. Not many people will answer because they’re tired of seeing posts like these.
  2. You’ll lose much useful info by not seeing some amazing posts, that already exist.
    So, please search the forum first, before asking for something like that. A amazing place to start is this: The BALG repository of fantastical success stories with Magick

Q: I want to thank a spirit, where should I do that?
A: Please do that here: Member's Successes & Thanking Spirits - Do It Here!

Q: Is Lucifer and Satan the same?
A: There are many posts for that, but I’ll give you a short answer: No, they’re not the same, but they do have a connection. Satan has parts from many demons, mostly Lucifer but others too. However, each of them is a being on its own.

Q: Is King Paimon and Azazel the same?
A: There are also many posts about this, but the answer is: No, but they also share a connection. I’d have them more like brothers than anything else. They are connected, but not the same (even though their energies feel the same).

Q: I’d like to learn more about servitors, perhaps even how to make one, any help?
A: Check out these posts, before you make a new post: Some questions about Servitors , Servitors for dummies , Servitor Creation Engine

Q: I made a pact, but I’m not sure if it worked yet, how can I get to know if it worked?
A: The best answer for this is: Wait to see if there are any results, but also, make sure you work hard for it, nothing comes on its own. If after some work and some time you see no results, summon the spirit, or use divination to see what’s wrong.

----- Meditation -----

Q: So, any good meditations?
A: You can find a really big number of meditations on the forum, so please search before you post anything. But my favorite meditation is void meditation: Psychic Development for the Magician. It gives you the freedom and it’s really easy.
Also, check out this Lucifer meditation: A meditation for you all - meditation of Lucifer
I also made a thread about this, introducing a very simple but powerful meditation method, especially for new members: Easy, Simple and Powerful Meditation

----- Banishing -----

Q: I have some unwanted spirits/weird stuff going on around me, what should I do?
A: It seems like you need a banishing ritual! A banishing ritual makes unwanted spirits and energies go away. There are many posts about it on the forum, so search before you make a new post. But for your ease, here are some posts that may be of use to you: How to Banish a spirit? , Some Banishing Methods

Q: I have inner blockages and I feel negative energies inside me. What should I do?
A: There’s a powerful inner banishing method for that. It’s easy and very effective: Inner Banishing Method (Easy but Powerful)

----- Divination -----

Q: I’d like to learn about divination or runes, do you have anything for me?
A: Check out these posts, before you make a new post: Why Most Magicians Fail At Divination ~ By E.A. Koetting , Spirits To Assist With Divination , A new Divination technique , Which tarot deck would you recommend , Tarot Reading Activation , Basic Rune Tutorial , Viking Runes Have More Uses That Just Divination!
Omens: Your Experiences & Tips for Interpretation?

----- Sigil Magic -----

Q: I’d like to learn more about sigils, do you have anything for me?
A: Check out these posts, before you make a new post: Sigil Flashing: Consecration Explained & Simplified for Newbies , Sigil rambling and experiences , Incantation and Use of Sigils In Evocation , How to open a sigil

----- Astral Projection / Soul Travel / Lucid Dreaming -----

Q: What’s the difference between soul travel, astral projection and lucid dreaming?
A: Soul travel, is making your soul go to the spirit world through the gateway of the mind. In other words, you may go to the spirit world easily, without leaving your body. It’s like an earlier level of astral projection. Astral projection is going to the spirit world by making your soul leaving your body. That way, you can experience things better and it’s like dreaming, but you leave your body while awake and you remember everything when back. While out of your body, you experience everything like in real life. Most people though prefer to soul travel since you get the same results and it’s easier. Astral projection is a little more powerful, but it’s end game stuff…hard to learn and even harder to master. Also, no, you can’t die while astral projecting, no matter what you have heard.
Lucid dreaming is the same as astral projection, but instead of going out of your body while awake, you get from your dream state to the spirit world.

Q: I want to astral project/soul travel/lucid dream, any info on that?
A: Sure, some posts about that are these (the third one is soul travel): Guide to ‘Astral Projection’ , Astral Projection (Let's sum everything up) , How to Astral Project , Dreaming, lucid dreaming and reality shifting , Advanced Lucid dreaming

Q: Can the astral cord that connects my body with my soul be cut? And if so, what will happen?
A: Your astral cord can’t be cut by you nor anyone else. So, you don’t have to worry about it. As long as you’re alive, your astral cord will exist.

----- Folk Magic-----

Q: I’d like to learn more about love spells/rituals, do you have anything for me?
A: Check out these posts as well as on the forum, before you make a new post: Any tips for love spells? , , Love spell before approaching and the most powerful love spell

Q: I want my ex back, can you help me with that?
A: I have my objections since you should just move on, but try to ask a spirit that can help you with these things (ex. Lilith). Also, search for similar posts, for there are many. There is a thread compiling methods that worked here: Share Your "Get My Ex Back" Spells That Actually Worked

----- Bonus -----

Bonus Q: I’m a troll and I came to troll/spam the forum, will it work?
A: I don’t think so… people here don’t care about posts that go against their beliefs because we’re all open-minded (that’s why we’re here). Plus, you will be banned instantly and your post will be deleted, so you’ll just be wasting your time and no one will really care.

All members on here can use flagging and a few flags will automatically hide a post, more will cause a topic to temporarily lock automatically, and block your ability to post. Think of all members as part of the forum’s immune defense system.
So, that is all for now. I hope most of your questions are answered. If you didn’t find what you needed here, make sure you use the search function of the forum (on the top right). If you don’t find what you need on the forum at all, then please make a new post about it and people will answer.

(PS: I will keep this post up to date with new questions and answers)
(PS2: If you want to personally talk with me, make sure to PM me, I always answer)
(PS3: If you want to help people with any topic you know on, make sure you say it below)
(PS4: Make sure you read this FAQ, the resources page given to you (see the first question) and the forum, before you post something new. We shouldn’t put the same question in 10000 threads)
(PS5: Not out yet XD)


Excellent post. ’Nuff said. :slight_smile:


This has more promise than the “beginner questions” topic I tried a while back, which mostly turned into people asking ME things which was not its intent, so I have replaced that with this link in the Member Resources & Tips topic that is linked in some of the “welcome to the forum” material people receive on signing up, and we’ll see how that works:


Thanks @Lady_Eva! I hope it’ll be able to help new and old members with some knowledge problems they may have!


I do just want to say I strongly disagree with this and have very well-considered reasons for involving myself in politics, but the beauty of the forum having no cultlike aspects is that I am free to do that and you are free to think it’s not relevant to your own quest! :ok_hand:

This is a full explanation of that rule in practice: BALG RULES - Please read them!


Lol this was well needed

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You’re not wrong there, nor I disagree with you. I won’t talk further about it (due to the rules). But I’m just saying that I’m actually open to any reason for that rule to exist, or to not exist. It’s fine for me either way.

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I also believe so XD.


Nice post @Manosman, always good to have a look at even as older member :slight_smile:

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I updated the look of the BALG FAQ, as well as added some new stuff (and made a correction or two).

Note to new members: Make sure to read the BALG FAQ carefully, since it has most of the answers you need!


I just wanted to note that I update the BALG FAQ once again. I added some new questions and also, some new links and updated answers. I split the FAQ into categories as well. I think it’s easier to read it this way and find what you want. I hope you find it helpful!

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Light and dark energies exist elementally which differs from a matter of frequency.

Astral and ‘spirit” world aren’t the same places either.

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As I said, it’s a really weird categorization for me, because it also has to do with science and I’m not good with physics and stuff. That’s why I said it’s mostly my belief.

When talking about dimensional spaces, they are. Unless you think of the term “spirit world” in a manner of “mind place that spirits exist”. Then, I guess that’s true. But I mostly use it to define the space (spirit world sounds kinda nice, that’s all).

I mean as the astral being the collective unconscious or mental plane, soul travel is a general term where people think their soul leaves into a general form of projection be it etheric/spiritual or astral/mental or even physical projection.

Not necessarily since Nyx, Erebus, Gaia, Eros, Kek, Ra, etc are all said to literally be the embodiments of these elemental energies and the existence of elementals prove the existence of said energies too which does not change because of vibrations.

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which elemental here? fire?

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Hmm, that’s true. It’s a theory I’d like to try and test. I’ll see what I can find there. Sounds interesting though.

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Earth here yes?

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@MagickVigilante Indeed!

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Gaia from what i remember is Mother nature in Greek mythos, but Ra is fire?

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Yes, that’s true.

Ra is fire I think.