Which demon can cause death?

Like Velenos said, it’s very unlikely to get a fast death, but some that come to mind are Methsan, Ronove / Ronwe, and Gorka. Just make sure you ask yourself this question and answer honestly: “If this person was in front of me and I had a gun, and I would get away with it scot-free, would I pull the trigger?”

If you even hesitate to say “Yes”, then the answer is “No”. Don’t do something you’ll beat yourself up for later.


I agree with @anon48079295 as I said on another thread, you can request death or a certain type of curse but they may carry it out on their own terms and timing. Also depends on the particular demon you summon who’s more likely to accept your request or petition. Each are different.

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Glasya for the win based on a lot of things you’ll find on him. If you know of anything that can be used as a “kink in the armor” in the person’s life, you could use just about any death dealing spirit or ritual.

Suicidal, alocoholic, drug addict, cutter, medical problems, etc. Even promiscuous activity be used against them. Say…chick is a club head, something gets dropped in her drink and she wakes up in a scene from Hostel. Or, if it’s a dude, he ends up in a dominatrix scenario and “accidentally” gets a Colombian Necktie and bleeds to death… the world is a crazy place based on your imagination👿




Grand General Forcalor Duke of Darkness

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I’ve read before that asking Forcalor to kill someone can cause some unexpected events to occur. As in, he’ll teach you something instead of deliver on your request. He can screw someone over to the point that they may as well be dead, though.

It must be understood that the office of Grand Duke Focalor is to kill people. It is also a fact that the pernicious magic with Focalor could go very wrong if we exaggerate our intention. As a teacher you always have to conduct yourself with ethics: A binding job can be done with your auspices to physically eliminate the person (s) if they try to get there without their consent (of course, they plan to come with malicious intentions). There ethics is being called because you are protecting your life. It is the most appropriate technique not to recruit or send your presence only for themes or whims without justified motives, and if it is done it will show a teaching that will not be many times pleasant to the conjurer, this contribution to his excellence is a thank you for protecting my life, home , home and family and you really understand your way of acting when it comes to asking you to execute your martial power save Master Focalor!


Please do forgive me if I have misinterpreted your post, but I do hold my own moral compass, and it takes something rather awful for me to consider cursing someone. There are people who would literally curse someone’s children because they cut them off at a turn on the road, and to put it lightly, my opinion of those people is negative beyond words.

So in short, please don’t mistake me for those kinds of people, I’ve simply read that before. I’ve never worked with Focalor myself, so please forgive my ignorance here if I indeed am ignorant.

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Call on Andras that’s his specialty :hocho:


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Marbas, satan, asmodeus, beelzebub, bael, azrael

They wont kill instantly, its not so easy to kill someone at least if the person is a crackhead or a criminal, my cover membros killed a crackhead in 3 months after a curse.

Another members took 1 year to kill someone with a ģreat life

I think it was the @DarkestKnight that said that for kill someone with magick you need to destroy the targer desire to live.

To kill someonr with magick you need to fulfill targer chakras, mind soul and aura with void, destruction and death energy, pure darkness

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It shouldn’t be easy to kill ,however, it would be nice so you don’t have to see their existence. Sometimes gettting it over with is a good thing. The reason why it shouldn’t be easy is because they need to suffer alone the death road too.

invocation is broad term for calling up entities . death curse is specific spell.

Dude. If you really need to do it look up. Norath. On this forum.
Self explanatory.

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So you guys can tout death spells and such, while our military doesn’t even have that capability. How can you claim to be more advanced than them?

different field kid. different tools. I’m sure the military have special program of mass hypnosis and psychic attack etc… Secret Ops stuff.

They are about efficiency so if they want to kill , they kill with other means that is more direct but secretive… Magick way takes too much time for the military and it’s not 100% predictable.

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:face_with_raised_eyebrow: careful…


The people that the military wants to kill have protection, whether it is conscious protection or not, they are psychically protected.

Just as it is difficult or dangerous to kill these people with guns and missiles, it is difficult or dangerous to kill these people with magick or demons.

Sometimes the death of a leader is worse than the life of a leader.

I saw Noraths sigil on the forum yesterday and just thinking about it after I had gone to bed, it came immediately. It reminded me of Zahgurim because it penetrated my skull with thick black energy and felt like it gripped my skull with a huge bony hand and even pierced my skull with one finger and held on too hard. I could push it off a bit with my mind, be gave it space as I thought that was how it worked.
When I visualized my tormentors faces plunging into the sigil I got a feeling of relief. Also tried communicating my intended results and where they lived by visualizing to Norath.

Have also tried Zahgurim, Zahrim, Suhgurim and the “all Infernal hosts talisman” from Baneful magick without result so far. Well Zahgurim reduced the force of my tormentors attacks by 80%, but no further development from there.