The magician's paradigm: the evocation of bune(or call me bim)

oh, and can you recommend a decent source/where to find these demonic variations to the LBRP? I don’t feel confident enough to contruct my own just yet

Imma gonna drop this here, watch the stuff on evocation. It will explain why exactly most practices have a method of banishing or casting a circle.


Thanks muchly!

btw thanks again. This guy is good. Seems pretty sane and wise with a lot of common sense. Oh and although majick is a personal journey, I have no intention of demanding to win the lotto - just in case it read that way lol :wink:

Hi I am a newbie here, I tried to evoke Bune to help me sell some items that I can access to make some money! Although nothing happened yet but a lot of new chances and situations took place which will enable me to sell these items! Keeping my fingers crossed for Bune to keep his bargain. So here I am spreading his work!

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Love this , but wouldnt suggest for any one to offer their blood to a demon …



At least not for beginners such as myself :wink:

Practical question: what do you do with the offerings? Consume or pour them out?

Regarding the day or time to call on HimHer.
“the eve of any friday at sunrise”
Is friday at sunrise the only day the spirit will respond? :pleading_face:
I come from a Christian background. I would pray everywhere. Shower, car, work, etc.
Do you think the Goetia respond well to you just praying to them and talking to them in your everyday life?
Or a timed ritual is the only way for them to hear you?

I had wonders of working with bune too i haven’t done any retual yet ,i decided to to some research and downloaded meditating videos where you just listen to the sound and voice say "wehl melan avage bune tasa"and observed at the sigil ,at night after a normal meditation and i went to sleep i just felt the extremely heat in my room like someone was with me and i couldn’t sleep for hour’s .the following day lying on the couch i saw a male hes eyes were not normal but orange he said just one word “bime”


What is LBRP then the BRH? Pardon my ignorance I am new to these. Thank you

Typically people who have been involved at some point in golden dawn or thelemic cerimonial magick know what that is. But on this forum, not everyone has that kind of background, so basically the LBRP, is the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram, and BRH is the Banishing Ritual of the Hexagram. You can look it up under some golden dawn or thelema stuff.

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Definitely will! Thank you @Jastiv

I’m not a demon and this offends me.

“In the Name of God, the God of Yisrael: may Michael be at my right hand, Gabriel at my left, Uriel before me, Raphael behind me, and above my head, the presence of God.”

Who is this God I speak in the name of? What is the meaning of Yisrael?

MEANING : This name derives from the Hebrew biblical given name “Yiśrāʾēl > Yisra’el”, meaning “God contended”. The patriarch Jacob was given the name Israel “Triumphant with God”, “who prevails with God” after he wrestled with the angel (Genesis 32:28 and 35:10).

To jump in this paradigm of Jewish of Judeo-Christian when performing a ritual seems ignorant. I feel you make 2 assumptions when doing this.

  1. The Christian Bible is truth.

Sure you can cherry pick like Christians do but I refuse to believe this Yaweh exist and things unfolded as written in this book. If so, why would I do anything in HIS name!? I don’t believe in putting negativity out into the universe on purpose, but if there is any hate in my heart for something that may or may not exist, it’s for this “God” people speak in the name of. Indoctrination and 20 years wasted living and following his name. Has brought me nothing but stagnation and mediocrity!

  1. Demons didn’t exist before 34 AD.

Is this ritual just using the context of something we can grasp to accomplish a goal?

Surely the originators knew that a divine energy didn’t just spring into existence 2000 years ago. I read a different thread on the various names Lucifer has been given. The mix up with Satan. Other demons surely have had various names over the ages. Likewise, maybe Yaweh has too. Zues perhaps? I’ll be the first to say I don’t know.

It’s like speaking Latin in movies when evoking demons. They’ve been around for million of years and came across Latin and thought. This is dope! All summoning in Latin now.

If I’m going to work with Bune (or Bim still don’t know if it’s a girl or guy 100%) invite him/her into my house. Ask for help ascending in my personal life. Then tell me I have to clear a space in my home speaking the name of some slave desert God?

No sir.


No, not everyone who uses these rituals believes it’s the truth. They are simply recognizing the power of a God since the ritual that they need to use is based on Him. Getting “offended” by historical occult practices is surely something I’m seeing a first of here.

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It’s a first because you don’t understand the context in which it’s presented. It’s not the practice of “historical” ceremonies that offends me, it’s what’s perceived as giving it power. Such a right hand path perversion of something intended to be a tool for left hand path workings. Why not just pray to your God and skip the ceremonial nonsense? Better yet, just put on your Sunday best and go to church.

A bigger topic to address, is why are you using something you don’t believe to be the truth? Does that not affect the conviction and the emotion in which you perform the ceremony? Conducting a ritual of lies just for the sake of completion? Come on.

You’re either not active on this forum, or I’m the first to challenge these ridiculous RHP ceremonies. I doubt the ladder. And wouldn’t dare use such a false paradoxical mindset for anything in life.


But why is it considered a disgrace to one’s beliefs and the systems to take a ritual from a different system? Even if said ritual gives power to a being they do not worship, if the ritual helps them to manifest whatever they are looking for that is plenty enough motivation to do so. Some practices choose to use a mix of rituals, spirituality is very free form. In a sense using these RHP rituals can be a way for people to take power back in their practice by utilizing a system that has outcasted them.

Many of those who use these rituals do believe them to be partly true. Speaking from the experiences I’ve had asking other occultists about this, it seems that they understand that this God is powerful, but they don’t declare Him as their own fully. Just for the sake of ritual.

The goal of a ritual is to manifest something. Some people will choose to go the route that gets them what they need no matter if it completely adheres to their beliefs or not. It’s not anyone’s place to tell them that what they’re doing is false. In the moment it may be true to them.

You’re not the first to challenge them, it usually just ends up with pointless arguing. The issue is that subjectivity is the biggest factor here. Not everyone is bound to view things from the same point for the same periods of time.

@victory That’s fair. I can understand the perspective of using what you need to in order to get what you want.

The cost of your integrity is too much for me to willing contribute though. Different systems exist because individuals saw need to change them. Saw results from doing so, and continued. Thus, negating the previous system for the intended result. To take a step back and say I’ll use this from here and this from that is not a system (system of chaos perhaps). To create it as such in this context of contacting a demon as suggested and integrate it as part of ritual is indeed a “disgrace” as you put it. I’m just not a fan of the Golden Dawn in general.

I’ve been told only immature children deal in absolutes. To add some levity and quote Star Wars “Only the Sith deal in absolutes”. To me, God exist and is real and sent his only son blah blah blah or he didn’t and he’s not. It’s never been proven (to me) either way and to operate in a manner that suggest it has, is disingenuous at best. I have chosen this is NOT true until proven otherwise.

I agree as Crowley said, “magic is in the mind of the magician”. And with you, in the moment, I’m sure it’s real to whoever is practicing it. What a world some manifest in their minds.

Agreed again, arguing is often fruitless with keyboard cowboys of the internet. I have no point to prove and therefore nothing to gain by arguing. Conflict does bring growth, just like tearing a muscle.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and putting my ideas to the fire. It’s good to be challenged and shape your ideas which is why I love BALG and can do so in a respectable, intelligent discussion with like minds.

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