Will this set up work for summoning King Paimon?

I recently got into summoning and I am kinda a beginner I was reading up on how to do it and it said gaze on the Sigil

Any tips on how to do it.

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Please use the forum search function, you’ll find dozens of threads that answer your question.

I also have made a thread just for that. I think it’ll really help you. It’s an easy spirit summoning technique.

Ok thank you how would I get to that

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Here you go: Easy Spirit Summoning Technique

@Videll you need to make a proper introduction, it’s a rule on this forum. Please go here:

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Here’s a tip since you have the candles. You know that sphere of light, the halo, around a light source. It is more pronounced when you are gazing. Gaze at the space between the 4 candles, where the sigil is but dont look at the sigil, look at the space above it. Now gaze and unfocused your eyes and try to balance the size and position of the halos so they are equal from your perspective.

This gives your mind something to focus on and will help you learn to hold your gaze.

Remember magick is using our creativity to manipulate our mind to influence reality. So get creative with how you train your mind. Hope this helps