Azazel filling my energy body?

Last night I called Azazel.

Long ritual, circle of Saturn, his mantra, affirmation, and enn. Y’all know the drill at this point.

I felt his presence, he had definitely come. As I got deeper, his sigil and energy began to fill each of my chakras. I stopped him at about the throat chakra, had a bit of communication, and respectfully released him and the ritual, as I have never drawn a spirit is this deep and was unsure of what the results would be if I were to fully immerse myself in his energy in that manner.

I have seen rituals to let in Lucifer and a few other spirits into every aspect of your being and energy body. In the past I have encountered this spirit and had positive experiences. I am not afraid of Azazel, I quite deeply desire to work with him, however I’ve also read that Azazel is a spirit that cannot be exorcised once he is present in a body. I’m not afraid for my life to change and transform, to become a living god (lmao), but I also wasn’t sure if this would lead to permanent possession and a loss of freedom

Is it safe to let him into all of my chakras?
Anybody had similar experiences?

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To work with any spirit, let alone Azazel, you have to know what they are fully capable of. I’m a little bit familiar with Azazel, more so with Lilith than Azazel though. Azazel is known for creating or introducing weapons to mankind and for introducing face-painting and decorations to women for deceptive means. Whether or not he can be exorcised is a sidebar note next to what he is capable of. What you’re wanting him to do in your life is what weighs out the scales as to whether your risks are worth the rewards.


After posting this I found a C. Kendall post about doing exactly this

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Keep us posted on how it goes I just recently started to be aware of him as in aware of his presence.
I just thought about him when it was mentioned giving weps exc and thought about what the Enoch scripture said happened to him immediately pictured my self trying to lift a giant rock of him and lol’d my ass off like good thought but no chance.