EAs evocation course is useless without getting into the theta gamma synce

I have been trying to follow the first 6 videos of his course. He should have given more examples of how to get into the theta gamma sync.

I have tried the one where he talks about with looking at the wall where the ceiling meet but that doesn’t work. Nor does “gazing” at the sigil.

Now to be fair I have not tried to do this with demons. I have tried to use angel paltator who also deals with clairvoyance instead of sastan cause I’m kind of scared working with demons at the moment. But trying scrying with paltator and doing the evocation as shown in video 6 doesn’t work.

Any way how I can see, feel, hear paltator?

E.A should have given more ways to get into the theta gamma sync.

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Try Youtube theta sound wave music with headphones while you’re meditating.

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Think about the chiropractor analogy:

Some people are naturally relaxed around chiropractors, and have full belief in the chiropractic science, and the operator of that science. So they can say hello, lie down and get a very comprehensive spinal alignment that can be heard across the room. Walking out with what they came for in less than 5 minutes.

The larger percentage of clients, for a myriad of natural reasons, need to go through an elaborate series of relaxation techniques for sometimes over an hour (massage, reiki and various other modalities) to prepare for that 5 minutes on the table. Otherwise their would be internal resistance to the adjustments.

How this relates:
Much like EAs directives to engage in extensive energy body work prior to attempting soul travel, in the course of the same name. Sometimes you may need to stack the deck to get fully prepared for your ritual. There are many ways.

I personally do a combination of very hot shower, washing and rinsing full body 3x. With aura cleaning intent.
I prepare my space.
I then I use some energy healing techniques and qigong to get my energy body primed, clearing any blockages correcting chakra flow.
I then turn on some of the some of the music as reccomended above.
I use mantra as I listen to get my self just absolutely in the proper mental state…
(It will require practice to stay in or stay close to it as you transition, it is vital you are not disturbed during this time)

This takes an hour give or take. Then its go time…

I should also add that while this is unnecessary for me to get into state these days, i still do it ritually as I prefer the intensity of it. (After the state is repeatedly found, the next goal should be to anchor this “zone state” to a word/musta)


For the record, Sastan is not a demon. He is a Spirit.

Both he and Paltator come from a grimoire called Kingdoms of Flame, and in that book there are three types of beings, angels, demons, and capital-S Spirits. EA states that he calls them Spirits because they are neither angel nor demon but something else, and he had no other name for them.

You do know it takes practice, right? It’s not an instant sort of thing. It takes time and effort. It took me several weeks of constant practice to learn to properly enter a trance state and to open sigils.

Also I think it is important that you know that Paltator is the Angel of Vision, which means he only works with the Higher Sight, while Sastan helps to develop all of the senses, which is why he is the one to work with. To be successful in evocation, you must be able to both see and hear the spirit you are evoking.


Is there an alternative to sastan. I have a fear of reptiles and sastan is a reptilian looking entity if I’m not mistaken.

I have been trying to do this for 2 months and still can’t figure this theta gamma sync thing out

No, Sastan appears as a humanoid. I know it says he first appears as a large salamander (which is an amphibian, by the way, not a reptile) and has to be commanded to take human form, but he has always appeared as a man to me. :man_shrugging:

And in the evocation course, you are not evoking him, but simply opening his sigil so that his power can flow forth and stimulate your senses so it shouldn’t matter what form he takes because you won’t see it anyway.

Try the instructions here:

They might help you get a feel for the proper gaze to open a sigil.


I have read about this already but not tried it with sastan sigil. I think I’m gonna have to try to use sastans sigil.

Thanks for trying to point me in the right direction.

No problem. Sastan is very friendly and his job is to teach so he is very patient as well.

The key thing to keep in mind is, that to reach the appropriate state, you have to relax. The harder you try, the more you tense up, and the more you tense up, the less likely it is you will get into the proper altered state.

Maybe try some progressive relaxation before starting. That’s what really helped me. There are many techniques available and a short Google search should bring up some you can try. When the body is relaxed, the mind will follow.


As I like to put it, you are evoking spirits not doing bench press.


Also don’t be like that annoying kid in the back seat constantly asking “are we there yet?”. If you are constantly checking on the process to gauge if something is happening , you are going to short circuit the whole thing.


My first evocation actually was without any prior practice. There was no plan or schedule either. It was a normal night, like any other, but I felt relaxed, calm and pretty much in a bliss. I knew it was “the time” so I placed everything together within 5 minutes, found a comfortable position sitting on my bed and I was looking really forward to it, like I was about to see an old friend. The rest came naturally, no overthinking, no wandered thoughts, nothing at all.

Edit: I should add that I new theoretically how to enter TGS. But never tried it before that day.


That’s how his stuff works, OP! Some magic like mantras and yantras doesn’t require you to change your brain, as the numbers, colors, and frequencies aren’t fueled off the guy who does them; EA’s line (and everything these people affiliated with balg put out) all requires your emotive input and ability to change your perspective.

If you’re having trouble with the phone, lubricate it thoroughly with fluid condensers and maybe etch an invocation or two into it by ingestion and repetition! Those two pathways get a lot of adaptive attention. :slight_smile: