Interpreting Dreams - Amon Sending A Message?

Backstory: (feel free to skip this part to read about the dream) Going through a rough patch with an ex-boyfriend, and reached out to Amon to garner support to not only repair the relationship but to heal fresh wounds and hurt feelings as a result of poor communication + poor listening skill on both parties. This was my first time evoking a demon or practicing magick in general. After weeks of researching as well as gaining knowledge of this world that was unfamiliar to me, I finally became comfortable with giving it a shot. I used the technique of someone else who shared their experience with evoking Amon. In summary, the instructions were to print a picture of your lover, draw the sigil of Amon on the face, activate it, make what you were expecting clear to Amon, once done place the picture on the back of your phone, and every time your phone charges it charges the sigil. There were several signs that Amon was in the room, and the evocation was successful. Amon has done a wonderful job of changing the atmosphere in the relationship. I did not attempt to evoke Amon again nor any other demon. It has been two weeks since, and I got a weird dream about my ex. I don’t know if this was a message from him, but I did have my phone on my bed (which has the sigil on it) near me while I was sleeping + and I gave thanks to him before I went to sleep.

Dream: I was working at a job that looked similar to the one that I currently work at, but it was altered. The store was completely empty, no customers, and I was the only employee working. The story barely had customers throughout the day, so I felt that it was safe for me to leave the front to go grab something from the back of the store (it was the employee only section). Once I grabbed whatever it was that I went back there to get, I headed back to the front of the store, and it was completely packed. There were customers there standing in a long line that wasn’t there when I left the front for a few seconds. There was also another employee that was behind the counter with me suddenly, I didn’t recognize her. She had the work uniform on but she was unfamiliar to me. I stood there confused and in shock because I didn’t know what was going on. The store went from completely empty to packed within a few seconds, and there was a lady in work uniform that wasn’t suppose to be there. I stopped questioning what was going on around me when the lady asked me where I was… I didn’t say anything but she just continued working so I jumped in with her. Next thing I knew, I spotted my ex my lover that I spoke about earlier and his sister in the line. I begin to freak out a little bit and started questioning why they were there. He knew I worked there and considering everything that happened, I figured that he would avoid my job due to the chances of bumping into me. Eventually they made it to the front of the line. I see him carrying a teddy bear with a heart on it, a heart shaped box with chocolate in it, and a card (almost as if it was valentines day). I am anxious and very confused, because that was not normal. He begins handing the gifts to me and I try to decline but he wouldn’t let me, and I accept anyway. I open the card and it says he loves me, wants to be with me, along with a few other sweet words that I can no longer remember. But the thing that stood out was that everywhere in the card it said “babe,” in it (like pretty much every sentence). So, I thought that we were getting back together, so I go to hug him and thank him for being really sweet. As I hug him I pull away and smile at him, and it looks like he was leaning in to kiss me and I didn’t mind. I thought we were until he jumped away and said that there was someone else, and that he can’t kiss me. And his sister asks me if I knew why we broke up (which was also weird because in real life she didn’t know we were together although she adored me), and she was going to give me the reasons but I stopped her and said that I knew. I explained to her that I was immature and self-destructed due to fear that he was too good to be true, and she smiled. She had a look of “that’s what I was going to say”. She confirmed by saying “yes!” She has a proud look on her face because I has come to terms with my role in the pre-mature breakup. She then told me that she was happy that I have matured and grown, and that I passed the test. And then the dream ended.

Does anyone know what this means? My intuition is telling me that it’s sent from Amon, but I don’t know. And is it confirmation that he is going to help more?

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