What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever achieved with magic?

I don’t know the meaning actually.

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So two things, when I talked to my mom on phone I manifested right next to her and she saw me vividly. The second one is something I achieved in my youth, I got bullied by my teachers and went to a psychotherapist/shaman. When she sucked out the dark flames that had build around me she started choking really heavily. I also want to mention that the teachers that bullied me the most lost her 2 favorite people on the exact same day. Coincidence I don’t think so


Occult powers


How did your teachers bully you?

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I dont have any occult powers. I can have very easy communication with spirits but that’s it.

It was always my fault if something happened in the class, I had an a- in a test and they gave me an F with the explanation that I should work harder (how do I know that I had an A well my mom gave the test to university professors). They also plotted against me and intended to give me worse grades than I deserved in order to kick me out of school.

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Is it ok for you to share the spell here? Or pm me?

One of my family members was being tormented by a dark spirit succubus maybe. So I trapped the demon into a obsidian crystal dipped in mandrake oil and my blood. I keep it in a box with sigils to trap it and harness its use. Instead of banishing it I made a weapon that I can use to get back at my enemies. My very own familiar in a stone being punished for its evil deeds. I learned this trick not from a book but from a dream showed to me by Hecate herself, blessed be


Whoa, how

Oh i see. Will spirits tell you anything you ask or do any task for you?

How? What methods did you used? Please share if you can.

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Usually they do but sometimes they trick me.

Not too impressive but i fixed a completely dead laptop battery the other day, im not sure even science can fix batterys and i saved $50 because i dont have to replace it. it took about a month to manifest and i did it with a ritual to the demon qalilitu. I also telepathically mind controlled someone to stop being unreasonable about something really petty the other day.

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Can they tel you what my name is or how old I am

He didn’t exactly threaten me but he stalked me a lot. Knew where I was, knew if I had someone over etc. I have never seen someone act that way

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it was just a basic intranquil spirit spell using a red candle. I also made a doll using hair and other forms of dna.

I’ve joked that I broke time. Back in early February before the coronavirus hit the states and seemed liked it was going to put us where we are at now… I did a series of road opener and blockbuster spellwork based on removing the obstacles of time and for there to be an abundance of time. I printed out an old clock face and placed road opening crystals on each of the hour hands… and then a month later we ended where we are now… ooops I mean, I’m sure its just a coincidence, but…


I will preface this with the following: I do not advocate doing anything for vengeance purposes unless you are absolutely prepared for any consequences that may occur - to yourself or the other party/parties involved.

Someone wronged me very seriously in 2008 and their actions had implications for my entire family and caused a lasting impact on my mental health for many years subsequently. As such I decided to seek help spiritually to get revenge upon them. Something I ordinarily would not even consider, but believe me when I say this person’s actions warranted it completely.

Revenge was actually six years in the making - but was finally achieved in 2014. It was a hard road to walk because it involved meditating, spiritual journeys and petitioning for aid virtually daily for six years. However the effects were devastating and it is safe to say that it was worth every minute of effort. The moral of the story is twofold: 1) do not embark upon any attempt to ‘get revenge’ unless you are 100% certain you want the target to endure the consequences and are 100% sure that you are willing to endure any consequences for yourself, 2) magick is not a ‘quick fix’ in many cases. Patience is a virtue. Keep the faith in what you are doing and your patience will be rewarded tenfold.