The Planets Inside Of you

I realized this might be the case.
it is very interconnected and somewhat obvious now that I see it this way.

Anyone else see it this way?
its a shitty drawing lmao but it makes so much sense now…

Um, the anus and excrement are not energy centers?

You seem to have missed out the energetic structures in between the solar plexus and the sacrum (this is an energy point - hui yin), chakras for those that use them… you have the intestines, kidneys, genitals, bladder, lower energy center (dan tian) before you get that low… ?

I haz confuze.


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this mans trolling ability is directly correlated to his artistic capacity

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Well, the “astroid belt” explain a few things, though. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’m sure you’ve heard about the Sacral Chakra a.k.a the place where the “astral belt” and “excrement” resides according to the OP? In some instances and interpretations, it is an important chakra point. Emotions, feelings, relationships, sexuality and creativity are some of the things connected to this particular area. At least, according to this site.
This chakra point usually starts a few inches below the belly button, but goes as far down as the genital areas. As far as I’m concerned, the anus is close by.

For them to be energy centers? No. But I see that chakra as the second most important chakra after the Crown Chakra, but all chakras are in unison to one another in the end.

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You see the sacral as the second most important? What is your reasoning behind this out of curiosity?

I see the crown, third eye, and heart as equally important. @succupedia

I see it as the second most important chakra, because it wouldn’t function without an opened Crown/Head Chakra. All chakras are equally important and some spirits can use them all when communicating with us. But if you’re not connected to the chakra that makes you feel the other chakras, makes it slightly more difficult.

This is from a Clairsentient point of view, though. Other’s might not agree with me about this.

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I see. Well I has thought that particular chakra was in the perineum, not the anus, matching hui yin, as I noticed.
If you look at it, it’s more like there’s an energetic gap through the anus, it’s the opposite of an energy center.

But I see the chakras as wholly artificial constructs, I don’t have them as I never developed them.
I do use the TCM system of meridians, and this model is missing vital chunks.

In that case, if your analysis does match where he’s coming from - ie, he’s a person that has worked with chakras and assumes they must exist for everyone, I would say the OPs info becomes subordinate and dependent upon use of the chakra system for it’s validity. In which case, what’s the point of it? Is it bringing anything new?

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Assumes chakras exist for everyone? Are you saying that this isn’t true?

It’s absolutely not true. In the shared universe, chakras belong to a system that is optional to study and develop in.

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So some people can NOT have or be missing chakras? If so how would one know if this was the case for them? Wouldn’t that be determental?

Artificial sounds like technology…

You’re not missing something if you never created it. Chakras are a tool, imo, that hooks into the human underlying energy system, but is a simplified lens into that system, not the actual energy body itself.

That’s why you can remove and combine chakras and benefit from the developmental work you are purposefully doing. But if you remove your underlying energy, you’ll die.

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Jeeze this is making me wonder what the point of chakras are if you create/technically don’t have in the first place?

Like the crown is suppose to connect you to your higher self/universe/cosmic energy…wouldn’t that be an issue if you didn’t have it…?

Either this or I’m just confused if so I apologise.

NVM read the you’ll die part…missed that.

I would say that his interpretation of the chakras as “planets” isn’t necessarily “wrong”, but it doesn’t mean that I agree with him. That means, if it works for him and he can develop further within his own interpretation of it, then good for him. If others try to incorporate his ideas and it works for them too, well…credit should be given to him…unless there’s a similar system out there, of course.

My analysis was merely an attempt to understand him. A first look of the drawing makes it odd and silly. I also can’t relate to the planetary connection he use in his drawing, but some of them can be relatable if it’s properly connected and understand the meaning of the planet and the appropriate chakra.

For me, I see no point at all with his drawing.

It is in the perineum, but the genital areas are also a part of it. At least that’s what I have experienced, and also read about when studying chakras.

Nothing wrong with that. If the TCM system works for you, there’s no reason to argue. :slight_smile:

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Artificial means man-made. From the word ‘art’ - made by art - and ‘artifice’ - “a skillful or artful contrivance or expedient”

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Art requires technology or anything you do to “make” art (at least physical) becomes technology. The paintbrush for painting is technology as is a pencil for writing/drawing…not electronic but technology.

Technology is something that is utilized.

The crown chakra is said to bring life energy into the spiritual body. When Ea koetting talks about chakra manipulation and removing, he specifically does not include crown chakra.

Making arts and crafts can be done purely by hand without tools, or in this case, by energy following mindful intention.

There’s no rule that says something isn’t art if it’s not technical.
The first tools are made by man, without tools because they were the tools. Or they picked up rocks and struck one with another to made an edge, or used it as a hammer.

Sorry, I didn’t mean to say that art requires technology just that technology was something that is utilized and used your example of art.

I would consider stones or sticks as a primitive form of technology/tool.