About a year ago my Doctor paired with complete incompetence almost ended my life.
Long story short I am recovered now, but it tool a huge toll on my body.
I saw my 265 lb frame of muscle disappear and the gain of 45 lbs due to the condition and the medications…

Now training again, but I just can not take the sides of the meds any longer, it causes too much havoc on me with fatigue, ED feeling weak and tired…

What can I do to heal myself, I have grown tired of the medical community and their cookie cutter treatments and just throwing more meds at you that have horrific sides…

You can PM me or respond here…
As always thank you in advance for your time and attentions…


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You said you are feeling tired have you had your hemoglobin checked. It checks your iron levels. If the stay low you are anemic, I’m anemic and have to take iron supplements every day. Being anemic can cause extreme fatigue. Also B vitamins can help alot. If you body is lacking any vitamins minerals or nutrients it will really affect you.

I take a good multi vitamin and an iron supplement daily.

Getting some lab work done to check for these things be very helpful.

Also I’m diabetic so if my sugar is too high I get extremely tired. So checking for any health conditions is a must. I know you want to stay away from the doctor. …but I think it’s important to rule out any health conditions.

Also if you struggle with depression that can make you feel totally wiped out.

I suffered depresion so bad once , I didn’t want to leave my house, I wouldn’t answer my door…and I spent everyday planning suicide attempts.

It was a very dark place for me.

I also cut my wrists… really bad.

But I found out I was very anemic, and diabetic. .so that was alot of the problem

I also learned by exploring magick wonderfull meditations and that helps with my depression so much.

Also if your feeling blue in the winter months it could be from the lack of vitamin D.
So getting that vitamin can work wonders on your mood and unless you lactose intolerant all you need to is add milk to your diet.

And I’m in no way a doctor so please do not replace any advice here for you Dr’s.

But I think if you checked a few things out it could really help

Also doing shots of apple cider vinegar can have amazing benefits for health and the body. So look into that as well.

I hope you feel better

Arianna :rose:


You might also check with a competent doctor to test you for low testosterone, as that leads to easy fatigue, weight gain and ed.
If you do have low T, get the shots. Pills and creams are absolute worthless crap.
I have low T but no money for hormone replacement therapy. A friend of mine had it and got the shots. He started lifting again, lost weight and got ripped, has a brighter attitude, more focused with database work, and nails his girlfriend daily like a porn star.


Raphael or Marbas is your man.


That is not the issue, I was put into congestive heart failure, but I am one of the very few that recover from it without heavy permanent damage, I can lift heavy again, drink coffee etc.
I never had a heart attack or a stroke, but my Ejection fraction was down to %30 now back to normal %56
I am just over the meds and the side effects and it’s hindrance on my love life…


Ah, ok I see :slight_smile: