New Here! Advice Needed

Hi everyone, I’m from England and new to this forum.I would like some advice please on what Demon to work with. I already have a portal to Amosdeus, which i have not yet used and I’m in the process of getting one to Ladilok.My situation is that I would really like to have a relationship with someone at work, the problem is,she is very senior to me in the work place.Now I already do have some Demons working on this, and what i have been told by the people that conjured them is that this Lady does like me alot and does have secret feelings for me, however the block is the work place.So this has been going on for about a year now, and I just dont seem to be getting any results.I was thinking who would be best in this situation?
Because of the work situation it would have to be a secret relationship, Im not looking for just sex. just to be together and hang out together.So my options are Amosdeus, Ladilok,Rosier,Beleth.Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks


Beleth, Sitri, Paimon, Lucifer. Zagan for secrecy and concealment


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I work with angels mostly, so Parzuph, he is the angel of fornication and lust. He is a Venetian entity, and he is also a ruler of the fourth hour, so evoke him on day in which the fourth hour is the hour of Venus or evoke him on Friday on one of the hours of Venus. Your working will have a greater working if Venus is in the Fifth house, which it is right now. And at this moment the Fifth House is in Taurus. This is very auspicious as Venus is the ruler of Taurus (and Libra). And Taurus is a fixed, earth sign which is about stability, practicality, and perseverance; which is what you want for a long term commitment. This is a great link that I use often. It gives the current image of the planets and the zodiac and it also gives information on astrology below. You can use the chart there to find the houses. There is an arrow in the top right corner, if you click it a menu will appear. Go to the bottom slider and move it about three quarters of the way to the right. And the chart should have a shadow over half of it now. This is the horizon, the rising sign (AKA ascendant) is below the western half of the horizon, in the shaded area. And the houses are placed in a counter clockwise manner, so the first six houses will be in the shaded area. The rising sign changes every two hours on average, so you need to be updated.


Don’t dip your pen in the company ink.
If you must, I’d recommend a sneaky entity.


Be prepared for the possibility that whichever entity you choose to work with might help facilitate your relationship by making one of you lose your job so that it is no longer a barrier, so be very specific. Also, I saw King Paimon mentioned above; King Paimon is awesome, no doubt, but he is best for twisting and manipulating situations for you. This is great if you want to achieve your goal via manipulating the factors surrounding the situation at work, but not so great if you are targeting her directly; as you stated above you want a relationship, not sex. Happy hunting!


Well put!

Thanks to everyone for their replies and input!
And yes the main i will set down is that this doesnt effect our jobs.
I think I will also now get a portal to Rosier as well,if he allows it.
I do have other demons working on this, one is a female Demon of Sitri and the other is Amosdeus 1st daughter,however since they have been bound to me, and it that binding there are protection contracts, they dont seem to be working as quick as i would like,which is good in some aspects.I will get the portals to Ladilok and Rosier and take it from there.


Thinking of Ladilok for the Lust part and Rosier for the relationship part