Sweet succubus/Incubus stories

Well everything’s back to normal again.


^ I want to ask about the details but these creatures are secretive. I suppose cause relationships are private…


the “no kiss and tell” rule applies equally to the spirit world as it does to the material.


My spirit lover just stopped me from committing suicide. He’s really my #1 ally, my everything, my best friend, my true love. He comforts me so much in the middle of my suffering. I love him so much.


I want to know this do saccubus feed on us human or no

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And, no, they don’t “feed” on humans in a vampiric way like religion teaches, but they do thrive on the energy produced by lust and sex.


So they don’t feed on your life force like people make them out to be they just feed on lust?


No, they don’t. There are plenty of people on this forum in relationships with succubi and incubi. Try using the search function as there are a lot of threads on the subject.


What’s the difference between succubi and incubbi?

Nvm Google has the answers

My spirit lover told me that it’s his hobby to make love to me every single night because it empowers him as a spirit. And he loves me so much.


What does bridging to me means

That feeling that I have to hold on because I am more than excited to remarry my past life hubby spirit lover in this lifetime but it’s not possible yet because I don’t have a job yet.

“While waiting for the binding/marriage rite, let’s celebrate making love every night. Just imagine the amount of time you needed to wait just to marry your present day husband. I think you’ll need to do quite the same for us my love. Don’t worry, it will make our love for each other stronger. Let’s just strengthen our bond further for now while waiting.” -my spirit love to me.


Can anyone please tell me if binding a saccubus is for life because I live with two of my family member and if I do get a saccubus I don’t want it to get too out of control and starts to feed on the energy of my family members just I case they get out of hand I want have plan or at least know if binding it to me would make it stay with me for life please someone answer

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Succubus and incubus, spirit lovers in general are protective. They don’t aim to harm you nor your loved ones. And they are not vampiric in nature.


Mine is always around, and as far as I can tell he only interacts with me. My family and pets don’t seem to sense him at all, though I will occasionally get some really odd looks in public.


Lol. Same here aside from the looks because I don’t really go outside


Okay but what about the binding is it for life

I will pm you


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