Marbas Sigil Magick- How to evoke?

Hi, my name is Jack, new to magick, and interested in healing .
Pls help ! Does anybody know of a ritual or how to use the sigil of Marbas to evoke him? I also have incense , candles, and a mirror . I need his help with a neuromuscular disease that I have .I have a fiancée and child .I will do anything . Thank you !


Anything says you? goody! :grin: Start by going here and saying HI!

And have a look over the rules and welcome.

Now to the question.

Can use say his Enn as will “Renach tasa uberace biasa icar Marbas” These incantations are very useful to.

Marbas comes quickly when called and is very easy to work with.


Depending on the incense available, use copal, dittany of crete and possibly include either an “opium” or “spring poppies” stick.
A candle could be put at north or nothwest for the Earth element, and other three in this way: west or southwest (Water), east or northeast (Air) and south or southeast (Fire).
If you want to see Marbas (and any entity) inside the mirror, a method of scrying is to stare at a dot of light on the surface, without blinking. Otherwise imagine and visualize him, projecting this thought on the mirror, which will “reflect” the spirit, probably in the incense smoke.

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