Beginner looking for advice

I’m new to magic and I’m wondering if there are any spirits good for summoning as a beginner, one that can give me insight on more spells and rituals. Thanks


Well, how about we get you to Introduce yourself to us first :slight_smile:

Its one of our rules :wink:

Lucifer is always a good start. Here, read this:



My advice is go with the flow, do a broad research into different mythology and magickal systems and see who tries to get your attention with signs. Usually signs will present themselves as symbols or names that re-occur regularly.


I’ll try that, any examples you could show me about sigils or signs a specific entity has taken notice of me? Any special way of noticing?

Thank you so much! From what I’ve heard about Lucifer his power can kill you if you’re not experienced enough in magic, but I guess that’s just superstition.

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Lol I promise he won’t hurt ya… He put up with being my first… And I made mistakes. Just be respectful and its all good

You will see it when it happens, just start studying and sooner or later bam! page falls open to certain deities page or everywhere you go a certain name will pop up either in convo or just in general, like a poster advert.


I’ll do that! Thank you, could you recommend any articles I could study?

That’s assuring, I’ll definitely look forward to trying it. What are the requirements to summon him? I’ve looked around but can’t find any solid information to go off on

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None… Sigils and Enns are helpful… Past that its up to you…

It depends on what you wanna learn really, mix it up in my opinion books on witchcraft basics, demonology, mythology in general there are loads of books available. so it comes down to you and what you prefer, do you have a fave time period of the ancient world? start there!

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Sandalwood incense, poetry, music, roses, wine… Good offerings

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King Paimon from the Goetia first. He will teach you and is stern but patient.

So there aren’t any specifics? Just click your heels twice and wish for Lucifer lol? No special incantations or anything


I’ll definitely keep an eye out! Thank you, your advice is very appreciated. I do have a favorite timeline and I’ll be sure to start there

Like I said, draw up a sigil… His enn, or “special incantation” is Renich Tasa Uberaca Biasa Icar Lucifer… Easy enough, eh?

Sounds like it, I’ll let you know how it goes

Gaze into his sigil, and begin reciting his enn. Get yourself into a trace doing this, and let things happen

I apologize if I’m persistent with my questions, but the sigil you just mentioned is the one that somewhat resembles a music note correct?

Wait nevermind, I took your “enn” as a specific sigil. My apologies