Scanning the godform


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anyone wanna scan me i will return back

I cant scan and I wouldn’t want to give inaccurate info so I have nothing to trade >, < whomp

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Can I have a scan please?

Hmm Idk. Can i have a return scan. @OnionKnight


Please introduce yourself to the forum, before asking members for scans. You have made 14 posts so far; please make the next one an introduction:


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I will do that,easy :slightly_smiling_face:

Trade anyone?

Sorry guys i have a terrible headache i dont think i can do scans tonight

Yo yo yo yo yo

I want a scan and I will return back

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Anyone mind scanning me.

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I see an eagle with blue aura flying. As he fly he spreads his aura and lighten up the sky. He arrived at a rock in the middle of stormy ocean, and turns himself into a man with black rag clothes. He has a long hair himself in brunette and a beard. He rises his hand and split the ocean into two and make a way for a white horse to walk between the ocean. Then he ride the horse and gave her a pair of beautiful white wings and they fly into the moon

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I’ve heard of godforms before, but never really gave it ground in my brains.

Anyone wanna pry open that door? :slight_smile:

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I see the inside of a red, pulsating heart with veins in the form of straight lines, as well as snakes moving around the heart. your godform is a god of fate, with connection to the three moirai and the different directions one’s life can take, among other things.

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I get the feeling your soul is not from this solar system. Your godform is of a council.


Anyone willing to give mine a scan? I have an idea of what it is or what it could be but would like someone else interpretation.

I’ll trade you scans. Does that sound good?

I’ve never done one before but could give it a try. It would have to wait cause I’m about to head to bed.

Okay, send me a message later then.