Powerful Love Ritual

Much obliged :blush:.


what i can use expect of the pictures?

I used a piece of paper with my targets full name and DOB. should work instead of a photo

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alright,thank you for the awnser

Did this today, all the best! Thanks for sharing this powerful love spell

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Welcome to the forum, @Moonchant. Please take a moment to click the image below and introduce yourself:


Im working on posting on the introduction and i can’t seem to post it,but i will try again

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Please let me know how it goes

been almost a month since i did this i think, no results as of yet!

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Be careful with any of this. There is such a thing as blowback and if you go in without preparing yourself properly it can mess with your life.

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Do you have ritual that you think is effective for no-strings-attached relationships?

Did this today. I’ll post results once they manifest. Thanks again @C.Kendall for sharing!

An easy way to get a very large canvas for the symbol is to use paper towels… You can tape them together on the back to make one solid sheet, but BE CAREFUL. They’re extremely flammable, and when the candle burns down, it will start to ignite. I watched it carefully as it got close, so I was able to quickly stop it before it spread, but it immediately burned a hole in the paper when the flame got low enough

Also, to make the wait time less, I cut about the top third of a red candle off and flattened out the base, and used that to burn. It took about an hour to fully burn down. Helpful if you don’t have hours to sit with a candle


I want to do this

@C.Kendall i also want to do the same and don’t want myself to be obsessed with her. Can it be done?


i want to know do you need the pic wat it you dont have any?

Hi everyone, this manifested for me within 3 months. He was in a relationship so I believed that it was slowed the spells true power down.
I didn’t have pictures, so I used names and dates if birth. Don’t doubt your powers, this spell is truly remarkable. Your belief in it is all you need.


@C.Kendall am I wrong to believe that the so called heartagram was a symbol created by finnish singer Ville Valo? Because this is how I’ve known this symbol for maybe 16 years. I was curious to know why did you choose this symbol, instead of Astarte’s sigil, to make the ritual successful.

I have not tried the rite myself yet because I’m out of red candles but I’ll get some soon.

Thank you for your knowledge and clarification


The actual reason why is because it’s shape mimcks the pentagram which is the power of magick.

The love heart symbol is then incorporised into the symbol which of course represents love.

Over the years the masses have been empowering both symbols by attributing meaning behind them, this gives them great mass global power.

Combining both symbols creates a familiarity within your psyche towards the symbol.
Attuning the consciousness and subconscious mind whilst utilising countless years of people’s energy and programming into these symbols.

Back up the right intention, you can use this symbol for the exact goal of the ritual.


Thank you for your reply!

Can adding her sigil and gazing at Astarte’s sigil boost/empower this ritual?

I wouldn’t over complicate, I mean by all means experiment with it if you like.