Are hindu ''gods'' really just demons?

That’s what the Hindu scriptures say, but who really knows if they’re against them or not. They could also have a different definition of demons from the western occult.


it depends in our thinking nd wht good they do for us or for humanity…bt many of them pray demons, which makes demons god for them…infact no difference between demon and god… so it goes to hindu gods…i wanna conclude by saying i am a hindu…

In addition to what @system has said, Hinduism also have their own demons, called Asura.

I think psychology is very fascinating. What is possession? What’s actually occuring when a so called possession is taking place?

Why not all the gods be demons? Or perhaps it’s the demons who are gods. Or maybe there are neither demons nor gods and humans are simply very complex beings. After all we don’t really know much about the human being and what we do know we learned by cutting dead people open and looking at their insides.

I doubt people would even beleive me or care if I told you I know how to cause you to exhibit possession like symptoms. Does that make me a demon or perhaps a god?

There are two minds in the occult. You are either one or the other unless yer one of the VERY rare few who can consider with both minds. One mind recognizes all angels, gods, demons, and spirits to be reflections of the self. The other mind considers that there are in fact gods and such. Which mind is right and which one is wrong?..

No. Rakshasa is demon. Asura means powerfull being. In Rig veda Varauna, Mitra, Śiva etc. are called Asuras , The Mighty Ones.


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Well I am Hindu and I am from India. I am enjoying this discussion thread … :grinning:

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In Hindu mythology, demons and evil creatures are called ‘Asuras’, and the Gods like Kali, durga, Rama and many more slay those asuras. Shiva brimgs them back to being but does not condone their evil acts. Each God in Hindu mythology represent some aspect of prosperity. In fact, moslty all stories in Hindu mythology end with the good banishing the evil. Abrahamic religions like Islam and Christianity have termed every non physical and supernatural entity which does not belong to their mythology as demons and evil spirits, so that’s how not only Hindu Gods, but gods of many other civilizations and religions are termed as demons under a different name. If you trace the demons back to their origins(excluding the Christianity based demons), you’ll find that the ‘demon’ is actually the God of an ancient civilization.

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Reading your post made me remember a dumb person I knew last year who was claiming that they had recently made a pact with Shiva and were talking about him like the entity was a damn ATM. I was just like oh sweetheart lol I haven’t spoken to that person in almost a year but sometimes I’m curious how that relationship worked out lol I’m sure none of the Hindu entities appreciate that attitude that the person I knew had


Come to think of it, besides one i cant think of another demon that was mentioned in the Bible. I hadn’t thought about that before. The only one i remember from biblical studies was Beelzebub (im almost positive I misspelled that).


With the Devas and Asuras ive found it more accurate to use the perspective of celestial and terrestrial gods, similar to the Aesir and the Vanir in norse lore.

Through if you are looking for an example of demonization with the hindu gods Zoroastrianism is what you’ll want to explore. All practices related to spiritual evolution and growth were also demonized.

All the Deavas/divs/demons of that faith are vedic gods, but through this demonization the “human” masks and traits are removed and your left working with a that’s force very primal and powerful.

A few examples of these relations are shiva who was turned into sovar: commander of the divs.

Rudra who was turned into andar: demon of apostasy.

Hayagriva god of knowledge and wisdom turned into kundak steed of sorcerers.

The serpents Ida and Pingala of kundalini become Domar and Dehak who feed on the brains of men and children.


I have a tattoo of Lord Ganesh and he’s never gone through my mind as a demon. Hindu god’s can take on some forms that look something out of the underworld but I wouldn’t flex on it.


it seems like a pitfall most beginners fall into , not understanding that working with spirits is very much give and take like any relationship. it’s actually very interesting you replied to this today. it actually verifies a lesson being given to me by hekate about a bigger emphasis on invocation and empowering a ritual over straight evocation. :slight_smile:

sorry a bit off topic from the post but wanted to share that part, very interesting timing


Lakshmi took me out of my body and to the realm where she resides… It had to be Heaven. I was so touched by the experience I cried afterwards…


Lakshmi changed my life. She has the power to bring riches forreal


Devas aren’t angels they are deities.


If you read my post, you will see that I put the words in quotations and stated that the terms were used very loosely. I did not state that the Devas were angels, only that they fit that description in comparison to the Asuras.


Look at all the horrible things the God of Abraham and the Christians as wrought. How much more evil can one get than all the plagues on Egypt from Genesis? And who puts a fruit tree in front of people telling them not to eat from it otherwise they’ll die? Adam and Eve were set up by their God for failure. He was always smiting down people, being vengeful, jealous, hateful. Looking at this all objectively it just doesn’t add up. Yet demons and satan are blamed for all the evils of the world and the Christian God is given the credit for all the lovely things, yet He allows his children to suffer through horrible things–ie: Nazi death camps, Crusades, etc…


I’ve love Lakshmi too!


You are very lucky to experience Heaven…

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