Trouble contacting Dantalion

I’ve tried multiple times to contact Duke Dantalion, and I believe each time I failed. Could someone list a step by step tutorial of how I should contact him and some common mistakes I may be making? And would it even be possible for someone to contact him for me with my request and offer or at least tell Dantalion to come to me so I could speak with him? I believe I have the right mindset, but I’m not really in the right household for candles, an alter, etc. I’ve done the basis of drawing his sigil, request on the left, offer on the right, and meditating while chanting his enn, but I never recieve a sign of him being there. I’ve asked for a sign each time I’ve tried, and even given him a time frame just in case he heard me and still accpeted to take on my request. I get nothing.

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Sometimes I just asked him to do something for me and i’ll give him something in return(mainly incense) and I got my request . You could open his sigil . It takes some time

Update: I tried again and I think I got through. It wasn’t some out of body frieghtening experience though. My heart just started beating extremely fast and hard. I used the coin method (heads for yes, tails for no) and I seemingly got the answers I was looking for. He accepted my request, time limit, and offer of praise in return for helping me. Fingers crossed he completely comes through for me!!:crossed_fingers:t5:

I think you should do the tradicional way of evokation. Use the circle, triangle of art, LRB, the borneless conjuration and craft the demon’s sigil on its proper metal. This may can more effective.

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Many envocate spirits, but a few come:) just think about it. I would not push Him too much. Let Him come to you (if He wishes so).