Dog acting strange after ritual

Hello everyone,

I did my first ritual/evocation a few nights ago and my dog has been acting funny since. It’s almost like he sees something and it’s frightening him. I did the LBRP a few times the day of the ritual but I have not done it since. My dog was never like this in the past and it has me worried. My friend is currently watching the dog tonight and I’m sleeping elsewhere. Anyways, they just called me saying that it’s the first time ever they see the dog refused to go up the stairs and they had to pick them up both sets of stairs. It’s a heavy dog too (retriever). They said the same thing it’s like the dog sees something and is afraid of it.

Has this happened to anyone? Does it get better or is my dog fucked? Does the fact he is afraid signal it’s not a good entity, I mean otherwise wouldn’t he get good vibe and not be afraid?

The fact he’s like this is making me worry and throwing me off :cry: Please share your thoughts and ideas as to how to make my little guy better :heart:

Dogs can see demons, when he is outside he will probably bark at them. But since you called and welcomed them in your house he is seeing them constantly. I would try a banishing spell or just let him try and live with them.
Don’t know of they can see other entities as well but I know for a fact that dogs have the ability to see demons.


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I’ve had it happen. I’d keep an eye on the dog just in case, but otherwise, this behavior will fix itself. For my pets, it goes away after a bit.

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I think you need to identify the spirit(s) your dog is barking at, as its impossible to tell if said spirit(s) are malevolent otherwise. I suggest you first wait for a moment that your dog is calm. Perform the LBRP. Then call the same demon you called before. If your dog immediately starts barking, then you know it’s what you evoked.

If not, then this is a lot more concerning. Sometimes when we open doors to other planes, other things lingering at the doorways slip through. If this is happening, then others here can advise on next steps.

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Did you do a full space cleansing and banishing? It could be left over energy or what you called in that still has a presence in your home.

Animals, especially dogs can see, feel and sense things just as we can. Sometimes more than a person depending how intune the individual is. They will for sure make it known that there is someone or something present that should not be there. They can also pick up and know when there is positive vibes around, like faries or anything of that aspect that simply give off pleasant vibes and it may seem like they are enjoying company but are calm.

In your case 1. It could be what you called in and whatever remaining energy that you did not banish or 2. From your ritual you also allowed something else come in and although you may have banished the spirit you called directly, it did not banish anything else that came through. In any case you always want to make sure to properly banish and cleanse your space entirely after workings. Even if you dismiss the spirit, entity, being by name.

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Thank you all for your replies.

Thanks, that’s quite reassuring. Time has usually proven to be the best medicine!

Today, I first performed the LBRP, then I said my intentions of banishing all uninvited energies out of the home and proceeded to burn white sage in every room, repeating I banish you and pointing to the nearest open window for them to exit. Afterwards, I blasted “Al Ruqyah Al Shariah” through my speakers that can be heard in each room. For those who don’t know what that is, it is a combination of verses in the Quran repeated an untraditional but specific number of times per verse to ultimately form a potent banishing spell - and I believe in it as it’s the standard for Islamic exorcisms. Afterwards, I disposed of the offerings that were left over for the entity into the Earth (it has been 3 days so they should have already consumed it) I will be also burning black sage later with the intention to protect the home and it’s inhabitants.

I just took my dog for a long, 1hr+ walk, and brought him back home. He’s still not himself and basically petrified of going anywhere inside the home. He definitely won’t go upstairs (where I performed the ritual) without being carried up.

I don’t know… I feel so bad for him. Like I personally feel no bad vibes and know that I can defend myself but it breaks my heart to see him like this. Maybe I’ll bring him to my moms and sleep there for a few nights…

Also, I’m kind of angry and offended to be honest. I invited the entity into my home to form a partnership & work on a project, but instead they’re messing around with my dog!? What about the project? Still no results… I’m not saying it’s the entity which I invited for sure 100%, but that doesn’t change the order of events; and how it’s making me feel! :rage:

I’m definitely going to perform another evocation and call the same entity again, but I intend to leave the dog at the dog-sitters for the day the next time I do that. Also, I want to only call them next week and not anytime earlier because I believe they’ve been trying to manipulate me into evoking them earlier. I don’t feel it’s for malicious reasons, maybe just to feel my energy or provide me some updates on the project, but either way I want them to know I am in control and will call them when I want and only then! That being said, the next time I do call on them I will respectfully ask them what’s going on with the dog and specifically command them not to harm anything in this house. I will post any updates about my dogs behaviour in this thread. Otherwise, it will be noted in my journal.

Please do share any banishing rituals that you think may be helpful. I’ll be very grateful and do my best to perform them ASAP!

Just an update:

Dog finally went up the stairs on his own! It’s been 2 weeks since he was back home. First he hesitated but then he went up just fine. My partner had the house “blessed” by a catholic priest, but honestly, I think what did it was coaching him through it. He has one of those harnesses that have a handle on the top so I was holding on to that and helping him up each step at first. Then, he went up on his own afterwards.

So yeah, moral of the story is I won’t be practicing right in the center of my house where my dog plays instead I’ll be dedicating a space as my temple for any future evocations or do them outside when the weather permits. :+1: :ok_hand:


I’m confused, while glad you worked out your issue, is this a different partner than the one you are trying to turn bisexual or did you obtain your goal? Mostly just curious, because I don’t remember seeing that you had a current partner, and it may further complicate things for you, if this partner is trying to keep you faithful while you are working to obtain another for sexual fun- even if it’s just praying to the Catholic god, that he believes in. Dedicated prayers at times, can be very powerful if one believes in them and they are actively trying to achieve a goal through prayers. Hell, I’ve been known to ask people that have more than a healthy dose of faith, to pray for situations to come around for me, even whilst magically working towards the goal.

The other thing I noted is this:

It may not be the uninvited energies that are bother your dog, and is more likely what you did invite in energy wise, assuming your evocations and invocations and what not, have been successful. A full banishing, while letting the spirits you want know they are welcome, would likely help more as far as the dog is concerned, and would actual removing any lingering energy issues that may be causing his fear :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes, this is a different partner lol. Although, I’m sure they do keep me in their prayers, we are in an open relationship so I doubt they are praying to keep me faithful exclusively - but I really do appreciate the information as I didn’t reflect much on that. They don’t know that I am practicing magick for lust reasons, and might (even unintentionally) be in the way… :thinking:

Yeah, that does make a lot more sense! Once I do another evocation at home, I’ll absolutely do that in addition to specifically asking the entity not to disturb my dog or make its presence unnoticed to him, and to help with banishing the lingering energy after the ritual.

But in the meantime I’ll try practicing elsewhere until I have a bit more experiences, especially with banishing :stuck_out_tongue:

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Don’t threaten them in general and especially not with Quran religious bullshit. Why did you think that would work? If you can evoke demons evoke one and ask him what is going on. Treat them with respect.

I do treat them with respect, but I too will be respected! At the end of the day when the ritual is done and I ask them to leave, if there’s still energy lingering around that doesn’t feel right I will absolutely banish it. I especially don’t appreciate my dog being trolled.

Also, I did summon the entity I was working with once more and the energy I felt wasn’t the same which was provoking my dog, so it’s probably something else.

From my reading and understanding any banishing rituals that has a strong mass belief behind it should work just fine, especially if it’s something your ancestors can relate to. But I could be wrong… I’m personally an “agnostic theist” and not prejudice to any belief systems: I think that many have powerful magick within them but are also at the same time what divide humans. :man_shrugging: