New musician with a burning desire to learn about magic

Do you have personal expiernece with working with him and do I need a lot of supplies to summon him and will this put my soul in danger by working with demons ?
And I realize that there’s is only one source energy that can be used for good or evil but all the same energy right and if these demons angels and spirits exists does that mean that there is a almighty god ?

Working with demons won’t put your soul in danger. They are not interested in it. That’s religious propaganda.

Why would the existence of demons, angels and spirits, presuppose a “God?” Science posits the possibility of infinite dimensions. These beings we magicians work with could simply be extra dimensional intelligences, that exist in a dimension that intersects with ours, “God” doesn’t have to factor into it, unless you want to drop Him in.

It’s cool if you want to, but then you have decide exactly which version of the “almighty God” you want to use. Contrary to what religions want you to believe, there are many. There’s the Gnostic God, the Christian God, the Islamic God…

As for working with Amdusias, as suggested by @Ravenxoxo, all you really need is a place to meditate, and his sigil. All other tools are unnecessary, but are helpful in the beginning. A circle isn’t necessary either but can be useful to help you get into the necessary mindset, and can be cast with a simple visualization.

Hope this is helpful.


@Sam_skrt A black mirror is very very useful if you aren’t especially clairvoyant.

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True, but he’s still have to know how to open a sigil and call the spirit before anything can be done with a black mirror. It will definitely aid him in getting into TGS though.

Edit: I’ve never used one. I scry into a bowl of water but the same technique applies.

@DarkestKnight Opening sigils is not the part most people struggle with as far as I can tell. It’s the visual manifestation part where everyone gets stuck.

If you haven’t already, @Sam_skrt please go here and introduce yourself:

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@TheStorm The Op’s post said he doesn’t know anything about working with spirits, so opening a sigil is the first step. All he has to do is follow instructions and visualize his intent. He doesn’t need a visual manifestation of the spirit at all. I almost never do and my magick works just fine. He also asked if he needed a lot of supplies and a sigil is about as bare bones as it gets. It just requires a pen and paper. A black mirror is definitely NOT a necessary tool for a beginner.

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Ok so I’m interested I’m here all I need to do is draw his sigil get into meditative state and set my intention then what will I hear his voice what will happen can I make a
Pact with him will he give me a familiar what can I use the familiar for should I make and offering omg so many questions ?!?!?!

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@Sam_skrt At that point, all you can do probably is tell them what you want. Actual communication is more involved.

Ok ok ok have you ever invoked a spirit and has it actually helped you in your endeavors?

Oh, many times.

Tell me more sir not that I need convincing but the more you tell me the more I want to try

Oh and could I possibly make a pact with him like that he would be my bro and help me do things ?

@Sam_skrt That’s where full evocation comes in.

could we maybe have a private chat ?

Why? I don’t quite have much time atm.

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Because I have so many questions that I feel like my head could explode I wish I had a mentor or someone I couldn’t learn under have no idea how I would find that hear in Germany tho but I understand and respect if you decline maybe another time but I appreciate your patience and all the info you given me so far thank you New Freind

Sure. I will PM you.

Lol we aren’t bffs or something… I have only heard his music so… :hearts:
What are you waiting for!? Summon him. :slight_smile:


On last thing @Sam_skrt before you move to PM with @TheStorm

Don’t get ahead of yourself. You need to open communication before even thinking about making a pact or asking for a familiar. Search this forum. There is a wealth of information here that can save you a lot of time and probably answer most of your questions. Also look into the books and courses of EA. They are immensely useful.