Need help!

Hello to everyone who is reading this post, may you have a great day ahead of you!
I am not a practitioner nor i have ever tried but i have been scammed a lot recently. i recently had a break up and i am looking for help. i wanted to ask, are there any practitioner here who help others by casting spell or something, i would really appreciate any feedback…oh and i am really sorry if i should not be asking this kind of thing here. thank you

We don’t do spells on other people’s behalf here and I see you haven’t introduced your self! Go and introduce your self to the community here…you have barely been her for some minutes so I would reccomand you to check posts on this topic as its been made numerous times and giving them a read

And you could try Lavita the angel of heartbreak

Welcome to the forum @next. Please take a moment to click the image below and introduce yourself:


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as i did apologize in advance and did mention i am new, i am sorry again, i will take the post down. :slight_smile:

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No problem, maybe people can help you, here are some things that may assist you right away:


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