What is damnation?

i strongly disagree

of course not, but all paths have their pros and cons


An individual might be able to erase all subconscious associations with a word and replace them, sure, but as a human being that individual would be tied into the ‘mass unconsvious’ or Spirit of Humanity, which is every thought and feeling ever thought and felt by a two-legger. This is why propaganda works, because it inseminates the SOH with thoughts and feelings aligned in a certain pattern. ‘Damnation’ has been subject to a longstanding propaganda campaign, so in this continuum, the associations are pretty much dominated by the propaganda. Recent and individual attempts to ‘take back’ the word are a part of the SOH too, but the propaganda controls much more of the concept than satanist movements.

I’m happy to see a disagreement! Everything I’m talking about is just what I’ve experienced. What makes you disagree?

Unless of course, you equal ‘damnation’ in this instance with ‘liberation’ - which will then be the dominant thought in your mind, no? At least that’s my point of view. I don’t mind being damned as such :stuck_out_tongue:

But I second the idea to watch out for autocannibalistic groups designed to prey on it’s initiates (that’s such a great term by the way!).

@Wanderer9 Try to gather as much information about this group as possible before committing anything to them. Tread lightly, and carry a big stick.


i strongly agree :wink:

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I get how the association is supposed to be formed, but every time I meet someone who talks about it, they get weird spiritual problems- its as if they are more prone to not pinpointing the root of their challenges. I started out ‘deep in the devil’ as some might say, and thought I- and the magic I was doing- was the shit, when really we both were shit!

Balance and exploration helped me out, and they seem to just make everybody better at magic in general. Spirituality is curiosity, after all! :slight_smile:

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Thanks for all the replies.

@Qayos It’s not a group, I’m not thinking of joining any cannibalistic covens, I’m referring to this - https://www.becomealivinggod.com/lucifer/ritual?utm_campaign=&utm_content=Lucifer’s+Ancient+Covenant+With+Mankind&utm_medium=email&utm_source=getresponse

Basically a pact with Lucifer-Amaymon where he mentors you. Done by E.A. and Kurtis Joseph.

@anon41400377 I doubt they mean the usual idea of burning in a lake of fire while getting a pitchfork in the rectum for eternity. Can’t see them agreeing to that. I’m interested because learning from and getting gifts from Lucifer himself sounds pretty great. And 500$ is affordable, especially with evocations I plan on to make it more affordable.

@anon27714670 I have no idea what to think about it, if it means breaking free of limitations or liberation I’m good with it, just don’t want some variation of an eternity of suffering.


Damnation, in the spiritual context that EA uses it, is explained pretty well in the Book of Azazel, in relation to the Lake of Fire ritual. What it basically means, is that you are “beyond redemption,” meaning you, and only you, are responsible for your own rise or fall. No one, not Jesus, not “God” and not the Archangels, will come to pull your ass out of the fire, so to speak. You become your own redeemer.

There is no eternity of suffering, unless you’re into that kind of thing :slight_smile:


change your belief, change your world :woman_shrugging:


A Christian construct - next

Even when I was a christoid flame thrower I never could find anything or internally even accept the concept of ‘damnation’… for the most part, it simply means to 'Stop progress", no hell , fire pitchforks or bullshit- The only purpose for the concept is to scare the ignorant. After all, how do you “Damn” a “God” ? Which anyone in a skin suit is- just my opinion

sorcery does a big deal of it’s actions with overcoming limitations, breaking borders and getting out of your own way.
Damnation helps there, becouse knowing a guilt and non-vorgiving towards yourself, by yourself, allows to manipulate and change Energys in your life.

Knowing Pain, Suffering and problems makes it much more easy to push those energies into others and take control of them. for one example.

Damnation also refers to the forbidden nature of some of this workings.
Enemys of Church, going back a few hundret years, had been executed if found guilty of demonoligy.



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@HermesHorse If its a Christian concept why does E.A. mention it? And say the gatekeepers mention it?

@Frater_Dark_Matter Why would he charge 500$ to stop my progress? Especially since he will receive it too. Why would he stop his own progress by accepting damnation? I doubt the Christian interpretation of that word is true. Trying to figure out what will happen if I receive damnation/mark of damnation.
@DarkestKnight If you don’t mind can you please elaborate more? Do you mean that spiritual forces won’t help me if I ask? What “fire”(bad stuff/consequences) will I be getting myself into?

Just watched the live chat E.A. did and he said he doesn’t know exactly what it means either. Just that receiving Lucifer-Amaymon’s mark of damnation helps open the third eye or something like that.

No, what it means is that you are not dependent on currying the favour of a so called higher power in order to spiritually Ascend.

For example, the Church teaches that, in order to be redeemed by Jesus, you have to confess your sins and admit your errors, and attain forgiveness for being human. That is redemption by an outside force, redemption being the state of “acceptance” by God and Jesus.

To be your own redeemer means you are governed only by the rules and value system you set for yourself. We humans have so many conflicting desires that we are pulled in many directions, but we gain power when we are externally consistent in behavior with what beliefs we hold internally, rather than what we are told by some authority or another.

Fire, as in the Lake of Fire ritual, is not “bad stuff/consequences,” but an alchemical process that “burns” away the external strings attached to you by outside forces, and aids in orienting you to your greater being, the Godself that lies within. The term “fire” is simply a metaphor to help explain what is happening, but, just like coming to terms with the aspects of your character you think are negative or “bad” through therapy or shadow work, the alchemical process of Damnation is not easy or pain free.

Damnation is simply coming to terms with the fact that you are God, and therefore cannot be redeemed by anything but Yourself. The term is taken from Christianity where anything that is deemed to be outside of, or in rejection of, God and his rules (or rather, the Church’s rules), is seen as a bad thing and thus “damned.”

You could call the process by another term if you wanted to. Damnation is just a concept that people can grasp.


Thank you I think I get it now.

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No pain, no gain. In other words.


one could be damned from working in the RHP perhaps. as for fire, it is light energy and purifying… “bad stuff” /good and bad are mortals perceptions built by enculteration—

Reading thru all the posts, I feel a lot of others have explained things similar to what I am going to post. I have been pondering these ideas a lot myself so I want to take the opportunity to put my thoughts into words and see how it pans out here.

Here is my take [so far] on what accepting Damnation with no hope of salvation is: Accepting the idea that no internal or external source is going to ‘save’ you from the manifestaitions your thoughts and actions bring into reality and the collective reality as well as on into the reality of whatever existance comes next… and neither are you able to ‘save’ yourself from your own manifestations as they have been manifested, so you accept that you are damned to this extent; then comes the twist that what you CAN do is to change what you are manifesting by knowledge of yourself, others, etc and by removing the thought process in the background which causes the individual to question wether or not they agree with their own intent (ie: the hope for salvation). You will not need the hope for Salvation when you are in agreement with your manifestations internally and externally: These are what you are seeking to gain from this ritual by choosing to work with Lucifer and not turning your back on the dark light he sheds throughout the transformation process.

For a fun musical insight and inspiration, these songs in my eyes are relating to different aspects of the above ideas:
“Wrong Side of Heaven” by Five Finger Death Punch
& one of my personal favorites to get wrapped up in: “Save Yourself” by Stabbing Westward/The Dreaming.

Damnation is a deep rabbit hole of thought one can go into. It can be being damned by your friends and family, lovers, coworkers, by society, and spiritually. One should not be afraid to be damned for their actions when they are true and honest with their self and their intent. When you are not okay with accepting damnation it screws with your energy on a potentially massive scale. When one is in acceptance with damnation they are free from those conscious, spiritual and energetic shackles. Free to be oneself and no one else or any other entities psycic traps are holding you down, taking your thoughts for a loop or however one might explain it to their self

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For those who are still interested:

But, as Eric explained to me, no one is 100% damned. Otherwise you really would be on your own, so to speak.

Also noting, no-one is pulling your ass out of the fire anyway, damned or not. But the Dead World (the default “reality” we’re born into) is more forgiving of one’s own bullshit.

Fun fact, each time you perform the Gatekeeper ritual, you move one dimension away from the default dimension/“reality” (Prison Planet/Dead World) that we’re all born into. I’ve had psychic and physical evidence of this phenomenon. Lucifer has explained it to me, and these videos featuring Neil deGrasse Tyson’s explanations of dimensions go a long way to explaining it. https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=neil+degrasse+tyson+dimensions :slight_smile: Eric also mentions this somewhere in one of his videos, I think.

Just type in “Christian hell testimonies” on youtube, such as the Peniel Ngonde channel, and Mary k. Baxter, and you will have a lot to chose from. How much of it is true, I cannot say. Warning : some of it is ‘graphic’.