I... just had a experience with Lucifer

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So today went absolutely crazy. First of all I felt Lucifer’s presence with me all day a strong and intense fire and will to learn and gather information. I also felt my spirt animal follow me around The Whole day I was sitting in class and felt my fox sit on my right leg and Lucifer leading me to the right info in my music theory class. I took my exam that I was practically loosing sleep over. Lord Lucifer as I began taking the test told helped me understand the question by reading them to me in a new way which I grasped immediately. He is with me right now as I type this chuckling about my excitement. Even though I got an 80 on the test which he was a little up set with me he didn’t yell but talked to me as a stern parental figure. He says I will understand more later. Off topic he is a fan of my vape juice it’s a cinnamon cookie flavor. I never imagined him to have a sweet tooth :smile:


That’s amazing!

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You have a fox?! what a cool familiar!

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Yea she’s awesome, very playful too

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Coffeefreak27, does your fox like to curl up around your legs? I can imagine you sitting on the floor near a nice carpet with fringes and your fox comes right over to you. Does she like to nab jewelry? I can see her bringing stuff like that to you.

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No not yet but she does lay on my lap whenever I’m laying. She’s just seems to enjoy my company lol.

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I was preparing a work the other day and I kept on seeing one of my spirit cats materializing to my left. It was really cool–I wish I could touch them though. Sometimes at night I’ll see one when I get up and see it like it’s one of my living cats–go to pet her and my hand will go through her mirage straight to the floor.

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Yea that’s the only bad part I can’t touch her when she materializes by me but I feel her weight when she lays on me. I’m just glad she’s with me

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YES I feel the weight of the cats as well.

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Oh sure! PM me if you want to try something or compare experiences.

Haha, with me on my forehead.


The touching, I think it’s on the third eye.

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Job well done!

Oh, yeah. I often feel pressure on my third eye. It’s nice that Lucifer seems to touch my legs though, I can differentiate when it’s him and not another being.

With all my former believes I don’t feel negative energy at all. I had to overcome fears first. And had a parasite. But I can now define who has good intentions and who has not. Learned from him. He even helped me one time with a negative entity/experience and learned me to use my own powers next time…

I’m a newbie to this all but last night I had a weird experience I slept late at 2 and then I woke up somehow I saw darkness beside me it was like a shadow I had control over my body but, I had this weird feeling like a wave of power. I went to sleep again only to wake up to the sensation of falling I don’t know if this was anything or something like I said I’m very new to this all

@Pretty_Poison Welcome to this forum. Though you are a newbie like me so there are possibilities of hallucination. Don’t panic! Try to observe this for more couple of days.

By the way, please write something in the new member thread about introducing yourself first. It is one of the rules of this forum. Thank you.

Welcome @Pretty_Poison It is a rule of this forum for all new members to properly introduce themselves, so please click the link below and tell us about yourself and any experience you may have in magick ie what you practice, how long you have practiced, areas of interest, etc: