Did you seek a spirit out or did a spirit approach you?

Wow yeah.

Woah sounds intense. What are your thoughts on possession and have you ever been possessed? I’m interested to know.

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I haven’t been possessed but my ex is what they consider a “meatsack” and husband says he is more aggressive when Azazel takes over, and when that happened my husband has no memory of what happened or what we talked about even though at the time Azazel was trying to hide he took over.

If you don’t mind what do you mean by meatstack Im not sure what this means?

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There isn’t much to him, he is just kind mostly a body that parasites take over and demons have access to (but they are disgusted by it and hate it).

Ahh thanks for explaining

Also had some experiences with a Spirit that left me feeling confused. I think I was partially possessed and I don’t remember much. It during was a difficult time in my life and I didn’t want to remember and be aware as well because I was going through a lot of trauma. Honestly I don’t know the purpose in it, but thats for another time when doing shadow work. I learnt that hard way not every Spirit is the right one just because you think they are and decide to call them. Some spirits are more tough love but that doesnt always work if you are a beginner and are broken in the first place. Being a beginner can be hard I remember where I started.
Point is when you are broken you need to work with the light to heal, and the darkness and dark forces aren’t always a good remedy. Then again it depends on the Spirit.

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Either way I’m back on what I was supposed to, which is going to be interesting during this pandemic.

What do you mean specifically?

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Apparently I was supposed to have another son, and apparently I was supposed to have him a year ago, but I’m having him next month. Should be interesting to say the least. (The time frame I’m having him, due to what is going on in the world, I’m excited to meet him).

I’ve never heard the term “Etheric projection” before. I’m super curious. Would you say that doing energy work, or I know some people do rituals in non-physical states take place on the Etheric plane, Astral plane, or something else?

Many astral project and do rituals which to me is akin to doing rituals in your mind, but in this case it’s the collective mind/collective unconscious which the astral is.

Many people I find don’t know how to get to the Etheric because they are more focused on the astral as it’s a plane where you can literally live out your imagination, create worlds, create thoughtforms as your legions, basically live out being a God. However, also because in some beliefs when doing rituals it’s believed that the energy has to pass through the astral before anchoring into the physical, which I am not sure I believe but it helps those.

Rituals can be done on the etheric, astral, physical, and the energetic layer(s) of the physical as well.

I was raised Christian from a young age which didn’t work out well. I felt a strong sense of spirituality but religion was never right for me, something always felt wrong or off about it. I would say that I’m now on the path I was meant to take. I definitely have felt a pull or a calling to be here, when I have turned away I have always felt called to come back. But other than working with Dantalion where I felt that he did approach me, I think there was a balance between me seeking spirit out and spirit pulling me in.

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I was approached halie Selassie the first. I’m not sure what that meant. I just saw him and till this day idk what that means.

I was approached by Hecate. Didn’t know it was her and had to figure that out. Helped me out quite a bit, as I had resisted the LHP, even though I’d been drawn to it for 20 years. I grabbed the hand she held out for me, took the plunge, and have a helluva lot more inner peace than before.

Approached & never look back ever since​:+1::+1:

I took the first step towards angels but when I started out I was afraid of demons. And Belial would NOT stop showing up to almost every evocation I did. I resisted him for over a year. He won in the end I guess

sometimes the entities i fear the most i ended up evoking in the future and have a friendly relationship, i remember i was absolutely scared of Belial but now he´s mentoring about some things in my life

We found each other, started when i was in first grade. Didnt realize it at that time but i went through a phase where i would do things in the forest by myself lol and apparently i was interacting with them. None of this surfaced until recently when i started doing magick :smiley: